MoP elite sets

What are the political implications of the potential return of elite sets (maybe reskinned, who knows) for the opt-in PVP in the upcoming panda-monium?

Will the elite sets be available?

Will they be reskinned?

Will the Duelist enchant be available again?

How many tokens will a certain shaman pay for the aforementioned?

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I would go nuts if there was a recolor of the wod (i think?) Druid set with the skull faceplate.


So what you’re telling me is the Duelist enchant is still on the table since it was still purchasable after MoP

I wonder how long it’ll last this time.

Noone actively talks to you anymore

Possibly but they did hint the sha corruption enchant


Ill be here to remind myself that Tyrannical elite is ugly, and the conquest conversion to gold is worth more. Its a free elite anyway nobody cares.

(I wish i had bought it now because fashion is the true endgame)

If this opens the door to elite mogs from previous expansions i fully expect my elite furious / relentless / wrathful / weapon colours & tabards to become unlocked from classic.

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Honestly that’s how they should’ve done it anyway.

Would’ve gotten decent participation in classic arena from people like me.

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Yeah 100%. Its the only way i support rewarding past season elite, & nobody can complain as teams in 2024 are objectively harder generally speaking. Theres no emberstorm. But there is artificial inflation. Tabard is high rival or top 4%ish.

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Was it? I dont remember this. I remember it being able to be traded in Early MoP, which is why it got the Duelist treatment afaik rather than just owning one for the illusion. Cause in mop it was only a 2200 unlock not a duelist req.

I wouldnt be surprised its just my first time hearing you could buy it afterwards. For alts i assume?

I’m glad you asked. The panda event was already designated as time-limited by Blizzard and will presumably end on the TWW prepatch. Hope this helps!

No challenge mode recolors sadge whats the point

I used to care about keeping things exclusive but as time passes I’m rather meh about it all. I don’t think they’d ever fully lean into allowing people to earn exclusive time limited items again though as a precedent has already been set.

Massive earthquake in June + - one month. Pin it


Im quaking

Bookmarked for june 18th :pray:

i want the dark-red elite pvp dk set so bad…no one uses this set today.

If Blizzard can introduce 5784 new recolors for Pandaland Two Electric Boogaloo, at the VERY least PvPers should be getting ONE previous set reskin each season :angry:

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I’m surprised my opinion on this seems to be so unique but very few things in wow are genuinely difficult

challenge modes for example we were able to do 9/9golds as just a single blood dk and single ele shaman 12 hours a day with 3 afk players

I don’t want people to “have the opportunity to stand up to the challenge” because nothing in this game is challenging they literally design content to be inclusive to a wide variety of completely awful or detached casuals

These items being unobtainable is the only reason they feel at all unique after some amount of time and that makes them cool


Recolors or no go.

Have 3v3 unlock them while timerunning is up for hitting 2k.