Middle of day and tons of rares with nobody to kill them

How many of those rares were glitched out? Could they be counted on 1-hand or 2?

I’m just a chicken :slight_smile: I try to avoid anything that may be outside the rules :laughing:


Try joining a “Rare Train” group, farm for days. even if its a slog that way still.

Cmon man… inquiring minds WANT to know…

Only glitched rare I’ve seen is the plant thing that doesn’t spawn the roots you’re supposed to pull.

So I guess one hand, then.

I was half heartedly joking :stuck_out_tongue: I would suggest premade groups?

Korthia was also hard required for player power. And people complained about it. When it was revealed double legendary would require revered, the forum blew up. So we now have ZM empty in the middle of the weekday, big deal.

It’s gonna fill up once flying is released. And when it does, people are gonna complain the rares die too quickly. Can’t win.

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I went to 7-11 at 4 am the other day and I was the only person in the store aside from the cashier. I don’t know how they stay in business with no customers like that.


My favorite thing is people leaving in the middle of a fight because the mount didn’t drop. There was 30 of us beating on the boss, someone mid fight looted the mount and all was left was 3 of us haha…

Not at all. You sit here and hand wave concerns that are making the game miserable for people. If it is expected and intended for ZM to be a ghost town 90% of the day, the zone should be balanced for that. It is not balanced for that, it is balanced as if it would be packed 24/7. People are complaining about problems that exist that have no reason to exist.


I’m sorry, what does it matter if the zone is empty? If they made all the rares soloable, you would be complaining they die too quickly, hell, people are already complaining about it ingame.

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It’s as if a new raid came out along with a fresh season for M+ and PVP.

Get a job, hippy


I think my entire guild is at work. I have yet to have issues in the evenings when people are actually home and able to play.

I think the sharding is also exceptionally brutal. My guild raids 2pm-4pm EST; we rocked up today and despite having nine people at the summoning stone not one of us could see the others until a raid group was actually formed.

Second shift, third shift, weekend shift, retired people, disabled people, seasonal worker, unemployed, work from home, what percentage of the population you really think is working 9am to 5pm monday-friday? like 10% maybe? lol

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too much effort playing a time gated game.
they don’t even know what fantasy means, laughable clueless money stealing company.

It must be fun to sling insults. (not you) Those of us who always play this time of the day know the patterns.

The person who said that is a borderline window licker. I wouldn’t take to heart anything that fruit loop says.

Yeaaaaaah probably a lot more than that lol

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