Mount doesnt say any difficulty any more

Trees are for

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I regain some of the lost respect for the company

Making a campfire. Correct.


That’s dark. So very dark. :pinched_fingers:

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They’re not here for respect, they here for the bucks. Could they make a better game… sure they could. Every game have room for improvement.

It actually is lol

Happy early Birthday.


And how long does it take to write an apology? five minutes or ten? I thought they said they changed?

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I’ll admit I would. There’s no reward for the casual player in this season.

Or… whatever you guys want to call the player that’s not in a raiding guild and/or generally doesn’t raid outside of RF.

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Going on PS5 again, they dropped the ball big time when they made the Yuffie dlc for PS5 and PC only, and then pissed on everyone that bought the physical copy of FF7 when they announced digital PS4 version would get a free upgrade.

Meaning if I want to get the Yuffie, I have to double dip on the full game. Or watch it on the internet… but I don’t wanna… :sob:

All seasons had no rewards for LFR, why assume this one would. Hell, even normal didn’t have any until this one.

So hype haha

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What seasons? This is the first time there will be a season for this Fated crap.

Probably because of the achievements on the live servers(until just a few hours ago) indicating it would?
Also Wowhead backing this up.


Allright, tiers whatever. aotc has mounts (many times), cutting edge has 100% drop on mount and title, m+ has mount, pvp has xmog, mount, etc.

Normal and LFR have been left out a good deal of the time. And when LFR is the only one left, you guys throw a fit.

Thank you for that link Kretias, it’s good to see the discussion on the CC forums but sad to see Blizz ignored that too.

Yes, they should have. No, they didn’t, bummers.

Well… yeah? This goes back to the original argument. We thought for 3 months that we were getting a reward for participating then 5 days before it’s released, they jerk the rug out from under us.

p.s. Normal raiders have always had the meta raid achievement mount if they chose to go after it.

I agree. The last minute thing was scummy. But that’s not what you guys are more angry at. You’re angry cause it’s not in LFR.

A ground only mount, among hundreds others you can get without stepping foot in instance, is rewarded to players that put a minimum of community effort.

Wow ,and lfr isn’t an effort omg.