Mortignis we need you

play new world with us bro it has open world voice come troll

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New World was good for about two weeks then it got boring. But at the same time. This game isn’t even worth a sub atm.

Howdy Heltor!

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Maybe this wednesday, need to buy a new headset too

come discord yo

dm me a link


New World is trash. It’s infested with a bunch of Warcraft players who cry about the state of the game, but can’t seem to find the unsub button… and that’s just one of about fifty problems with the terrible game.

it kinda sucks imo, doesn’t feel like there is anything new here but some cool ideas that aren’t really fleshed out

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You know someone is about to say something smart when they start the post with “ROFL.”

Very insightful points you make, mr capwn, about new world supposedly being “a bunch of warcraft players who cry about the state of the game”… but to that I would tell you this, World of Warcraft itself is in fact “a bunch of warcraft players who cry about the state of the game” you ironic retard lmao

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You’re responding to a guy who printed out the article on New World dropping 500k members in one month. There’s not a damned thing you can say to ruin my mood, son.

Stay salty.

It doesn’t ‘‘kinda suck.’’ New World is a terrible game. It’s down there with Wild Star as worst MMO in the last 10 years - but at least they had the guts to move on. I’m not sure Amazon will.

Come back to this thread in 3 years - to tell me how right I am/was. I’m not vaccinated, so I should be alive for at least 50 more years. I’ll be around… laughing, as I did with Wild Star’s failure.

I mean, even streamers have moved on. It’s trailing ‘‘Genshin Impact’’ in viewers. If you do a google search of ‘‘New World’’ one of the questions that pops up is ‘‘Why is New World so bad?’’ It just is, kid. It just is.

So, yes, ‘‘New World’’ is worthy of a… ROFL.

R O F L/L M A O.

I’ll check back in 7 days for more salty ‘New World’ tears.

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i’m playing metroid dread :smiley:

Why not play New World?

Go ahead… say it.

because you’re a loser, specifically you, I would have enjoyed new world if it wasn’t for your mildew ridden comments

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I just wanna play Emerald Dream from 2012-2018 pls and thx

Glad to be of service.

If I can save even one person from that trash - I’m satisfied.