More unique playable races

-Waves Sethrak Banner-


And not undoable either! Shares rigging with Worgen! And there is some solid love for these serpentine people.

One of the most unique races I have encountered in ANY mmorpg. I honestly think Blizzard and the Devs outdid themselves with their design. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Give us Hozens please.

Mantid, Saurok, Sethrak, Ogre, Arkoan/Jinyuu.

Oh and Gnolls!

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What about playable old gods

Along that note, playble Holy N’raqi please.

demon hunters say hi

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I was hoping for a kind of decaying theme to races earlier but that never happened. Could’ve gave us Broken for Draenai, Nightfallen or withered for Nightborne, wretched for BE’s, pale Orcs for Orcs, etc…

Last xpac had a new class.

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I am just disappointed the alliance hasn’t really been given anything super unique in the sense of race types. Mecha gnomes are neat and all but as a stand alone allied race it feels rather lacking. Kul’tirans are neat as well, but when you compare it to the drastically different races the horde has been getting it’s a huge difference.

Maybe people don’t feel that way about it that I do and that’s totally cool, but they kinda missed the bus for some highly unique races like the Sethrak or the Jinyu even. Jinyu had a pretty high reason to be used from MoP days, but even more so when we all went to Nazjatar. Such a shame too. Sure they might be rigged on the night elf models and all, but just LOOKING at them they offer that really unique appearance and silhouette.

I hope that someday in the reasonable future we can see this, because in Shadowlands they already said each race was gonna get a ton of customizations because we’re not getting a new class or full race, if that was the case then why give us mech gnomes when that could’ve just been racial customization for the default gnomes?


Harpy would make a good race, they have so much potential and could have a racial flying ability (similar to the worgens running wild), think of all the feather colours, only problem would be their lack of males

If you like Sethrak. Feel free to show your support or discuss in either of these threads. More voices for THIS unique race, please! :heart:

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If Saurok ever became playable, they would be very unique with a bunch of different lizard customization options. They would add a lot of flavor to the game, along with making an awesome Horde race. If anyone is curious, there have been some good ideas about them presented by myself and others in my Saurok megathread:

WoW could really use a playable lizardman race. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

Ogres would also be very unique. Particularly if Blizzard figures out how to make two-headed Ogres work as a playable customization. :japanese_ogre:

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I want to play a fal’dorai, those cursed spider elves. That’s pretty out there. But I get why it’ll never happen. Imagine trying to make gear and mounts and just everything work with that model.

The Alteraci allied with the Horde during the second war, maybe they could be convinced to do so again.


The human rig is still up for grabs too, Kul Tirans use a completely different one.

They gave us one with the Kul Tiran humans. They have unique skeletons and mostly unique animations. So from a technical stand point they are different, but they are still humans.

On the flip side, Vulpera are a new unique race, but they use the goblin skeleton.