Mistweaver sucks

This class blows. Your upcoming changes will do nothing to help this. WTF are you thinking?


Mistweaver is fun.


“This class blows.”

has hundreds of hours played with monk


MW is subjectively fun, especially Fistweaving imo. It just isn’t as effective as other healers.

If you want to blow the doors off other healers with your parses, go play something else.

If you want to actually help Blizz improve MW Monks, make a better post.

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Well mainly I was thinking that it was super fun <-<

I agree though that it’s not in the best spot right now and the buffs aren’t exactly going to change that. It’s certainly good enough for casual play though and I have another character to play for mythic plus while the devs get their act together.

I consider my MW to be one of the strongest healers I’ve played so far, but I am playing the caster build. I really enjoy it. I was surprised fistweaving became so popular, but I guess there are a lot of people that like dpsing to heal.


MW has struggle in m+ right now, but in raid they are pretty good.

Fistweaving is incredibly fun, and is extremely powerful in raid environments.

Mistweaver for life :slight_smile:

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NGL, Mistweaver does need some tuning, but I’d call it far from “sucky”. It’s incredibly fun to Fistweave, just needs higher potency imho.

im nearly done leveling my druid tbh. Its pretty much the caster mw without all the setup to get value, and everything hits hard.

So strange. I feel much more in control of 15 M+ than I do in a raid, where I feel like im bottlenecked. Not sure why.

The problem is monks lack that toolbelt of emergency cool downs that other healers have.

Monks have TWO; invoke and revival, with the latter being one of the most underwhelming ultimates in the entire game.

Evokers on the other hand have rewind, emerald communion, tip the scales, time dilation, updraft, stasis, dream flight, and spirit bloom.

There’s just no comparing the two. Just the base healing of rewind even without the rewound damage heals more than revival, which is embarrassing.


I don’t want to spam so I’ll just link my other post here https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/en/wow/t/controversy-mistweaving-and-fistweaving/1470429/107

If you’re finding Fistweaving anemic or weak I recommend giving a casting MW a go and see how you feel. I think it’s both fun and powerful atm but it is a little unorthodox.

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I switched from playing WW to MW after the recent buffs/nerfs. Mind you, I play strictly pvp (my wife thinks I am weird if I talk to people on Discord :joy: ), and I am having a blast in RBGs.

Played 4 games last night, and won 3/4 with 1 of them having a player drop due to internet connection…

I am not fistweaving but playing the caster MW (I do use my spinning crane, leg sweep, and BoK if no one needs heals), and I am either topping the charts in healing or in the top 3 every time. Not a high rating so far as I have maybe 9 RBGs played as a MW, but I am really enjoying it.

Its been F tier status since BFA. Look across the board and Mistweaver is dead last. Can get complete keys? Sure. Is the playstyle fun? I believe it is. Does my mana bar disappear in a couple of spells? Yup. Are my cooldowns crap? Yup. Plus since we dont bring Lust/PI/Battle Rezz, we wre 100% the last healer chosen for anything m+.

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The only thing I can give Revival is that the pvp version makes u immune to magic for 2 seconds. Meaning you can dispel UA from everyone and not die. But that is only in pvp. I agree with you in all other aspects. No matter what, Yulon and Chiji are horrible cooldowns to save your party. You need to use them before the big damage happens. With Chiji is worst since if u need to run away from a mechanic, it does no healing.

If you are including Time Dilation then you have to include Life Cocoon just to be fair in application.
Tip the Scales also occupies a pretty similar (if stronger due to mechanics) place to Thunder Focus Tea.

Also, what are you looking at to get that rewind base healing is higher then revival
Rewind base is 160% SP while Revival base is 320%.

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currently the healing is increased by 100% in a party making it equal to revival. I know they’re changing this to also apply to revival as well in 10.0.5 but i’m just telling you, the fact that is doesn’t do that already on current patch is a major oversight and one of the reasons MW suck so much.

If revival had a 1 min CD, it would still just be a decent ability. But at 3 mins, it’s a joke.

If it had a minute cd it would be an extremely good ability, it was actually possible to get it down to a minute during the shenanigans stage of Nyalotha and it could output a lot of healing.


Rewind is basically like getting 5 revivals back to back to back every second for 5 seconds when you use it at the right time.

I can’t put into words how much I hate revival as a CD. It doesn’t nothing interesting. It’s just push button to heal for x amount. No HoT, no CD synergy, no damage reduction, no buff that can be consumed. Just flat heal with a dispel. The dispel function rarely sees any use either because most of the time you’ll use this just to heal in an emergency.

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