Mind controlled out of WSG

MCing someone out of WSG doesn’t provide honor either, and is certainly griefing as well.

Farm AV GY until 0 DR’ed honor = 0 honor, excluding the honor you already gained from killing the person to 0 DR, meaning you actually could get more honor for this than the MC.

MC someone out of BG = 0 honor


A PvP problem with PvP solutions is exactly the sort of appropriate response to being MC’d. I mean MC is very powerful in what you can force a player to do against their will, but it also leaves the channeling Priest wide open. Also this is a BG, not wPvP, so you have at least a chance of even numbers and the ability to stop it.

I’m seeing a note about AV where they moved the default graveyard further away from the portal so people wouldn’t leave by accident.

That was Patch 1.9.3

I’ve seen a variety of “geometry” or “terrain” fixes to prevent exploits but nothing else.

You got outplayed. It happens.

It’s not the priests’ fault if you haven’t figured out how to avoid repeatedly getting yourself in that situation

I’m looking through 1.11 atm and for further notes on: “Significant changes to the battleground Deserter debuff. The debuff should no longer be applied to characters incorrectly.”


I thought they were removed from BGs in the BC prepatch, I don’t rememeber for sure tho. They most definitely existed for the majority of vanilla

Yes, get good. If you don’t prepare for it and you’re caught in it again, you have yourself to blame.

Of course it’s not balanced, that doesn’t mean that you and you’re team can’t attempt to prevent it.

So wait, now the horde want to complain about actual pvp in an actual BG?

I can’t even right now.

There is a pvp solution to your problem op. I suggest you use it.

Patch 1.11 made it such that you couldn’t queue up with people in your group that had Deserter, it was an undocumented change.


There was also a change to Deserter as it relates to bug fixes with Priest Spirit of Redemption. If you were in that form and left, you wouldn’t get the debuff, so Blizz fixed it.


Yeah I know they flat out removed the exit-portals at some point but couldn’t tell you when that happened. Any Googling of “BGs” and “exit portals” or similar brings up loads of complaints of Mages making portals to major cities and getting idiots to click them. I remember seeing when that was disallowed in one of the Vanilla patches.

I checked through the BC prepatch notes as well but didn’t see the MC or portal removal.

If I find anything, I’ll edit it into this post.

Ironically, I find this is much less of an issue and didn’t warrant a change - the person literally clicked the portals =/

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Forcibly kicking someone out of a BG yields no honor. How exactly is it part of a player’s “right to win?” It’s straight up griefing.


Winning rewards honor, are you serious?

That sucks… but if that happened to me I would have to applaud.

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It really is. How many abilities plus the use of LOS does the shammy have to stop a MC?

it is 100% OP’s fault.

This is hilarious. Makes me want to PvP even more.

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THat may be true, now it stops u from directly doing it with MC tho

Gotta follow up with a second cc that moves them through

So any PvP which is performed without the express intention of gaining Honour is now considered griefing. I have never used this word before, but this seems to me the definition of “care bear”: reducing player interactions to a strictly transactional exchange of numbers according to universal rules, and eliminating all scope for creativity and fun.

If you just care about balance and watching numbers get bigger, why don’t you go play scissors-paper-rock and keep score on an abacus or something.

No. Any exploit that is performed with the intent to permanently remove a player from an instance without the opportunity to respawn as well as apply a deserter buff on them that prevents them from requeueing is griefing. Way to mischaracterize what I said while downplaying what happened as mere PvP in a BG. The honor statement was in response to someone who said they were just trying to be competitive. Foregoing honor during a BG just so you can grief players is not competitive.


I understand your frustration OP. It feels awful to have that happen.

Unfortunately, things like this are exactly why folks love Classic. It’s an open playground that facilitates a deeper level of roleplay but also encourages individuals to ruin the experiences of others.

This is how it was. Endless fear chains and stuns as well. If this troubles you, I would seriously reconsider your commitment to Classic PvP, as it was one of the worst tuned experiences that ever existed in the game. Take it from me, I did it when it was called current content.

So abilities functioning as they were intended is considered an exploit now? That’s interesting.

I don’t need to “mischaracterize” what you said, because know your kind. You’re the type that complained to Jagex that they needed to “fix” scamming in Runescape, instead of letting players learn and not get scammed. You’re the kind that complains when they get invaded by a Black Phantoms in Dark Souls, instead of just playing offline.

WoW PvP is not a competitive e-sport. It is unbalanced and broken, and that’s what makes it fun. MC is probably the epitome of this design choice, reflective also in it’s subsequent degeneration in patches and expansions over the years. Again, I’ve never said these words before, but if you want a bland, balanced, PvP experience - retail is over there.

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Can’t you have a mage open a portal and make them click it?