I might be in the minority here… and I am new to the realm so I haven’t really experienced it as much as most of you. I recently created a couple allied race toons here for myself(one horde and one alliance) and so far I’ve really enjoyed the peace and quiet this realm offers compared to the other RP realms I play on(WRA, ED and Moon Guard). If they did connect or merge this realm I would hope its with another low pop realm and not one or multiple that are highly populated… this realm has been a pleasant escape from all of the immaturity and drama that accompanies the more highly populated realms I’ve played on. It’s so nice not to have trade/lfg channels filled with people harassing others or acting a fool 24/7. I am looking forward to leveling here and getting my characters up to par.


Hard agree with the suggestion raised. Merge/Connect, whatever/whichever.

I’ve been raiding on here for a few years now and whilst it’s only a few guilds raiding progression over on horde, it’s always passionate people and there’s been some real competition for pushing mythic over the last couple of years.

I’ve raided with a bunch of guilds and they’re organised and focused on the server progression scene (for some reason!) they just need committed players to recruit and there’s such a dearth of them on ER. It’s sad to watch really driven guilds and teams lose momentum and quit because we’ve got such a slim recruiting pool.


This server was once home to those such problems as well. In my opinion, that’s not a reason not to merge it. This is a game that we have to pay money to play. If I’m paying 15 bucks, and I can’t access mythic raid content for guild achievements and such with my guildies without shelling out more money to transfer servers, then that is a core flaw with the game. Only one of our guildies has said that they came to ER because it was lower pop, but that was still back when its population was far, far higher than it is now, and that same guildie would be happy for a merge (I asked). A quiet, peaceful place to play… is basically every server save a few if you had the option to turn off getting sharded in with people from other servers. If we are seriously not merged because our server is the ‘quaint, quiet place to play the game,’ then I would be pretty angry. All the servers you listed that you play on are RP servers. It goes against reason that RP servers should be dead, because then you’ve no one to RP with but yourself. There’s plenty of non-RP servers that are on the lower end of population that you could play on if you’re just looking for a place to play with some peace and quiet. I do respect where you’re coming from, though, and I wonder if something could be implemented where you opt out of sharding in with people from other servers… That’s a seperate conversation, though. For my part, I think if a server is a serene, quiet place with not too many people around… then you can be sure that raiding there will be hard to impossible, the guilds will be small and struggle to field consistent groups for even five mans, and their rosters are gonna be 90% alts or people that don’t play anymore.


It’d be nice if Horde and Alliance could raid together somehow. Oh well.

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Um, no, that is vile and unacceptable. Like, the only way we stay sane on Opulence through Rastakhan is by knowing that when we wipe we are killing alliance.


I like your posts Xen, sometimes people who move to ER to MG check back on how things are from time to time. I am one of those people, and sometimes it is lonely and seldom do we find other people.

Due to my own loneliness I wish to talk to you on discord if that is okay with ya

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I just keep tweeting them… and I made a post in General Discussion (the trolling is real).

I would at LEAST like an explanation at this point.


I agree - an explanation would be a welcome addition at this point.



Merge. Connect. I support all of these!


I’m not on this realm but I’d agree. I feel the big issue is there are basically only 2 RP servers worth anything (i.e. Moon Guard and Wrymrest) and all the others have had most RP dwindle down to nothing. I’m EST timezone and would have loved an EST RP server but they’re all basically PVE servers with little rp since it all died for some reason.

That’s the real shame, that everything is pushed into two servers out of a bunch which forces people on to certain time zones that may not mesh with their playtimes. I had to leave wyrmrest because it was 3 hours behind me. Moon Guard is an hour behind, which is better but still I’d have preferred my own time.


I’ve tweeted this topic out. Maybe one day we will get a response.


We still have gotten nothing more than radio silence.

I think the players on Earthen Ring deserve at least some explanation at this point, even if they do intend to let the realm die off completely.
At least let us know.


@BlizzardCS Looking at the merged server list. There are 23 RP servers. 19 of them have all been merged. Leaving my server, Earthen Ring (Very LOW Pop), and Moonguard, Wyrmrest Accord, and Emerald Dream (Very High Pop) left unmerged. Why was ER-US forgotten?!?

EarthernRings is effectively already merged. We are sharded with other PvE, PVP, and RP servers depending upon our population at the time. Any other type of merger would give us a long login queue and more lag.

Now what you are talking about is the Raid Scene Blizzard needs to remove the restrictions on Cross-Realm Mythic Raiding & Cross-Realm Guilds in order for ALL servers to remain relevant in the Raiding / Mythic + Scene.

My home realm is Earthen Ring and I have been there/here since 2004. Back in the day when the merger was a new thing I recall folks moaning and groaning at Blizzard about how they /the realm, did not want or desire to take part in a merger because it would upset/ offset the strong community Role Play system that we /as a realm had already established.

In part I was on board with that… but to be honest, after the RP community became extremely toxic (i won’t go into detail) and it began to crumble–the role play atmosphere- evaporated- very quickly.

Now Earthen Ring is all but a ghost town. When I say Ghost town I am not saying that there is no more Role Play but rather that the rich community that once thrived here is not as populated. It is a mere shadow of what it once was. (The big split of the community happened around 2012)

Blizzard, in my opinion, did not merge ER because the community gurus of that time had lifted up a strong voice to Blizzard to ‘not’ merge the realm with any other realm.

If you want a realm to merge then ER needs to make a strong voice stating that we want a realm merge.

Frankly, I would love to see a 'New" Role Play community site like it use to be (( just not operated by the old gods that did it before because they were toxic))…I hate to call folks toxic but I call it as I see it. The community tried 3 different times to host an RP community website–and all three times it–suffered and failed.

Well, I am not here to dig up old bones. I am most-mainly giving an old history lesson to any newcomers to the game and/or realm who might be wondering why this realm has not merged and why this realm is not flowing with Role-Play.

Once upon a time… it did…it housed very strong and rich Role Play ( on both sides with interacting plots that both sides took part in). I truly would like to see the life breathed back into Earthen Ring. If you want any change then please let Blizzard know that you want to change and bring on a merge. If you want to change anything about the realm then you need to start addressing Blizzard…if you want a merge – Earthen Ring needs to lift it’s voice up again. (( Thanks for lending an ear))-- Good gaming to you all!

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Blizz hasn’t done any realm mergers since before Legion. They don’t seem to think its a problem worth fixing and now just use sharding as the answer to these issues.

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If only we could invite people from other servers in our shard to our guilds.


Merge it! This server is dead.


I would love to see Role play returned to the realm. If Blizzard is no longer doing merges then it maybe because realm hopping is so much more easier than it use to be that is as long as you have companions that pull you unto their realm-but of course this does not serve as a resolve to the lack in RP population. Over the course of months I have seen folks trying to set up new ways to lure folks with decent concepts. I do not know how well their campaigns work. All I know is that time and again I see a new face and a new idea of how to attract Role Players back to the realm.

Not long back i spoke to some of the lingering alumni Role Players of Earthen Ring to see if maybe a new site could be brought up to give a neutral platform for all role players to share in- like before. But the idea of a new website leaves a sour in their mouths, In a way I can not blame them -after all, 3 strikes and you are out.

Merging the realm may no longer be a thing in Blizzards Books… but if we could work to at least build up the role play and maybe host some form of revival theme to share cross realm- would help other to create alts on Earthen Ring and resussiate her.- Food For thought- at least.

Back in the day…if your Role Play was not pg 13 style-- you were driven from the realm- or shunned from being involved with open society type events. But those days died (imo) in 2012. it is a new era now and I say that any Role Play is good Role play as long as it keeps Earthen Ring alive, So far to my knowledge Wyrmrest and Moon guard are the only realms that have high content Role Play. MG- is a bit infamous for their Gold Shire flings but I am told that out side that-the role play is pretty awesome. On Wyrmrest I have seen some pretty rich and rather wild Role Play happening openly- both dark and light and no one there to shun them.

Earthen Ring has that potential as long as her surviving citizens are ready and capable and desiring to see her/ Earthen Ring reawaken with new blood and rise up to meet her sister realms in their state of awesomeness. Earthen Ring is not dead but only sleeping and she just needs to be re-awakened.

Maybe we can all work to come up with a "reawakening " event. We would all need to work on planning a nice evening of gathering. I can not speak for the Alliance side ( though I do have some Alliance characters on Earthen Ring as well as Horde) I am mainly Horde.

But before I /we could get that ball rolling I would like to know just how many would be on that boat.,that is to say… I would like to see how many characters and/or guilds would like to stand with each other and enjoy a 'reawakening-celebration?"


Here’s the thing. I like the idea of Earthen Ring being its own realm. It gives the community the opportunity to try and rebuild/reawaken itself. Plus, those of us with older machines are glad for the respite from the other, larger realms with which we not only are able to play due to overcrowding, but the community can be built to be less toxic and more localized, and I would rather work more to that end than having to rely on trying to integrate with already-established communities on other realms.

Shakki, you are on to something. Quantity is not always quality. Bringing a bunch of people to ER would increase role play, but I feel that a little elbow grease could draw out the existing community. When we had the Earthen Ring Role Play Network website years back, we had a sounding board for events and could address concerns as a community. When that site retired, it seemed from my perspective, that the lack of communication started to deteriorate the community. We just need to create a centralized place to communicate/collaborate.

Also, shameless plug, I have an event coming up that will be cross-faction and all role players are invited. (Bring your Elixir of Tongues)

For those interested, it’s a PVP-RP gladiator style event in Gurubashi. It will have prizes (WoW token, Mount, etc.) It’s 8PM Saturday night 23 November. You can contact me in game for more details. Mail is fine, but face-to-face role play is always welcome.