More unique playable races

So when is blizzard going to make some of the unique npc races playable instead of just giving us reskins of existing races?

It’d be way more interesting to have the ethereals or even something way out their like the tol’vir than just “tauren but with antlers” and “elves but with different skin colors”. A new class wouldn’t be unwelcome either…


Drakonids please and thank you!

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I think if you went too far in a non human like direction if would be hard to design gear for them. They already have problems with the Tauren and trolls.

Most of the Allied races could have been customization.

Sucks that the Broken lost their spot :confused:


They’ve kind of proven that this isn’t as much of an issue now with Mechagnomes who straight up can’t show certain pieces.

Kultirans are there for you

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I guess so still need a way to handle mounts although a naga riding a motorcycle would be hilarious

Sethrak, Arakkoa and Saberon


You know that if drakonids are added to the game, they will be given to the Horde and that Blizzard will not make them neutral.
And that the alliance will take some unglamorous generic race as a prize. Maybe sporeggar or fungi.


Alliance will get Another type of human to be assimilated into stormwind with new special horse mounts!


They need to stop doing allied races and go back to giving us a new “race” one expansion and a new class the next expansion. The cosmetic races are taking away the resources they have to write one truly unique race or class each expansion. With that said - I’ve enjoyed some of the allied races but not enough to switch to one as a main and not enough to lose a “class” like we did this coming expansion.

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Too much work making armor and weapon models fit with “unique” races that prevents clipping, it’s not just existing models but future models as well.

I really think the Horde is overdue for a human!

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They already have the forsaken who are just undead humans

Yeah we haven’t gotten a new class since MoP, whats up with that?

Well Alliance has 3 versions of human now, so it’s still the Horde’s turn :grin:.

Only if ally gets mecha orcs

Alliance should get Mok’nathal. That would be the twist of the century! And we all know how Blizz loves twists. Almost as much as M. Night Shyamalan!

And garrosh comes back from the dead to join the Cenarion circle and marry jaina. No one would see that coming

Not much different from Sylvanas Fartcrapper tearing apart the LK’s helm like it was made of paper-mache! I could definitely see it happening.