Mistweaver needs an Update


  • Restoration
    • All healing reduced by 3%. This does not apply to PvP combat.


  • Preservation
    • All healing reduced by 5%.

Finally :3

General healing buff is nice, buff to Viv too. CF buff will be nice in m+ but I still wish it achieved it’s full stacks at 2 instead of 3. PMending buff is neat but like others have said we dont really need a that much more ST healing, esp if you run tears/CF already, and it’s placement is meh, also sheilun’s is more fun. Good to see them buffing underperforming talents though.


Slowly the gap between those and other healers will close.

Yes I agree. I still believe making the first stack be immediately there at the beginning of Soothing Mist would be more useful than a stronger CF.
This would be more flexiible. A stronger CF results in a stronger cleave healing, though.

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These buffs are exactly what I have been looking for! I love playing the SooM build/caster build but lately have found them to be lacking. In all my raid testing going the more passive healing has won out and its been annoying me since the last time I played monk hardcore was MoP and WoD and that is such a different monk than Dragonflight. But I love Unison and peaceful mending. I seriously get +1mil healing from SooM/Unison & additional 1Mil from the statue SooM and it’s Unison and they also proc Peaceful Mending! Like I’m going bonkers over these changes! And then to add to that the Clouded Focus! I’m loving this! I’ve also been finding that the better I get at ReM juggling/spreading/splitting the more milage I get out of my Vivify and it’s cleave. Lately I’ve been trying to keep 6+ clouds up at a time.

CF was already technically stronger than AT for raid on some bosses, it’s just nearly impossible to play it perfectly since it depends on getting a high amount of rem’s out during peak damage events.

Nice to see those buffs though

These buffs sound great. I can’t wait. The caster build has always been my go to and this will help to make it feel better and close the gap between MW and the others.

100% agree on soothing mists feeling like it’s never pressed. Also, does Sheilun’s Gift really need to have a 2 second cast? Would MW be overpowered if they just made it instant-cast? At the very least make it an instant-cast HoT that applies the heal over 3-4 seconds.

Feels horrible to press in dungeons at the moment.

Tbh, SG feels a lot better on a mistweaver than a fistweaver. I think this talent was meant for the caster build but I could be wrong.

MW developers need to just choose whether it’s a melee healer or not. It’s the only spec where they are trying to jam two specs into one talent tree.

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Honestly in raids it’s been a wonderful gap filler for fistweaving, since it provides a pretty consistent large heal that otherwise doesn’t really exist.

Not really. Its just a different build within the MW tree. Its fine to have different builds. Both builds are working to high keys and in raid. Our tree is really amazing. We have multiple different builds which most classes can’t claim. I think its great to see build diversity.


Well said!

Tbh, I’d rather have different builds with some interesting choices to try out than a “this is the only build that works” kind of tree that some specs have even if that means the tree isn’t completely optimized.


And aswell to be honest - In my opinion the MW tree has almost no bloat talents. There are very vew (but there are ones) I would say they could be replaced. Rather there could be very few added and repositioned/split.

The tree is interesting. Our class tree is rathe rproblematic, mainly with bloat and lack of capstone skills.
I feel like they could move the statues up and buff threm through better capstones. Or make them basekit and use new capstones.

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What’s wrong with the JSS from MoP it made it so mist and fist weavers both needed it and used it. Now it feels like a bad HoT. However I do like the SooM build so I actually really like Unison and get a ton of healing from it when I use it. But I’ve been curious since starting back up why it lost its eminence healing. It allowed healing of the ranged more easily and allowed a few minor niche other cases but at least a fistweaver cared about the statue before. Now it’s just meh. Make the statues cool again! I mean honestly part of why I switched to MW from druid back in MoP was because of the statue and how cool I thought it was. I felt like there was more interactions between yourself and the statue back in the day.

I personally am a pusher for double specs within trees… BUT as a mistweaver vs a Fistweaver you would still be in melee simply because of all teh talents that interact with either Rising Sun kick OR Enveloping mists. Rising Sun kick applying free Renewing mists in a Mistweaver world is a great thing, its a wrong thing for those that want it to be a pure caster spec.

The first thing that needs to be changed is that if you want to be a Mist Vs Fist, but taking it away from one is harmful to the other or visa versa. Maybe offer Fistweaver reduced mana cost on Enveloping mists as a baseline and offer it to be 50% stronger. While the mistweaver can no longer apply it via Rising sun kick, but it is now instant cast with full mana cost. Both still applying Renewing mists to the target for 6seconds (extended by Tier and other talents within tree)

The real solution here is to put the statues into the trees. By selecting your statue you are basically dictating your play style. You want to fistweaver, you get Crane statue, that grants you ToTM or Eminance, you pick the Serpent statue you gain more powerful Soothing mists channels from you and the statue.

Invoking them grants you increased effectiveness in some way. Red Crane allows more targets or multi hit heals on targets. Serpent Grants you Yu’lon that channels into more targets and MAYBE (might be OP) grants you the ability to put Enveloping mists into those targets.

Would instantly compete with things like Evoker and Resto Druid for heal over time with a mistweaver while still offering a unique play style you might prefer based on your history with the class.

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I agree with this.
If they managed to bake in the statues better in the classes it would be nice.
Those can be basekit and free up space for true capstones in the monk tree - allowing for a bigger buff.

Applying EM to multiple targets at once would be heavy.
I think it would be a nice compromise having the statue always trying to target another, injured target and applying another EM hot (similar to evokers second HoT’s through essence )as you do, doubling the amounts.
Maybe this would be too strong, too. But it certainly needs to get a buff into being a stronger and more fun to use talent.

i wanted to avoid the Cleave Enveloping mists as it would just feel like a Resto Druid at that point. Reduced healing isnt the answer either as it basically makes us a weaker Resto Druid overall. Invoke is a 1minute CD with certain talents so either make it not worth the mana cost to spam it all day every day, or make Invoke Yu’lon a 2minute CD and no choice talents.

Just as a matter of design… it would be neat if the last line of the T2 section of the tree had capstones instead of the last line of T3. Then T3 could be synergy & augment talents for those capstones instead of putting them in T2 and requiring taking certain T3 talents to make them useful.

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  • Unison
  • Peaceful Mending

That’s what I meant with almost^^
Unison isn’t that much of a bloat, though. It can passively increase healing by a niche amount.

  • Peaceful Mending… I am not a fan of it.
  • Nourishing Chi… I think it’s not that useful
  • Overflowing Mists… is very situational and sounds stronger than it often is, mainly in raids.
  • Misty Peaks… it’s kind of okay-ish in my opinion. It’s a passive heal though. Unfortunately very unreliable but in raids sometimes a nice to have.
  • I dislike Zen Pulse (and the second)
  • Healing Elixir could be on the class tree
  • I rather dislike Faeline Stomp (the way it works)

To list all talents I personally have a problem with.
Nourishing Chi gives me the most bloaty/unuseful feel.
Followed by Peaceful Mending and Misty Peaks (even if both can be situationally nice). Even if they technically aren’t really weak. Peaceful Mending could be strong if it boosted Soothing, too - having a huge synergy with Unison.
Misty Peaks… In raids it’s a nice passive extra. In Mythic+ it’s unreliable. Fair enough if it works good for raids. That way there exists a bigger variety of builds. Not all talents have to be viable for all content.