Mistweaver needs an Update

Do you ever find your throughput lacking when Chi’Ji isn’t up? Or did you feel that way when you were 400-405 ilvl? Were you in 18-19’s at that gear level?

My experience was that caster MW helped me push lots of throughput when I needed it and that was a time (still is I guess) when damage wasn’t the limiting factor to timing keys and instead being able to burst 100k+ HPS when things go wrong to save a wipe or being able to babysit tanks and heal through debuffs on DPS without defensives being used is what kept the group alive and allowed me to time keys.

It could be that I’m just a horrible Fistweaver because the numbers you talk about make it seem far better than I could manage consistently. I found there were times when I had CD’s up that Fistweaving throughput was really high but I also found there were many times where it was horrible.

Granted I’ve been 10-15 ilvls below you but you seem to do really well with damage and healing. If you’re routinely adding ~20k DPS to a key and keeping everyone alive and getting through Tyran Hyrja’s, Tempests, Fenryrs, Azureblades etc, then the Fistweaving build could be much better than I give it credit for, it just hasn’t been my experience. There also have been quite a few nerfs to dungeon mechanics since I’ve played FW.

I’d love to see a breakdown of your healing from the 18 RLP to see what I might be doing so wrong?


I have never felt so far that my HPS was lacking this expac except on the last boss of CoS in a 17 before the nerfs. Granted the whole group had yet to do that boss on a +17 and didn’t know the third aoe was the worst. I have no idea what key range I was doing at 400-405. That was quite awhile ago.

Every key I am always around 25k dps. I don’t count AA because its cheating. The tree boss ruins that dungeon for numbers.

When I do another key tomorrow I will edit my post with a breakdown. Not sure if it’ll be RLP because my first 19 of the week was RLP.

It really works but it takes practice.


:panda_face:Also would like to make it clear that I tend to avg about 15 interrupts per dungeon! This IS HUGE. Maybe the biggest thing you can do is interrupt spells! :panda_face:

As promised here is a simple nokhud today. It wasn’t a crazy high dmg taken or delt. Just a simple ordinary Nokhud.

Just made the names not visible out of respect for that group. I think that’s fine to do.

Breakdown of my healing overall. The overall healing was nothing crazy in this dungeon because it is nokhud.

22.2k dps Overall isn’t too bad for nokhud. No glacial as well.

Boss damage from first boss. There’s a lot of running around getting catapults and running out of for the AOE. Our single target damage really isn’t that bad after the changes. Almost 50% of a dps amount is still important to the fight. That damage still matters.

Azureblade +19. Easiest healing fight ever as melee healer. Started the fight at 60% mana and ended the fight at 60% mana. TBF it was 4 or 5 phase fight. Still did 15.2k dps

Temple! +19! With last boss!

+19 NO! HUGE io TODAY! Also this dungeon was like 1 huge chain pulll. Was kind of hard on mana. The tempest area trash was 1 pull @ 4min 22sec lol. Probably why damage/healing is so low.

RLP +19, 47.1k HPS with chi-ji/ancient teachings top healing.

RLP + 20 → 50k hps / 24k dps / 18 int’s

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I wanna see HoV. That seems to be where the most difficulty is for him? Many failed keys there, some with 30+ deaths. That’s more interesting than the RLP to me llol

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That’s still not a valid arguement though. 46.7k HPS is nothing LOL, have u seen how much caster mw’s can do? with ur ilvl they average around 60-70k hps which is pretty nuts, i even saw some caster mw’s go up to 180k in +21s… i have yet to see that for a fistweaver

I have seen and talked to some high end mistweavers, like super high end like mythic raiders and +22 pushers. They straight up say that caster mistweaver is better for certain affix weeks / certain dungeons than fistweaver is. That is why all those “fistweaver” builds you see on icyveins & wowhead are all false. Most elite of the elite mistweavers are not following those builds you see on these websites… they are going hybrid or going fist/caster depending on the scenario they are put in.


Nobody is talking about a per-fight basis friend. We’re talking overall, and there isnt even enough healing overall except in scrub groups and even then youre at like 34k overall…

The thing is though that the 26.3k dps you are stating is irrelevant. I’m not saying that isn’t good, it is ofc but I have also seen caster mistweavers who only push 10k dps that can still time +21s and still have an higher .io then you. So I understand where ur coming from but you also have to consider that everyone plays differently.

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HoV isn’t bad on Fort until maybe 21 or 22 depending on gear and group but even a 20 or 21 Tyran gets spicy for any healer except Preservation. Those key levels might change at 415+ ilvl though. My most geared characters were 404 and 407 last week so I don’t know.

This week in a 21 Hyrja’s storm was ticking for 100k through Barrier and 130k without. Assume you have one tanky DPS that doesn’t need any real targeted healing and you ignore the tank that still means you need to do ~1.5m healing in 9 seconds spread over 3 targets bare minimum and even then you’re probably using a Brez for the Arcing Bolt or relying on the DPS that gets targeted to Health pot/defensive. It’s the toughest healing check in the game right now imo.

I couldn’t heal it on my 404 Disc but I was close and I made mistakes. Fenryr was fine. I don’t know how a FW heals it though but I guess they don’t? The highest timed MW HoV is a 22 Fort so a little easier than the 21 Tyran this week. It seems like Fistweavers just don’t have the buttons to heal through that damage pattern well.

It certainly helps but both MW builds get most of their damage from padding AoE packs and both contribute very little to boss damage. Most of my overall DPS in a SBG for example comes from going big with ZP, Tiger Statue, TFT stat buff with SCK spam on the spider packs which are packs the DPS are doing 200k+ on so even though it looks good on the overall for me, it really only saves a second or two on the timer. Meanwhile on bosses like Bonemaw I’m sitting on ~15k as a caster build which is the same as a FW DPS on that boss.


Like I said it’s really just wanting to know what’s causing the issues for him, relative to the healing.

Hybrid MW is life. :3

idk what this new mog is but i dont like it, sir!

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Oh my, I didnt even notice xD

I had mogged to one of the Trade post sets and I guess it’s not showing up on the profile. So now I guess I am in my underwear xD

I think I even went back to my orange Xuen set from Legion too before logging last night, it just hasnt updated yet :3

The Xuen set’s are life. <3

I already have HoV this week on +19. Last week 20’s were with friends who had never even done a +19 or many 18’s. The tank really had no route. If i get a real +20 HoV this week I will show it. I just need to get the key.

Thanks man, you’re a legend.

I think I’d average about 15% less damage overall damage than you do Fistweaving. It also looks like what I’m doing wrong is not using Vivify 200 times in a key when Fistweaving or stacking enough Mastery.

Do you find yourself having to rely on Vivify more as you climb in key levels? What happens when you need 70k+ HPS for a boss fight? Does Fistweaving sustain those sorts of numbers for 2-3 minutes when only hitting a single target?

This is how I feel in good groups and I rarely find it in pugs. The dungeon becomes one huge chain pull, everything gets faster and every pull is bigger. Interesting to see Fistweaving make up only 30% of your overall healing. I’m definitely trying to get too much done with Ancient Teachings healing when I play Fistweaver and instead should be pressing Vivify and Enveloping a lot more.

Yeah this week is dragging me down horribly because of spiteful.

It kind of depends on the group and dungeon. We all need to adapt to the type of group we are given. Pugs are so random. You never know what type of tank you’ll get. I only had 99 vivify casts in Jade and 123 in NO. The azureblade fight today was 17 casts. ~75k a per instant vivify really isn’t bad. I like it.

O yeah! I was doing fire lady in CoS on Tuesday and I was sitting at 87k for the entire fight (I feel this group was doing something wrong). As mistweavers are so good at holding steady high HPS. For example, Kurog in raid is a GREAT fight for us because we have this insane passive healing. Granted this is a raid but still its what we excel at!

Exactly! I keep trying to tell people to use their entire kit. This is why I say we are Mistweavers. We do amazing stuff.

:panda_face: :panda_face: :panda_face: :panda_face:

Once again, I always try to get us buffed! I want MW to be better and be seen as good in the community. I have a PTR forum post asking for some quality of life buffs. Check it out and add stuff you wanna see improved for Mistweaver. We should try to make sheilun’s even better! Or always instant vivify again. OR off GCD Chi-ji / Yu’lon!


Looks like some decent changes coming in the next hotfix for MW, including two focused on Soothing Mist talents this time:

I’ve honestly always skipped Peaceful Mending in caster builds, but I guess at some point they’re going to buff it to the point that it’s kind of impossible to ignore in a SooM build. Edit: not sure if I’d even take it now though since I’d have to either give up Sheilun or the Unison line. :man_shrugging: Maybe when they get to 100% I’ll give it a shot!

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Clouded Focus going to 20% and Peaceful Mending to 50% are pretty big improvements on top of 3% overall.

If Peaceful Mending increases the Tear cleave on Enveloping it’s going to be a huge buff for the caster build.

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Yea I like the Clouded Focus change. Peaceful Mending is in a spot that makes it hard to want to give anything up for it but I’ve never actually tried it.

I agree my issue with that talent is it’s placement, and it’s now competing directly with sheilun to get down to tear

It currently does not, it will however add the bonus to unison targets however helpful that would be.

My biggest reason for not taking peaceful mending is it suffers from win more syndrome. Soothing mist builds generally don’t need more healing on their SM target, they need more healing on their non SM targets.

If you could heal any target while channeling SM peaceful mending would be more useful but if you could casting monk builds would probably need nerfs not buffs lol. Seriously though, screw having SM while moving like a lot of people keep asking for, allow me to heal any target while still channeling SM and you’ve got me sold! Or even imagine "Peaceful mending: While channeling soothing mists you may cast vivify or enveloping mist 1/2 times on any target without breaking your soothing mists channel.