Mechagnome Customization Thread

Little different from what we see with the automa. its called proto flesh.

Its just the flesh used as the blueprints of real flesh.

Automa are far more magical than they are robotical. They’re bits of reality shaped into a form. They appear robotic because they were made for a purpose that they fulfill, much like robots.

That doesn’t make them robots. I struggle to find a good way to explain it… in several threads now… but they’re more like motes of reality given form.

In Zereth Mortis its the reality of death primarily being given that form and then sent forth to make the realms of death to keep creation going.

No signs yet of customizations in 9.2.5.

I do hope blizzard hasn’t forgotten the rest of the Allied Races still awaiting a pass.

Happens to be my birthday today so maybe they’ll announce some for me?

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Still no signs of customizations but I’m still hopeful that there will be some for the remaining AR’s that haven’t had a pass yet.

In the meantime heres a nice mog someone made for their mechagnome.


Just gonna leave this here. (Thanks Yseut!)


Blizzard has let us know what time and where to get the new expansion details!

I am quite beside myself with expectations!

I hope Mechagnomes get to have new options! (Hopefully we don’t have to wait till the expansion though and its more a 9.2.5. thing!

Mechagon Prevails!

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I am also hopeful for mechagnomes, given that the earlier allied races received some additional customizations! Vulpera and dark iron dwarves also definitely need some help in the options department.


One day left until we hear about the next expansion (and probably 9.2.5)!

I hope the probability of new mechagnome customizations are high!

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Recent Twitter communication recording.

Nothing of real value for Mechagnomes, they seem unlikely to do customizations unless they have meaning…

So I guess we’ll be as we are now for awhile.

I’ll keep this thread alive long as I can so they have ready access to options requested.

Mechagon Prevails.

one thing I’d love to see is bulkier limbs for Mechagnomes.

Right now IMO they’re too small and lanky, like Kevin Durant-esque lanky.

I want them to look more like awesome augmentations rather than metal bones which they look like now.

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I’d like this too actually. I’ll add it to the list when I’m no longer sick.

I get that. Did you have any setup in mind or just the bulkier complete arm setup?

this is really really tiny but it’s bugging the heck out of me.

i really really want female mechagnomes to have the OPTION to have the same EYELASHES as regular gnomes.

regular gnome eyelashes are bigger and really pop and i love them. (i have like 8 gnomes they’re GOAT) and the limited styling hair options and colors are the obvious things everyone requests but the eyelashes are a major downer as well.

sometimes i just reuse the same faces like face 1 is my fav but on a gnome it looks cuter because of the bigger eyelash.


Wait!? Really?

I never noticed that before. Then again, I don’t much enjoy my regular gnomes…

I’ll add it to the list.

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Been a bit and a few things have come about.

Sadly nothing for Mechagnomes but the Dark Ranger customizations for blood elves, night elves and void elves has been a huuuge hit!

Hopefully blizzard will see that love and reconsider not engaging in more customizations for other races.

Like Mechagnomes.

Mechagon Prevails!


I just want wheels


Mechanical torso and head options please.


I really like gnomes and I would play a mechagnome if:

  1. There was a mogging option to show or hide mechanical arms and legs. Yeah, it means we could make mechagnomes that just look like gnomes, but who cares? We can make void elves that look like blood elves.
  2. Customization options to make them look entirely mechanical, and no, the heritage armor isn’t enough. I want options that make my mechagnome look like a total robot. I’d be so there for that.

While I wouldn’t use it I think this is a fair request. I’d really like it if it went a tad further and allowed you to select which arms and legs were enhanced.

Like say have only one mechanical arm vs both or one mechanical leg vs both. And of course have the option for both arms and legs normal.

I would love for a “skin tone” or three that make the entire body into a robotical looking setup.


absolutely need the option to choose which limbs are mechanical. would be amazing!


Indeed. It’s a common request for us.

My only concern is whether or not Blizzard would have to do a lot of work changing things.

Most models are reflected to make the other side of the model which is why symmetry is so common in armor.

Clearly they have some work arounds, some gloves and of course the new shoulder mog options but doing that for a race body component might be difficult.

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I’m not a huge mechagnome player, but i 100% love this thread. They need a TLC pass in an upcoming patch.

I’m going to do an update on the 10.0+ Character Customization Request Megathread - #97 by Chargur-dragonmaw and include some of these awesome suggestions new to here.

More character customizations is a huge win in an MMORPG!