Mechagnome Love Thread 🥰

Target acquired.


Ya know what would have been really neat? Some kind of Mechanical hair option. Its ashame they lack green hair and also pink hair. Especially since they have warlocks.

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Agreed. I was kinda hoping for hair colors like pink. I do like that the females have some gears in a couple hair options but overall I feel mechagnomes could have had a bit more customization. I think the arms and legs should be 4 separate custom options. So we can have flesh leg on left, mech leg on right or vice versa and same with arms.

Hyper Organic Light Originator needs some work. I was actually hoping for something like goblin rocket jump for a racial. HOLO does not seem to have any real function.


No thanks, and the saddest thing is that every single set you own and future ones will be incomplete because of those stupid transmog restrictions.


I show my love for junker gnomes by flying around duskwood and killing junker gnomes, raising a ghoul over their corpse, dismissing the ghoul, and then looking for another one to kill. All the while waving a friendly hello to anyone else whether they be that level 20 human or that level 120 night elf that’s looking for me because I’m causing trouble for the little beta derps.


Tell me your thoughts on these goblins and gnomes. They are both cyborgs, but with a somewhat different style to mechagnomes. The gnome as visualized in this is what I actually look like in my own personal headcannon of this character.


I’d love to play as one but I’m just done with these garbage rep grinds for new races.


they are so cute honestly


Which is why you pick the race knowing what you want to transmog around.

I don’t roll a forsaken and complain about the bones, and I don’t roll a troll and complain about forced bare feet. I don’t like those aspects of those races and so I don’t play them.

Mechagnomes can have some unique transmog setups because of their unique physiology, but you have to play the race wanting to go into those. Otherwise there are a dozen other options to choose from.


I rolled forsaken and put up with the bones. But since the new looks will be able to hide the bones i’m happy.

That said i love mechagnomes and i was happy that the tabards work well for them to help with transmog issues.


I actually did play an undead DK for a very short period, but the bones were pretty bothersome and I did have to transmog around them, by wearing a color appropriate robe.

But yup, I think mechagnomes can look pretty awesome with the right transmogs. The heritage set is great of course, and there are plenty of great mogs in this very thread I think.


I just wish the heritage armor had other colors to go with the other limb colors.


Oh man, totally agreed!


Aixie makes a very good point. Before I created this character, I already knew what I wanted her to look like and the angle to go from. One has to remember that in wow there is practically countless possibilities of things you can do, but one can only pick a select few. So this is why knowing exactly what one wants to get out of their mechagnome is crucial to maximizing their enjoyment of it.


Leveling one after I grind my gold for the brutosaur. Its keeping me from playing alliance since we can’t really transfer gold between our factions sadly. I been wanting to lvl my allied races on alliance but I gotta focus on content they will remove.

I hope to get the heritage armor to have the full robot look. I also plan to have some starwars themed transmogs with light sabers and plasma guns from ulduar.

I do hope they consider adding a dye system into the game. And make the metal bits dye-able as well as the heritage armors at least. They have one of the best heritage armors imo. The full robot look.


You just need to get a bit more creative with transmog. Like mine here, the gold in the robo bits matches up to the yellow and gold in the robe and shoulders, even the blue accents in the two work together so it looks intentional.

And for those that don’t wear robes, a tabard is your best friend. It covers the unfortunate diaper look. The Mechagnome one is perfect because it looks more like a shirt than a tabard.


Your transmog works well with the gold/brass looking armor. :smiley:

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I love you, Mechagnomes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Can this thread even make 100 posts? :grinning:


We love you too, Hella!