Missing cosmetics

Pre purchased dragonflight yesterday, had access to all the cosmetics, pets, mount, etc. I was able to view all of these.

Today the murloc baby backpacks, the dragon wings, and the helm transmog are all missing.

I’ve tried different toons and logging in and out. Still can not see them.


It looks like we’re looking into the issue, Auspicate. This appears to be related to a previous issue that we had reportedly “resolved” but it’s popped up again.


The good news is they are not gone permanently and you won’t have to buy them again or anything.

There is a bug impacting the ability to see them that has been very very stubborn! They thought they had it fixed last patch, but alas, still happening.

They should show back up on their own in a few days…but may disappear again on and off until fixed. They most certainly are working on it and you won’t have to spend any money.


check this Sprite Darter Transmog disappear the bug is trigger when change internet connection(phone / home internet) and why not just make it save like store mounts/pets ?

I’ve had mine disappear and did not change internet. I don’t think that has ever been confirmed as a possible cause of the issue.

? They do save like store mount/pets. The system knows you own the items. The shop knows you own them. The issue is that the game is not always displaying them when you own them. AFAIK your internet connection has nothing to do with them disappearing.


All of mine are missing as well.

I’m missing all the tmog stuff. I have the pets, and mount. Was able to see helm yesterday, but now it’s gone. Never was able to see the wings.


mine just poofed today

File a bug report.

So did mine

I also ran into this issue today. Here was the sequence of events:

While logged in (i know, a dumb move):
-Pre-ordered dragonflight
-Did not select a subscription after order was placed (thought it was an optional step)
-Character became a trial account while in game (no ability to trade, etc). Note that transmogs were showing at this time (including new ones)
-Selected subscription (option: will decide later)
-Logged out and back in to enable full account again

All store transmogs missing (new and old)

UPDATE: Transmogs available again after server maintenance

You need to post this in Bug Reports. QA who handles bugs does not take bug reports from Customer Support and the SFAs here are not liaisons with them. No Blue post there doesn’t mean it wasn’t read. They only post if they need more information, or if they need a certain issue confined to one thread.

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