More 10.2 class changes


Trolling aside I think they should make slam do real dmg so that warriors make a choice to either be offensive with their extra rage (slam) to do damage and get their procs or defensive (IP) and not get their procs.


Arms balanced for pve again?

What is arms stacking these days anyway? Haste or mastery?

24s baseline for both Sub and Assassination, it gets duration extended from Pandemic, Deeper Stratagem, Secret Stratagem, and Echoing Reprimand anima charged CP.

Assassination doesn’t have Secret Strat, that’s sub only atm so the only way to get super long rupture up for assassination is to pandemic cast an anima charged combo point.

This sort of thing, as I’ve said in other threads, Sudden Demise is lazy gimick and shouldn’t be in the game. Like Enhance one shots. I love sub/outlaw and like assassination, the real issue with assassination is Death Mark being throw away b/c dispels, weak mutilate/envenom damage. Bleeds scaling more with mastery would help, and also both Assassination/Outlaw were formerly specs that scaled well with haste. Not so much anymore so it makes them both clunky.

You see why I dislike Sudden Demise and think its lazy, the team is trying to address about 10 issues with one band aid. Starting to think the same about Dragon Tempered Blades. This really becomes an issue because once something like that is added it becomes a great excuse for the devs to ignore the real problems with the spec in pvp.

That’s great. I really don’t think that “they don’t care about PvP.” I really do think they are just in perpetual crunch-time and unfortunately PvP just gets the crap end of the stick. I’ve been there in my own industry. Keeping every ship afloat can get really hard.

If they could balance PvP they would. But the pay off to make it balanced just isn’t worth it at the moment.

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this still needs to be removed from the game, please devs this doesn’t even make sense!

Dks execute takes 5s to trigger and does like 30k damage and now rogues will have a passive execute that does around 100k damage??? wtf?

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Arms is very middle of the pack in PvE rn. Two nerfs to it will drop it. Looking forward to damage buffs lol

In PvE it’s haste crit, pvp it’s mastery and haste

I wonder what the compensation will be. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

Looks like sporecloak is getting a pve nerf that will spill over into pvp. embellishments should just go, anytime they make fun or good ones they nerf them. its just the infurious cc/kick one left at this point


The biggest problems with this mechanic:

  1. Lack of player agency. Other strong executes can be avoided in some way. You can disarm or CC a monk/warrior to prevent touch of death or execute while you know you’re dropping. Their executes do not just passively go off on you as soon as you touch 10% (nothing’s execute actually does that).
  2. Dropping to 10% is not that uncommon, and specs whose defensive cooldowns do not provide absolute immunity or remove bleeds will just die through their major defensives by nature of touching 10% with rogue bleeds on them.
  3. It does not require cooldowns to accomplish the amount of potential bleed damage on a target to trigger the effect.

It is really hard to understate exactly how broken this execute is actually going to be. There is no numerical tuning value that they’re going to be able to arrive at that will make it a fair mechanic. It 100% needs to be replaced with something else. Literally anything else.


That remained a talent for how many years after it was implemented? Dwarves, Evokers, Surv Hunters and paladins can counter Assa Execute with a racial and the classes their abilities which is why I think Blizz is going to keep it in. The execute remains in its full effect in pve still. The 10% change is for pvp only. You will need to hope its beyond broken in pve for it to be removed.

This was not fun or good for pvp anyways, glad they nerfed it.

Yeah just posting it cause it’s the biggest piece of class news lol

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I’ll still rock it.

You are 100% clueless. This is exactly what Sin needed for pvp was an execute.

Nothing for Death Knight? Oh well. Guess it’s time to reroll hunter.