Middle of day and tons of rares with nobody to kill them

Seriously allready this dead in ZM? Finding several rares and nobody who wants to bother and kill them. Almost like nobody wants to do the content.


I agree. It was a ghost town this afternoon.


When they watched that cinematic and story no one wants to engage in this garbage fest.


Gasp, it’s almost like people are at school or working!


Not super surprised by that honestly. Almost everyone in my guild and friends I played with during the last two patches have no interest in returning for this one.

I feel like other guilds are probably experiencing something similar.


Meh, let the rares have a little bit of free time before we players flood in and start the nightly slaughter-fest.

Constantly respawning only to die 5 minutes later, over and over again, all night, has got to be wearying. Let the mobs have a little bit of life.


I think you overestimate the amount of people who came back for 9.2


I don’t know why everyone is shocked when the middle of a weekday isn’t a hotbed of gaming activity.


And if this was made 3 hours from now “Gasp! It’s almost like people just got home from work and need time to get ready!” 6 hours from now, “Gasp! It’s almost like people are all raiding and don’t have time for rares!” 9 hours from now, “Gasp! It’s almost like people are getting ready for bed! Try in the morning!” 12 hours from, “Gasp! It’s almost like it’s midnight!”


Dunno, those are seldom made. It’s always in the middle of a weekday. Go figure why… it’s almost as if people are looking for stuff to rant about.

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I am stuck at work until 6:30, although if I was home I would probably be doing time walks to get token for that pretty dragon.

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Beside, season 3 just opened. Can you blame the few people that can play at this time to be doing dungeons?

People complained that Patterns within Patterns should be a weekly. Now it’s a weekly.

This is the result. People are not motivated to complete it regularly because it’s once per week now.

Ya on a full server I barely saw people lol
Honestly there isn’t much to retain a large amount I believe.

I think it just panders to a certain niche.


People will say “well, people are doing the new raid or are inside instances” as the excuse, but to be honest I noticed the zone started to feel empty just a few days into last week.

Sure, on Tuesday there was a massive infusion of players as they checked out the new zone for the first time, but by the weekend the zone population seemed to have dropped off considerably.


Okay, how many of you are skipping out of school, or just sitting on your butt collecting welfare cheques?? Seriously, I can’t imagine we have this many retirees and disabled people on the forums!

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Nothing for casuals here, all the rinse and repeat stuff just to get your main ready for raiding, that has always been what wow was about and until the entire dev team gets replaced by Microsoft it will always be designed for the 1% of players. this patch and many before it are for those 1%


And yet this wasn’t an issue in Korthia at the same time of day. :thinking:


Most people don’t have a reason to kill the rares. I have enough Cosmic Flux already for a t7 legendary + set crafting. The cypher fragments are just whatever and 10 rep is silly.

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Yup, exactly. And sure I don’t have anything against people enjoying it. Heck there are ‘parts’ I like. But overall I am surprised how empty it feels so quickly. Even Korthia kinda felt more populated weeks into it :man_shrugging: [even if I hated that place lol]