More 10.2 class changes

I’m kinda amazed theyre getting out ahead of problems like the Rogue execute.


Sin execute is still op at 10%. It would be much more balanced with a heavily reduced output value at 20% rather than full output at 10%. Rogue does not need a passive touch of death mechanic.

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Yay they added a new resto druid PvP talent. That is pretty good for going bear

nerf to the only viable warrior build rn LMFAO

also prot buffs? where?

I’ve got yer Prot buffs right here pal :facepunch:t2::boom:

With it being a pve talent it will be here to stay for a while. This is probably going to be as far as they nerf it.

can’t wait to get domed by a hotw incarn aug boosted rdruid

Its Resto Convoke all over again

How exactly? it still kills you no matter what after a certain amount of damage. If the game doesnt end in 1-2 minutes, you’re dead still. These changes dont stop that.

My friend if you don’t see the vast improvement that comes from dying at 10% instead of 35% idk what to say.

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I mean, again, you still INSTANTLY die after a certain amount of damage. It’s still literallyu the strongest execute in the game. You die, nothing stops it friend.

Ya IF you have bleeds totaling over 250% of the targets remaining health.

Doubletap was a pve talent

10% of an average health bar is like 60k. It’s also 200% of that value, not 250. 120k worth of potential bleed damage still existing any time someone dips to 10% is still not that unlikely of a scenario. Scale these numbers to whatever they’re going to be next season. Dropping to 10% is a thing that happens pretty quickly sometimes. Bleeds persist through a lot of defensives. Passive touch of death is still a very bad idea.

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read the full sentence for the change.


Eek. Yeah I did misread that. 250% of 10% health in bleed values. So not 120k but 150k worth of bleeds, scaled to next seasons health pools and outputs. Math out the full duration value of the bleeds that will be on a target pretty easily just by nature of you doing rogue things to it.

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Have they changed that aoe kidney thing i just saw all the changes for the first time.

it’s awful for pvp in most context as far as i can tell. Say you drop to 1% health. That’s still not dead. But oh the rogue happened to have a full rupture on you. :person_shrugging: better luck next lobby.

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A full cp rupture is pretty easily more than 150k by itself if you count it’s full duration, right? Isn’t assasination rupture super long? It’s also not difficult to theorize shenanigans with garrote, either. There will be multiple conditions where you can vanish garrote or sepsis garrote on a go and the target will just die through its cooldowns by nature of it touching 10% health and you having hit it. That really feels like the type of core design that needs to not be introduced in the first place. Just think about the specs whose defensive cooldowns do not remove bleeds or provide absolute immunities. Reflect on how often you actually touch 10% when you are a target. It’s one thing to have an ability like touch of death that you can at least plan around preventing a monk from casting when you are low. It’s not going to feel great to press a defensive at 80-90% and still die because you touched 10% before your healer came out of CC and the rogue applied 1-2 bleeds to you at some point in the window.

This is actually a pretty big nerf for warriors across all platforms.