MoP elite sets

I’m specifically referring to the quality of players over time. Average ability of players over the years, maybe specifically in PvP as our numbers dwindle lol so the % of players who are competent goes up for the wrong reason. PvE probably gets easier over time, but PvP entry level the bar raises & gets harder for people to get into.

so the short of it is that if there’s any complaint about “Earning” something, going back to those seasons to replay should actually nullify them for pvp specifically. It’s likely more difficult to reach 2200, Duelist, Gladiator, on classic in 2024 than it was in actual TBC, Wrath, and now Cata → MoP.

Well that’s why they still need to be put under the “Earned” category and not just handed out.

If you’re complaining that pve rewards were hand outs then idk what to tell you. yeah ofc they are. bosses are designed to get killed.

I don’t hate this idea. Let them be earned but only as a recolour to distinguish them. Like Mage tower or w/e?

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i honestly don’t care… warlock one is the only mop elite that is decent, and everything else is bad.
wrath and cata elites also are mostly terrible, with a few exceptions.
legion and dragonflight elites are god top tier (also wod primal), shadowlands and bfa are okay.

Sorry it was just an example the average 1800 and 2k elite sets are just as easy if not easier than 9/9 gold in my example

I can’t speculate on wrath or cata so much but 2200 in mop wasn’t an absurd feat either though still dramatically diff than today

My point was that the “prestige” of any of these things hardly comes from their difficulty as much as their scarcity

giving people an opportunity to “earn” them again regardless is a detriment to what I imagine their goal was when they originally went with time sensitive on any of it


Wotlk didn’t have elite sets only tabards/wep skins.

Arguably some of the best wep skins not to mention the tabards.


Thats another weird one that keeps fluctuating in rating over the years. Its been pretty consistent for 2400 lately though

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2350 to like 2500 then 2600 when it was around glad? Down to…2200? Now 2400.:dracthyr_nervous_animated:


Wish they’d make some MoP level tabards.

Tyrannical Tabard is sick.


My tabards are pretty meh. Corrupted works for some transmogs. Unchained is nice but not really prestigious. Cosmic doesnt go with anything and Crimson… actually looks good with the Liadrin set from TOGC but thats about it

I guess it goes with mogs where you cant wven see the tabard lol :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

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Yeah they were all pretty much free at the time so long as you pressed buttons at the right time. - Thats what ended up giving me imposter syndrome at the end of MoP when I finally found teammates due to cross-realm. I was baffled that all it took was the most basic of coordination & people being on the same page.

yeah, I agree with this.

I can agree with this too. But seeing as they’re providing stuff like AOTC mounts or w/e (i really don’t pve so forgive me for getting details wrong) away on the Trading post, I think they’ve given up on that.

It’s kind of why I’m specifically and only in favour of Classic being the bridge and not some seasonal fun server. Which, admittedly, probably describes classic to an extent. But I’d rather see people go through all the same motions in a modern meta than just be awarded for participating in some Timewalking adjacent.

I’m not trying to debate if they should be awarding these things, I’m more interested in the how since they’ve already crossed the previous line.

They added a Deadly Gladiator’s Tabard for Wrath Classic so I’m kinda holding my breath to see if they try their hand at Cata / beyond for seasons that didn’t get theirs.

oh true, my mistake… season 9 started on cata right?

Does anyone have a gallery of the different mop elite sets?