Missing characters

hey im a old player getting back into it started playing classic at first then went to retail and noticed i have alot of characters missing one of them is jediknights lvl was in the 90’s and dont know what server it was on but it was a holy paladin wanted to start playing it again was wondering if you could help me out

Usually when you look at the realm list, it’ll show the number of characters on that realm. If they’re not showing up when you select the realm, you might need to make a new character as this will refresh the character list.

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ive tryed that and it has not

Try going to the character select screen, click on the Shop (bottom left) then Services and choose Character Transfer (you don’t have to go through with it, so don’t continue past this step). It should give you a list of realms and characters that can be transferred. Hopefully they’ll be listed there!

Or one of our blues might be able to take a peek too!

There are no characters on the Blizzard account you’re using right now that would match that description.


ok it could be just i forgot what realm my pally was under there are alot of realms now

I did a little more digging and it looks like you may have a second Blizzard account under a different, but similar, email address. Hopefully this can be the hint you need to get back on that account :slight_smile:
If not, you can open a ticket using the “Recover Email Address” section. You may need to provide your ID to verify that you’re the owner of the other account as well.


is there a way i can transfer all my characters on just the one i have right now its alot easier to remember when and if i recover the other account?

So, there are a couple ways forward if you recover your old account:

  1. Consolidate Blizzard accounts. The Game Masters may be able to transfer your World of Warcraft license from your old Blizzard account to your new Blizzard account. This will mean that when you login with your email address and password, you’ll have 2 different World of Warcraft account options in your launcher. To continue playing both of them, each one would need to have its own subscription or game time.

  2. Character transfer between World of Warcraft licenses. As long as both Blizzard accounts are registered under the same name, you can purchase a character transfer and send characters to a different WoW license on a different Blizzard account. It can become a little pricey depending on how many characters you want to move - but may be cheaper in the long term than maintaining 2 separate descriptions (depending on time).

The Game Masters would not be able to move your characters from the old WoW license to the new license.

(A Blizzard account can have up to 8 separate WoW licenses under it)


can i just pay one sum total to move all of them at once? and i cant even recover the account until my friend bring my my wallet back lol so i’m gonna have to wait and keep this page open till later today or tomorrow for my id thing

That is not an available option, sadly.

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It’s a commonly requested service, but bulk character transfers aren’t currently available.


ok probaly just want to move the one anyways cause its the source of all my heirlooms

Heirlooms are account bound they will stay with the original account.

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They are Blizzard account bound. Not WOW account bound. But yes, heirlooms cannot be transferred off the Blizzard account they are on.

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If the primary reason for a transfer is just for herrlooms on a different battle.net account, it might be as cheap to just my a token on that account for $20 and put in on the AH.

Tokens on the AH are currently selling for 110-12o,000 gold. You can but a lot of heirlooms with that.


ok i got my id how do i recover my old account so i can switch my character over to my account with wow time? first things first how to i get my other account back with my id

Much can depend what you have access to. If you have access to the email address registered to the account, assuming you don’t have an Authenticator attached or a registered phone number, you might be able to reset your password.

If you don’t have access to your email address, select “I don’t know my email address”. With the attached ID we should be able to update the account information, so be sure to include a valid email address (not currently attached to a Battle.net account).

You’ll want to start here.

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i sent in a picture with me and my id for the account that im trying to get back the resembles this one thank you

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I’ve tried a few of the methods to find my old characters, but I haven’t had any luck. Could I possibly see if a Blue could do a search? I know I’m missing a Mage and Paladin at around 85.