Missing charecters

logged in to classic wow and none of the charecters I had are on there. I know I saved/copied them when Burning crusade luanched. Tried the restore deleted charetcer and it said I had no deleted I also logged completly in to the game wiotha new charecter hopping Id get a refresh and Nada

Make sure you’re logging into the correct game account if you have multiple, they’ll be listed in the dropdown menu above the Play button on the Launcher.


What realm did you have them on? Some realms were shut down and characters force moved if a player didn’t make the choice for the new realm themselves.

Try looking on the Sulfuras realm. I think the majority of characters were moved there, save for one of the closed realms going to Yojamba.


I’m only seeing your recently created character on Classic, Antog. All other Classic characters appear to be Wrath of the Lich King Classkc on the realm of Ashikandi.