@BlizzardCS Looking at the merged server list. There are 23 RP servers. 19 of them have all been merged. Leaving my server, Earthen Ring (Very LOW Pop), and Moonguard, Wyrmrest Accord, and Emerald Dream (Very High Pop) left unmerged. Why was ER-US forgotten?!? #mergeEarthenRing

I have tweeted this the Blizzard twice now with no response. I would really like to get a petition or a campaign going. In our research we found that every single smaller realm has been merged with two other realms. We created test characters on separate servers that were merged and they function as one. We were able to trade items and gold with each other and the auction house looked very healthy on the servers we checked.
This would help restimulate the server economy on Earthen Ring. As well as having more online players available for guild building and raiding.

Earthen Ring is the only small pop server that has been left out of this merger.

Let’s make some noise about this. It’s important. WE are important!


I agree! Merge us already!


Should have been merged a long time ago


We could definitely use a merge, and like Trystern said, a long time ago.


Yea it’s bad… out of hundreds of players I’ve grouped with or happened upon in the past month or so, I can count on one hand how many were from ER. DEAD SERVER!


I’d love to see us merge with other servers. We need a healthier AH, RP environment, etc.

I’m grateful for the cross server action that’s been helping but a real merge would be great.


Hello everyone, I was reading your forums, and I have been on and off this server a few times. 1, it is Eastern time, and 2, I found it to be a peaceful server.
Before I started my journey looking for a new server years ago, I was on Fizzcrank before they merged us to Aggramar. While the connection seem logical it really changed our community, our trade, and those we knew on trade and general chat. We had all these new people talking and we had no idea who they were. It changed our community completely. Many of my friends left the server, or left the game. Over time we got use to the other server, and many folks transferred to have 24 toon on these connected servers. Merging comes with some good and bad side affects. It could also change your time zone. Anyhow, I started a new toon (A) over here again but she is too low to post. :slight_smile:

To add to this, I went onto each of the connected realms, and I looked at what the realm times were. Since ER is Eastern time, this could be one of the reason they did not merge you or you were very active in 2013/2014. You are the only stand alone EST realm and there is only one connected realm for EST.
I guess they could merge you with Argent Dawn-The Scryers to be one big server for their EST realm.

Eastern time
Argent Dawn-The Scryers-EST
Earthen Ring-stand alone-EST

Central time
Steamwheedle Cartel-Kirin Tor-Sentinels-CST
Ravenholdt-Twisting Nether-CST
Lightninghoof-Maelstrom-The Venture Co-CST
Emerald Dream-CST
Moon Guard-CST

Mountain time
Shadow Council-Blackwater Raiders-MST

Pacific time
Cenarion Circle-Sisters of Elune-PST
Feathermoon-Scarlet Crusade - PST
Silver Hand-Farstriders-Thorium Brotherhood-PST
Wyrmrest Accord-PST

Mokalyn, I don’t think you understand the severity of the problems people are having on this server. RPers in this game are not always RPers first, the rest of the game second (if at all). I used to RP, and now I don’t, but I have far too many resources on this server to leave, in addition to the real life cost. The problem’s that are most severe are affecting guilds’ abilities to maintain the core things that are an integral part of the game such as raiding, M+, and other such forms of content. We’re bleeding players faster than we can replace them. And we’ve BEEN a dead server for ages, with some crap about “wanting to preserve communities” being given as the reason why. First, though… THERE IS NO COMMUNITY TO PRESERVE! Second, MERGING WOULD NOT HURT THOSE COMMUNITIES. If people truly wanted to stick together and play together, a merge affects that—oh wait, it doesn’t. They still can. Only now, they might be able to add even more people because there’d be more folks around that could be interested.
Needless to say, I agree that we need to be merged. Everything about this server is dead or dying, and there’s no sense in protecting or worrying about hurting communities that are on the verge of extinction. The common thing I hear is “Just transfer!” which is what a lot of my guildies have been doing or threatening to do through various means, but that would be SIGNIFICANTLY expensive for many of us who have deep roots on this server in terms of alts, guilds, gold, etc. Not to mention the real life cost in cash. Blizzard, sorry, but you don’t deserve several hundred dollars for neglecting us, and it feels like a slap in the face to us every time another person gives you that money to transfer off server. We are dying, you can stop it, and you’re not. Please, change this. Merge us as SOON as you possibly can. Guilds are bleeding out raiders, and for all that I’ve tried, no one wants to merge guilds to revitalize the raiding, so we’re just going to rot. I’m still trying, but it’s just getting easier and easier to look at what else is out there. My girlfriend and I met in this game, and played it together for years, but we’re both thinking committed to quitting if we can’t maintain a raid. Speaking of that raid, I’d also like to point out to even field it in the first place, we have to take people that are clearly not supposed to be there, and it hurts our morale every time it happens, and has even caused fights to break out. There’s so many problems that YOU are causing us but not merging us, and some action and acknowledgement of this would be appreciated. The RP scene is dead. I’ve even gone looking for RP as I used to do it myself, and it’s nowhere - people are taking their toons to Moon Guard and WRA for that. I used to be a decently popular RPer on this server briefly way back, and yeah, EVERYONE I knew back then is gone. Where did they go? WRA and MG, or just quit WoW altogether. I don’t even care if you merge us with a regular PvE server, it would seriously make no difference at the end of the day due to War Mode.
It would be worth considering the value of a small quiet server if we weren’t just thrown into shards with other servers anyway, but instead we get to see a busy game filled with people were not allowed to invite to our guilds. Perhaps this was supposed to make the game look lively, but all it does is emphasize how bad things are for us. I’m amazed to see people from MY OWN SERVER any time I go out to do world content. It’s absurd. And I’m aware of the rumors that WoW’s just dying in general, and that merging servers is just a temporary fix to a problem that would eventually return… But this assumes that the developers won’t save it, and it also will cost more money in lost subs to do nothing and let ER die. Not everyone will just server transfer. I specifically would rather quit because I do not want to pay Blizzard for bad decisions. Some folks can’t afford to transfer servers, some folks would rather just quit, some folks don’t care one way or the other. It simply won’t hurt more than it would help.
To give some perspective on the perhaps vague statement of raid problems and how fights break out, an example would be wiping on heroic due to mechanics that wipe the raid if a specific, singular person fails, right? Or even simpler, they just do really poor DPS, and we can’t make DPS checks because maybe there’s a few too many of them in the raid. The question would be asked of the raid leader “Why are these people in the raid if we’ve provided ample evidence (through logs and such) that they should not be” and the answer will be given that they are the only Priest/Shaman/Warlock/Warrior/Demon Hunter, whatever class that provides a highly desirable buff or utility. Additionally, it will also be stated that we need a roster of 20 for Mythic, and since lots of folks want to do Mythic, we have to take our top 20 (well, more with a bench but you get the idea) to that raid while also maintaining specific comps that make things easier. For us, both statements can be true that we don’t have 20+ highly skilled players capable of Mythic, AND we don’t have all the classes we’d need as skilled as we’d like them to be. These contentions are the ones that lead to the accusations of elitism, and fights. Obviously, accusations of elitism are usually completely true - when you have a game with scaling difficulty, people capable of higher levels of play tend to prefer to play with people of similar skill level - its just more fun. But not all people that are elitist in that way are the same elitists that say things like “if you’re bad, you shouldn’t get any of the loot.” There’s different degrees, I suppose. But, again, this brings me back to server population - with more people around, we could bring in more players, some of whom will be great or have the potential to be great, and will improve if we work with them. But I can tell you that I’ve been trying to help people improve for the sake of our raid for about five or so years now, and I’m tired. Some people DO improve, and it’s great to see, but most don’t, and it feels SO bad to have to tell them that, but also to know that all that effort I put in didn’t go anywhere. I feel like I let them down, they feel like they let us down… Can’t we just have more people so we have more talent, and can go back to saying “You’re good enough, you can come to the raid” and not “Okay, I see that you’re rage capping quite a bit - you need to use Rampage ASAP, there’s almost no situation where you’d hold it. Also, you’re not refreshing Meat Cleaver properly -” and on and on. I don’t always want to give my time to everyone else in such a one sided way. I don’t get any benefit for helping others (which isn’t to say I don’t want to or won’t). I don’t care about raiding Mythic, and it can be mentally draining. Sometimes, I just wanna enjoy the game with my friends that are all as good as I am, and not have to research someone else’s spec for them while I baby talk them through improving because we need them. The current state of ER, though, doesn’t really allow me that luxury.


Oh, this came to me later as another alternative - free transfers off server for all our toons. That would also work, but there are huge differences between the two, and that actually COULD damage communities. But, again, there really aren’t any there, anyway. Most of the people I’ve talked to don’t actually have anything real they’re holding onto other than “This server is my home,” or, in other words, sentimental value. I used to think that way, too, but then I rolled a toon on a different server because I was capped on this one, and wow, the game didn’t change at all. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I apologize for being hyperbolic. I have talked to a good number of people about this, but I can’t really represent that here. I understand that all I’ve said is just my opinion and will be viewed as such by the powers that be. I’ll do my best to get other people to share their opinions.


Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts. You are 100% correct about the current state of ER. Some of us who are here are loyal to the friends we’ve made and are loyal to the sever in turn. Though it may seem peaceful to a select few, to many many others who care about progression there is an underlying sense of frustration and disappointment. Not to mention sadness. ER is our home and we deserve the same thought and opportunity that the other small RP realms received long ago.


Hear hear! I can remember when we were a thriving community, but right now… we are a dead server. Blizzard can do something about that. Let’s hope that they do.


I wholeheartedly agree that Earthen Ring needs to be merged. I’ve been here since the beginning, back when this was the roleplay server to be on, and I would love to see those days return.

Let’s spread the word and make some noise so Blizzard gives us a chance.



I completely agree that Earthen Ring needs to be merged. I feel like a lot of lower population servers should be, but especially roleplaying servers. The more consolidation of lower population servers the healthier and better the communities and auctionhouse will be. It makes no sense why Blizzard isn’t doing more to ensure a better, happier gaming population for those servers.


I also wish Blizzard would take action and #mergeEarthenRing. I have been roleplaying on this server for the better part of a decade. This server is not even a third of what it was in population. This makes it difficult to find roleplay, and leaves us alienated.

In the meantime, if you are a roleplayer responding to this thread, you understand there is a deficit in the amount of active roleplay on the server. Reach out to others in this thread. We can pull what is left of our community together and build stories and roleplay together.


I’m a little lost on the stance on not merging ER-US. To me, it seems the population has dropped to the point that it would warrant attention and consideration by Blizzard, but here we are.

In my opinion, the game WoW is meant to feel alive and highly active, and not just from a roleplay perspective. Yes, I would love to encounter roleplay out in the wild or in those far flung towns, but there’s much more to consider. The whole theme of this expansion is ramping up the war between the Horde and Alliance, but unless you’re in warmode in current content locations with an active quest, you simply won’t find that open world PvP either. That concept was one that really drove the concept of warring factions home, but its so rare that I could walk into Gurubashi arena naked and snag the chest.

What happened with meeting people out in the quest areas when leveling up? It just doesn’t happen all that much anymore. Or cities that felt real and alive with the population of players congregating for one reason or another. In terms of PvE and group questing, I understand that we have finders for that, but we shouldn’t struggle to find people on our own realms.

TL;DR Letting a server sit at a low population without merging seems to be counter-intuitive to play. #MergeEarthenRing


Earthen Ring is the 8th smallest server pop. in the world. The lack of will to merge guilds to make them viable is real. We need a server merge so guilds have a larger pool to recruit from.


I agree. I left ER for greener pastures because it was DEADER than dead.

You’d get on primetime during the weekends and /who to find 5 max level characters in Stormwind and that was it. Everyone has left the server over the last few years, and every week or so when I go to check, there is no one doing any RP anywhere besides isolated guild events.

It sucks, because ER was my first server and holds a ton of awesome memories, but now it’s a ghost town and the only thing holding people there is nostalgia.

Merge it, please.


First thing: We need to connect Earthen Ring. Merging is different.

Second, FWIW, I periodically write up in-game suggestions via the Help menu discussing this very topic, and I also tweet this to WarcraftDevs. If more people were to do this, maybe they will listen.

I would like to point out that we just lost another guild, and one of our top raid guilds, at that. Just because we are an RP server does NOT mean that we don’t want to do progression raiding!!!

I do not want a free server transfer. I want to stay on ER. This is my server. I have gone and come back. ER is my home. I will not abandon ship like the others.

And I would like to argue that we are much smaller than 8th smallest. If you look at wowrealmpop, many of the smaller servers are connected to other servers! Plus we have AIE making us look larger than we are.

I feel like maybe the issue is that we are one of the original 6 servers and they want to keep us pristine, but we are legitimately dying now, and that is no longer reasonable.


P.S. Alliance on ER must be miserable; I am happy to add a horde voice to this thread - we can’t even get enough raiders for mythic and Horde are wholly in the majority. I cannot even imagine what it’s like to be Alliance at this point.


I’m new to ER, especially compared to the veterans in this thread. I definitely agree, for what my opinion is worth; I think the server needs some sort of revitalizing. It’s a shame because it looks like Earthen Ring used to have such a strong network of people, roleplay, guilds, etc. going on. The activity gap between ER and WrA - my home server - is far more severe than I thought. Here’s to hoping some positive changes are on the horizon!