Mobs auto attacking multiple times in less than a second

One mob can auto attack multiple times in less than a second (talking about 5-8 times in less than a second). It has happened to me with a consistent FPS of 60 and latency of 28MS. This can be frustrating because it is inconsistent when it will happen.


imgur /a/F0mqbIG


I’ve had this happen to the point I’ve suffered the full 3s pushback from a mob’s auto on a 1.5s cast.

Just so everyone understands - that’s 3 seconds on top of the cast time, not 3 seconds total.



When this happens, have you been kiting or fearing the mobs? Like we’re they not able to hit anything then suddenly when they can reach you it’s the string of instant attacks?

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Latency doesn’t determine the quality of your internet connection. You may have substantial packet loss, do a ping test to using an app like WinMTR that displays data for each hop separately.

Yes, after a couple tests (attacking 1 mob, 2 mobs, getting attacked while mounted with Ice Armor) I assume this is the problem. It seems like auto attacks are “queued” up so that once a mob is within melee range, it casts all of its autoattacks at once. I’ve seen a lvl 58 priest grinding these mobs (lvl50-52) who also got one shot with pw:shield on.


I’ve been seeing the same thing and had reports of it on other mobs like assassins in ubrs

Princess in Mara does this, pretty sure it’s related to her Thrash ability but with attacks being saved or queued which is definitely not right. EDIT* Actually looking at your photo, you’re getting hit x5 just like mine

imgur 7tCfxZE


From further testing (mob grinding), I can reproduce the results in 2 (similar) ways. First way is if you died while the mobs are still alive, the next pull (no matter who pulled) will “bank” up these autoattacks and one shot you. The other way is if you aggroed and resetted their aggro by walking out of its range, and then come back to attack it, it will also bank up its autoattack.

A theory of mine, though untested, is that any debuff that slows your attack speed (i.e. ice armor) will trigger this bug.

Is that how you are getting one-shotted by princess in mara?

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I have run into this with the ax throwers in STV. I have also found that you cannot line of sight them as their axes go through walls. Seriously broken


I don’t remember how this worked in the original game but I know it occurred on pservers. The general consensus was that many mobs have abilities that give them extra attacks similar to a windfury. For the dudes in OP’s screenshot:


  • Thrash : Gains 2 extra attacks

Yes and since classic is buggy af, extra attavks can proc extra attacks. Works on player items too.

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It’s definitely not just thrash procing thrash, though that could be a thing too. In this case it’s something more along the lines of attacks being stored. I’ve run mara princess solo over 100 times and every time after kiting her for more than 10-15 seconds she will hit me exactly 6 times when she gets in melee range. It’s always exactly 6.

Once she’s on me if she keeps attacking for a while before stomping I never get more than a regular thrash and even that is pretty rare.


I think this is the primary reason why mobs do extra AAs. Once a mob has been slowed and has not autoattacked in a while, it is able to attack multiple times. Although not all mobs do this.

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I noticed this in beta and even reported this in beta using the bug report tool. What is the point of being in beta and the bug report tool if they don’t actually read it?


Also I have noted this in particular but something funny is going on because in groups I randomly see tanks get one shotted every now and then with no explanation.


I had this happen today to my warrior in EPL at those ziggerut’s with the spider mob inside, it happened not once, but two times in a row. Each time the mob would be casting his scarab ability at range and when i approached him i would get hit for about 2,000 damage in a second, followed up by TKO a second later [2,000+ more damage - this is raid boss type damage]

In this case i could visibly see as i lay there dead and looking at my combat log while not released, the dozens of scarabs under him that should have just hit me as a spell cast. The bug saved those charges up and unleashed them every time i or someone else got into melee range.

Working as intended.

Okay, so a lot of people really don’t understand how the game works. The reason you are being auto attacked 3 time is because that is a standard mob ability. It’s called Thrash (There are other abilities with different names, but they do the same thing) Basically, Thrash is a spell that is used by mobs that allow them an extra attack, usually 3. The cooldown is a few seconds to which they can use it again.

WPL, and more specifically EPL, are max level zones and mobs are supposed to be tough as they aren’t meant to be “easily farmed.” Same reason why many mobs apply awful 30 min+ diseases.

Hope this clear any confusion up.

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To assume you are correct that this is not a bug, why am I being attacked 5 times instead of 3 times in less than a second in the picture I posted above? The fact that you stated mobs allow them to have an extra attack, usually 3, precisely explains why this is a bug that a mob is attacking more than that. Even wowhead specifically states thrash “gives the caster 2 extra attacks.”


As I stated, and maybe should clarify, usually 3, for specific, read lower, ranks of Thrash. Higher rank versions hit for 3 attacks + 1 = a total of 4 attacks. The undead don’t use Thrash, well some do, they use another attack but I cannot remember the name of it.

Also as I stated that is fairly typical of the mobs in EPL due to the fact that it was endgame content. The mobs aren’t meant to be farmed or easily killed. Which is why most people formed groups for those quests - not to mention for the pvp as well. Argent Dawn rep was highly sought after for many in Vanilla.

Hence the harder mobs being justified.


You are misunderstanding the post. Thrash, for mobs that have it, is an on-hit ability, NOT a cast that is stored. What’s happening, and happening every single time, is that NPC’s are storing auto attacks x5 when they catch you. If you want actual proof specifically of Princess Theradras NOT behaving that way in classic, look at the 4 videos I just posted, 32 posts down, in this thread Princess Theradras changes, no longer kiteable

But as being posted, this problem is happening with a variety of creatures, and more noise will get made as more players are 1-shot randomly in dungeons and raids, like by the time half the raid trash is being kited in BWL?