Merged ticket showing up with nothing


Then don’t open a ticket? I’m not sure what to tell you beyond there are no GMs on the forums. So if you want it looked into again, you’ll need to either re-open the ticket you had if that’s still an option, or open a new ticket.


Yes, thank you for telling me which I already implied that I understand, which is what brings my post in the CS forums in the first place.

I’m not sure I understand then. You posted in a forum that’s primarily for players to help other players, yet you would like a GM to look into your issue again. The only way to have a GM look into it again is via a ticket, so that’s the route you’ll need to go.


All I can suggest you to do is re-read the thread again.

My ticket that was merged is broken.

So I came to the customer service forums for some customer service in hope that something can be brought to light that can get that specifically merged ticket number (which is inside a screenshot provided in the OP) working.

I’m sorry if my thread wasn’t laid out properly enough for you to digest.

The only time tickets are usually “merged” is when a player opens multiple tickets for the same thing.

I understand what you were hoping. I’m telling you that there are ZERO GMs on the forums. None. The forums are not a way to bypass the ticket system. If you want to have your issue looked into again, then you have to open a new ticket if your previous ticket cannot be reopened.

It’s just that simple.


Okay. Sorry for trying to help. Best of luck finding a GM on the forums.


I’m not sure what it is you think I missed from your OP. You still have an issue that you want a GM to look into but you don’t want to wait on a ticket. Then you simply don’t put in a ticket and move on I guess. I was trying to make sure you understood that there are no GMs here, but you seem to feel otherwise.


This is the customer support forum, ie - player help player. Not customer service as you expect.

Not sure why you are lashing out, but it’s certainly not going to help you in the way you think it might. Take a breath!

If you wish to provide feedback to the GM team, hopefully you were sent a survey?


Scroll on through the multiple threads in the CS forum.

I don’t take responsibility for your feelings towards anothers post.
If you’re sensitive to it, then you’re sensitive to it.

There’s no reason for you to feel empowered enough to gaslight me.

I’ll just have to refer you to my OP.

I’m not here to argue; I simply made a post.

Obviously, some people needed help with clarification of my knowledge, but I asure you, I understand my situation, thank you.

Don’t feel obliged to bump the thread again if you don’t have any useful information not already clarified in this thread.

Wow. Ok. Whatever.

Good luck, would hate to see you lose posting ability but hey, you do you and I’ll just keep on reporting.


Chill out, Perl was trying to help by letting you know there is NOTHING that can be done by posting here. If you want help you have to reopen if that is an option or make a new one.


got it, you just want to rage. This is a poor forum to troll in. good luck


Chill out I was thanking you.

ahhh, sorry, misread. My apologies

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Report, ignore, move on.


It’s okay Hadrimmdar. They seemed to have worded their OP poorly and just want to complain about the wait time.

They can choose to open/re-open the ticket or not.

They understand there are no GMs here and that this isn’t a complaints forum clearly based on the replies.

If they want it looked into again, they’ll do what they need to do.


Tickets are averaging 2 weeks if you can reopen it goes into expidited que but i wouldnt count on a positive outcome. While the blues here can help in some cases they cant in this one.


All you are going to do with your behavior is end up with the thread locked without an answer you so desperately seek.

As i pointed out in another thread, if someone was asking you for help, acting like you are, would you want to help them? No.

A reminder for you of what the customer support forum is:

Do note in it:

As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative contact point for In-Game, Technical or Account Support. To request assistance, please contact our customer support staff directly through our Support Site .