Mobs auto attacking multiple times in less than a second

Just made a gif as I can replicate this easily:


bump for visibility


Bump, check your combat logs!

Can we get an answer on this? Is there any reason npc’s should be able to hit you with a 5x reckoning bomb?


came here after getting 1 shot by princess. 5 autoattacks instantly.

been used to this mechanic throughout leveling in classic, happens often when mobs finally catch me after a fear. seems inconsistent though i never looked into it


Bump for awareness.

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imgur. com/a/11BcUpA

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Emperor one shot me in a “single” hit. We were using the kite strategy, where you jump down when he enrages. I’m almost certain I experienced this on Eranikus in ST as well, which makes that encounter hard as hell.

How is this still not addressed? This seems like a bigger issue than anything else currently noted in the game. I was wondering the entire time leveling why on occasion random mobs, regardless of level, will just hit me 2-3 times by the time they get to me, but today I tried to do some solo farming on elites and got oneshot by an elite that decided to hit me 6 times in one go for 400-700 each.



Because I haven’t hit this post in a while.

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Bump. This is an absolutely game breaking issue and need emergent attention.

My guess is when she finally hits you, its an auto+trash+auto=5 hits all at once.

That gif you posted in on a mob that has the “Thrash” ability, granting 2 extra attacks. This issue is a real thing though. Mobs that don’t have thrash are doing this sort of thing.

It’s not “Thrash”.

I just got almost one shot by Princess Theradras.
A fellow warlock kited her around and I went in melee range to finish her.
She just looked at me and hit me for 1.6k dmg (5hits) in less than a second.

Combat log just listed all the hits but nothing about “Thrash” (it does on mobs that use it).

I have seen this with other mobs, too.

My mage friend just got 1 shot by Emperor with 5 hits in 1 swing. 3k effective HP gone in an instant. BUMP FOR BLUE RESPONSE. This is actually game breaking and we need answers Blizz.

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that’s what thrash is, if they can’t hit something for whatever reason, they queue up the attacks and unload on the next viable target.

Up to 3. Not 5. This is also happening with mobs that don’t possess thrash or any similar ability.

I mean that would be a way to make kiting dangerous. If this is intentional I’d love to see a blue post confirming it.

That would not make any sense. They went out of their way to make gameplay as similar to classic as possible, but this was never an issue in classic.


And yet it isn’t.
So many things are wrong and still we don’t have any blue posts about it.

It’s making me sad actually. Pserver devs were at least upfront and open for discussion. This is just a mess in places and we don’t even have a little bit of communication from their side.

Blizz should update their “Not A Bug List” and “Known Issues List”.
It’s getting ridiculous.


Confirmed, Princess just 5 hit me while I was trying to solo farm her. What the hell, Blizzard. We demand an explanation for an utterly game breaking bug like this!

Here’s one of the videos you posted. 5 hits shown. Unless I’m missing something from a video from 2006.