Realm Connections -- September 24-25

I transferred from Earthen Ring to Wyrmrest Accord at the start of Legion, because I simply could not stand how empty the Auction House was nor the lack of available players to RP with.

It was a tough decision, one that caused emotional distraught leaving behind my friends and an amazing guild. I held out for literal years before finally making the switch over, and I empathize with every player from Earthen Ring who are worried and upset about a lack of transparency and Blue information on the issue.




I love how Frostmourne, one of the most populated OCE servers got multiple realm connections despite already being full, yet Aman’thul which is one of the lowest OCE population servers got one round of connections to other medium population realms. What a mess lol


Come on Exodar, hope this happens soon so I can buy me some cheap 30slot bags…

No way i’m paying 500g a bag. Seem to be cheaper on the other cluster.

Thank you for the support. :purple_heart:

Blizzard: I GM a large guild on Earthen Ring. Barbro does, too. Our communities have been around for over a decade and are too large to mass transfer without leaving behind the haves and have-nots when it comes to funds. Our members also have alts with vintage armor, titles, crafting recipes, not to mention RP stories attached to them because we are an RP realm (and an OG RP realm) at our core, and transferring is not so simple. We as GMs don’t want to leave anyone behind. We don’t want to leave long-time neighbors behind, either. ER is a small but spirited neighborhood and those who remain are there for a reason – we like the people who chose to stay and want to support them, and we’ve been holding out for a connection since the previous round.

I tweeted customer service yesterday, asking whether there were going to be more realm connections. I was linked this thread (though I referenced this thread in my initial tweet and already posted in it) and told to post on the forums and use the in-game suggestion tool. So I am here again, and my fellow Earthen Ringers are here, posting on the forums, asking, every where, where Earthen Ring is and if we are slated for a much-needed connection. We’re here. Small, but here, and raising as many voices we can, doing the only things we can, the things we were told we could do.

We appreciate any former Earthen Ringers and other small servers who express support and I’ve been :blue_heart: 'ing as many as their posts. Any post telling us if this is the last set of connections or who is next is appreciated, and don’t forget Earthen Ring.


So hey, came back to ER and it still needs some folks. I love my friends here but I’m always up to meeting new internet people. As said before, we’re the Only OG RP realm that hasn’t been connected to others.

We want to make friends. We’re not that scary. We’re almost as cool as our Brazilian compatriots. Please #ConnectEarthenRing. I’ll also be submitting requests and suggestions using the in-game tool.

Just don’t make me stand on the mailbox again. :slight_smile:


They’ve already been breaking down battlegroups from what I can tell.

The move listed here for example: Realm Connections -- September 2-3.

  • The Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune realms will join the Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council realms.

Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune are on the Cyclone battlegroup and Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council are on the Reckoning battlegroup.

Because of this though, I’m still hopeful for getting a Connection for Earthen Ring. I just wish that we could get some more transparency about upcoming Connections (and if there are more planned, that’s unclear from this latest post), and about why certain realms weren’t included.

Please #SaveEarthenRing.


Argent dawn could use some love please…


We’re here and doing everything you ask of us, @Blizzard. Please don’t forget Earthen Ring. We need new life more than ever and this is the first time in years that any of us have had faith that we may get it.

#MoveEarthenRing #MergeEarthenRing #SaveEarthenRing


Don’t forget about Goldrinn and the other Brazilian realms, there are 3 completely empty aliance ones and 1 big horde one.


I don’t believe anyone actually reads anything - it seems like they just keyword scan and give generic responses. Pessimistic as that is, it makes sense. I wouldn’t wanna subject any of my employees to the depressing flame fest that is a nerd forum.

That said, I also GM a guild on Earthen Ring US, and we’re struggling right now to progress N’zoth. The story of why has everything to do with recruiting and population. We don’t have a lot of people to draw from that have mythic interest. Many folks are content to just sink in their PvE guilds that are just slowly but surely losing members. Would they raid Mythic if they had the numbers? Sure. But they won’t leave their guild, and they won’t raid with another guild unless theirs stops raiding. I’ve tried a few solutions, and we have been able open up our heroic clear to everyone through a community, but even that is difficult to spread the word on, and threatens other guild’s raids because Heroic is all they can do. If we take their raiders in an attempt to improve the community and make connections, we take their raiding entirely. Breaking down communities that are barely surviving at all, however, shouldn’t be the answer. They should be helped, not hindered. I’ve gone to other guild’s raids to help them out, I’ve invited them to ours on nights they’re free to get them gear and experience… but there’s only so much I can offer without forcing some sort of compromise that either end won’t want. There’s a solution to this, and it’s frankly an easy one. #mergeEarthenRing #moveEarthenRing.


Sitting in raid right now with 19 people unable to progress because we’re missing 3 of our players with immunities, and we need only one of them to show. Boss design is certainly one thing to question, but in addition to this, yeah. They all had legit reasons to be out that I would expect day-to-day. Man, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bench? Oh wait, need pop for that.


What about connections in other regions?

I’m hoping to see Proudmoore, Hyjal, and Lightbringer get connected

I would love for kirin tor, sentinels, swc to be connected to emerald dream and argent dawn :smiley:

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The fact that I’m the only one pleading for kirin tor, should say just how dead it is. lol

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If our two server clusters were connected, it would double both our populations as well as bringing the faction balance close to 50/50 for us.

Lightninghoof/Maelstrom/The Venture-Co/Ravenholdt/Twisting Nether.


Kirin Tor/Sentinels/Steamwheedle Cartel.

Sounds like a win win. #mergeEarthenRing


@Kaivax I know it’s basically implied at this point, but can we get official confirmation that the Exodar/Medivh/Alleria/Khadgar connection has been canceled indefinitely, and if so, can we get character services re-enabled?

I finally have enough gold to get my Brutosaur, but I need to get all my characters onto one server in order to be able to put the gold together to buy it. Prepatch is fast approaching, and I don’t want to miss my shot (cue Hamilton).


It’s been cancelled and postponed, see:

Cant answer about the server lock but in the past they have only been removed once the connection was finished, the post is worded in a way that it will see a future connection date.

Thanks for the link! I figured the connection would still happen, but if it’s not happening before prepatch at this point, then I’m hoping/asking/begging they unlock character services immediately so that we aren’t screwed out of stuff like the Brutosaur that is going away with prepatch.

I generally have no need for gold beyond repairs/consumables/transmog and largely hate gold farming, so the fact I got the gold together for the Brutosaur is a feat of strength for me. I’m going to be absolutely crushed if the hundreds of hours of effort I did for this is effectively lost/wasted because of what is basically procedural oversight.