Miscellaneous Hopes for the unrevealed Talent Trees

There are a bunch of “things” I think myself and other players want to see from the talent trees yet to come. Certain abilities, old or new, other ideas, and anything else I can think of.

So without further ado, here is a point form list (in no particular order) of cool stuff I’d love to see!

Death Knight

  • Gorefiend’s Grasp moved to class tree
  • Additional movement options
  • Options to allow for other runeforges to be used optimally
  • Threat buff talent
  • Frost 4 set ability

Demon Hunter

  • Threat buff talent
  • Souls follow in Veng
  • Elysian Decree & legendary effect
  • Demon spikes duration increase talent
  • Move during Eye Beam


  • Threat buff talent (Guardian)
  • Threat reduction talent (resto)


  • Hot take but leave Wild Sprits out
  • Torghast power that allows you to attack while in Turtle
  • Ranged survival option?
  • Exotic beasts for non-BM hunters
  • Flayed Shot and Conduit as follow-up talent


  • Frost: No reliance on Icy Propulsion


  • Threat buff talent (BM)
  • Thread reduction talent (MW)
  • Bonedust Brew
  • MW Mana recovery
  • Additional raid CD for MW


  • Additional Movement options
  • Threat buff talent (Prot)
  • Threat reduction talent (Holy)


  • Threat reduction talent (Holy & Disc)
  • PI for Shadow only - or Self-cast only
  • AoE enhancements for Shadow
  • New shadow pool ability (Like ability from Necrotic Wake) similar to Blizzard, Rain of Fire, Volley
  • Shadow 4 set as a talent.


  • Recuperate
  • Old combat rogue abilities
  • Smoke Bomb


  • Earthen themed Tank Spec
  • Threat buff talent (Earthen)
  • Threat reduction talent (Resto)
  • Reincarnate Cooldown Reduction
  • Talent to return Storm Elemental to 20 stacks


  • Give Demo Metamorphosis back
  • Chaos Bolt PvP talent (unaffected by Havoc, damage buff)


  • Condemn
  • Threat buff talent
  • Single Minded Fury
  • Banners

I’m sure I will have more to add to this as time goes on and more trees are revealed, but I and quite a few people I consulted would love to see these things implemented/addressed.


At this point just a bread crumb of info would go a along way for pretty much everyone

My monk wishlist is
Ox charge stun
Exploding keg
spinning fire blossom
Nimble brew
Oh and celestial pets baseline since its a per spec flavor anyway

I literally JUST had this thought tonight Letholas, are you in my brain? What got me thinking was doing Torghast for the 2nd time on my Death Knight, and getting this power:

This. Was. Amazing. I don’t even care about the stun. Being able to yoink myself to the enemy was amazing. This would be a prime utility talent for Death Knight. Likewise, the Leap of Faith legendary would be a prime utility talent for Priest. (You yoink yourself to the person rather than yoink them).

So in general, it’s Torghast abilities stick out as things that they should go through and see if any would work well. I don’t have any others off the top of my head, but I hope they start harvesting Torghast powers for talent trees in the future.

If they fix targeting reticles to allow us to use @target, I’m all for keeping it in. If they don’t? Ditch it. Same with Resonating Arrow. (Resonating Arrow should really be made a PvP talent though)

I imagine they’d have to make it so we can’t auto attack or trap during it or we do reduced damage though - cause otherwise we’d be kinda OP in PvP lol.

An actual hot take: Death Chakram. Flayed Shot and Death Chakram are my 2 favorite hunter covenant skills, but DC has been so undertuned it’s never been optimal so I haven’t been able to play it. X_X

Please. Self-Cast only. No raid buff should be so strong it results in specs being nerfed because they might get preferential treatment for it like they did demo. Non-PI demo got hurt hard by it.

10000%. Best part of Shadowlands Rogue is we have the conduit lol.

I gotta be honest… this is my least favorite DK torghast power and it’s not even close :joy:

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I’ll focus just on this, since Hunter is the one class that I’m pretty comfortable with.

I really do love that Torghast power which allows us to attack with the Turtle on… but I’m worried that if we get that talent, the Aspect of Turtle itself would be nerfed. Monkey’s paw and all that.

We definitely need ranged SV back. Maizou and I had a pretty good discussion on the other thread about talents. Maizou wants the spec to be melee SV with a talent to make it ranged. I argued that it’s better to make the base spec ranged (which brings it in line with the other two Hunter specs and in line with the class identity) with a talent to make it melee. Blizzard has a golden opportunity here, that’s for sure!

The one thing I disagree with strongly re: your list is making exotic beasts available for MM and SV hunters. No thank you. Exotic Beasts has to be remain exclusive to BM – it’s the main thing distinguishing BM from the other specs!! I mean, visual distinctiveness is literally the excuse that Blizzard gave for making SV melee (which I disagree with, but I’m getting off topic). And now to ask to take away that unique, distinctive aspect from BM?

…I think that’s not the best idea. Making SV melee really tore apart the Hunter community. Giving exotic pets to SV and MM would make it even worse. :confused:


My primary complaint with this is that my hunter is almost exclusively MM. I have a couple really cool exotic pets that I never get to use!

I would rather see beast mastery lean into the multiple pets scenario than having a pet type that only they can have because they’re a different spec.


Believe me, I understand. I play only MM on this toon, and I really like devilsaurs and chimeras. But I don’t want exotic pets on MM – it’d make me feel horrible! It feels like stealing from BM, honestly.

There just has to be boundaries… including ones we don’t like.


Yeah this would really take away from Bm in a huge way. Now if they had like a thing (like glyphs) to make them mini versions with the same look that would be nice.

Not even a hot take for me, never enjoyed Wild Spirits. Always thought it was a weird spell to have as a hunter, just a big magic circle that seems more suited for a intellect caster. Flayed Shot on the other hand is a really cool spell because it makes Kill Shot usable way more often.

Turtle power could be cool. And speaking of aspects, I’d like to see Aspect of the Pack coming back - and before I get attacked - I meant the version where you just lose the buff rather than being dazed when you get hit.

Ranged Survival is a weird take, because being melee is probably the main thing that makes SV unique compared to the other specs. And with a CD like Aspect of the Eagle, and many ranged abilities already, it’s something that makes SV quite special compared to any other melee classes.

This is without a doubt the best spec I’d love to see coming (back) in the game. It just makes so much sense:

Resto mainly using the water element
Enhancement with lightning
Elemental with fire
Yet-to-be-named tank spec using the earth

I’ll simply disagree because it’s a DH thing now. Demo was reworked into the spec is has become now (which to me, is hella fun). I get the frustration behind it but it makes a lot of sense why they no longer have it and why it belongs to DHs.

Now specifically, I’d love to see paladins keep Divine Toll, and quite possibly Ashen Hollow as well.

Also wondering why I see so many threat buff/reduction talents being proposed? I personally don’t see threat being such a big deal in most cases, and neither does it seem like an interesting talent to take in the first place. Side note: priests have Fade to reduce it, no reason for it to have an extra talent.

I would be very shocked (but delighted) if we ended up seeing an earthen tanking spec for Shaman. Adding a new spec to the game adds a lot more balancing challenges. We’ve seen Blizzard trending towards 2 spec classes for this very reason.

However, your post got me thinking about what could be a really cool utility talent for Enhancement that would give them unique niche value.

I’ve always loved the ability to save a group when the tank dies by popping earth Elemental, giving the group time to battle res the tank, or even finishing the pull and saving a wipe. Unfortunately, on higher keys, Earth Ele just kinda melts, and you can’t use him to fill in for a tank in raids.

What if Enhancement could double down on this utility. What if they had an earth based cooldown that drastically increases the Shaman’s threat and their survivability. Essentially making them a filler tank for 20-30 seconds.

Your tank went down on a big pull in M+? No prob! Pop this and finish tanking the pack for the next few seconds! Your in a raid, tank goes down with the boss at 5% health, and you are out of battle rezzes? Its Enhancement’s time to shine! Pop this and finish tanking the last 5% and clutch that kill!

This could add invaluable wipe-saving utility to a spec that’s really lacking in unique utility, and make them more valuable choice to bring to PvE content.

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