<Ministry of Love> 4 hour raiding guild - 8/8H

About us

Ministry of Love is an established four-hour Heroic raiding guild on Proudmoore-Alliance. Our goal every raid tier is to complete “Ahead of the Curve” but our primary is to build a community of like-minded people who want to hang out in Azeroth and other worlds and have fun playing video games together.

Raid Times

Ministry raids are Tuesday & Thursday, 7pm to 9pm server (PST). On Sundays we run an optional Normal raid, normally a Normal of the current tier, but not always. Sundays are from 6pm to 8pm server (PST).

To see more of our historical success, check our our WoWProgress or Raiderio pages.

What We’re Looking For

Firstly, we’re always happy to invite new friends just looking for a social experience, or add to the roster of people interested in Mythic+ dungeons and PvP.

To get a sense of where we are on the player skill spectrum, you can take a look at our logs on WarcraftLogs. We’re not the best players in the world, but we’re also not the worst. We’re looking for players of a similar caliber, those who you might say are “Ahead of the Curve.”

Recruitment for the raid team is open to all classes and specs, including tanks and healers.


If you’re interested in talking to us feel free to reach out:
kaisar0#1464 (btag) or kaisar0#0001 (discord)
Callipygian#1228 (btag) or Bearhug (Ekkelhardt)#2073 (discord)
macfergusson#1498 (btag)
Rokulin#1858 (btag)

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Will a H priest work for you all? The times look great!

Hey Nazzrath, unfortunately we’ve managed to fill the healer spot. We still need DPS though so if you’re interested please contact me at kaisar0#1464. Thanks!

Still have some open spots, especially for good DPS with off-spec flexibility!

We are still looking for a few kindred souls to join our ranks for Heroic raids, M+, some world pvp, or just hanging out.

Bump! Still looking for DPS!

I have nothing clever to say. Please let us know if you’re interested in joining the guild!

We’re still looking for a tank and a dps or two.

Hi there,

I am looking for a new raid guild and saw your post. It sounds interesting and your raid schedule would fit perfectly. I have a few dps classes that are raid ready. Could you let me know if you are still looking for dps and if so, is there a class that you prefer? Hope to hear from you soon.

Hey there! We could use a warlock for raid comps, but that’s not a deal breaker or anything. If you’re interested please grab one of the battlenet IDs above and message an officer directly so we can chat!

Bump! Still looking for some solid DPS (especially a warlock!) to fill out the roster. Please add me (kaisar0#1464) if you’d like to join!

Warlock all you are looking for? Only class I don’t have.

Hey Loissa! Warlocks are a high priority but we’ll consider any player as long as they’re a good fit for our guild.

We’re still looking for new members so if anyone is interested in joining up please add me on battle.net below:



Times look good… any need for H priest?

Hi Nazzrath, unfortunately we’re full on healers but if you’d like to join as DPS you’re more then welcome.

Please add me if you’d like a chat!



2/2 Heroic Crucible, btw!

Bump! Still looking for DPS to fill out our raiding roster. If you’re interested please contact me in-game or via battle.net.


I would love to join the family. I am ret and tank offspec, can do either role. I had taken a break from raiding and played with family but am looking to get back into a guild and raiding. I have played since vanilla. I am 390 ilevel but working on that. I am a quick learner and I show up to every raid unless the sky is falling. Love to talk to you in game sometime soon.


Bump! Still looking for DPS to fill out our roster!


We’re AOTC on every raid in BfA and ready to go for 8.2! Do you want to be part of it? We need some more solid DPS and possibly a tank. Always looking for more key-runners as well!