Mechagnome Allied Race Discussion

That tweet seems to specifically reference the Exalted requirement, but it doesn’t seem to mention the other quest-line requirement, “The Mechagonian Threat.” They do state a few other tweets of interest:

  1. “If you’re exalted on any character (even horde), you’ll qualify for the unlock quest. But the unlock quest line must be completed by a max-level alliance character.”

  2. “Oh, and the alliance character will need to have done the mechagon intro questline (i believe), so that they can see everything on the island.”

The intro questline might refer to when you get access to Mechagon and its questhub there, but that still doesn’t really address the quest-line achievement you need to complete and whether you can do it on Horde only or if you have to do it on an Alliance character regardless.

Sounds like it will still require some testing come Tuesday, unless we get more clarification.

With MechaGnomes coming out tomorrow, I thought that it would be a good time to do an experiment regarding both of the unlock criteria being done on a Horde character and seeing if it counts.

With the Heroic wings of Mechagon coming out in the patch tomorrow, my plan is to finish up the last of the criteria I need by beating up King Mechagon on this character, my Horde main, who is also exalted. I have three Alliance characters of the following status for this experiment:

Character A is my Alliance main. She has everything done the same as my Horde main up to needing to beat up King Mechagon. She is also exalted.

Character B I have gotten through the intro to the Mechagon Island introduction quests, having unlocked world/daily quests there. He has not done anything else there and roughly is at the rep level you start with MechaGnomes in general.

Character C is a fresh L120 character. She has not even stepped foot in Nazjatar, which you have to do a few quests there and for Magni to unlock the breadcrumb quest to get to the Mechagon Island.

After beating up King Mechagon, I’ll log onto my Alliance main. If she has access to the unlock quest, I’ll log onto the other two characters to see if they have access to the unlock quest as well. If my Alliance main does not have access to the unlock quest, then I’ll have to beat up King Mechagon again as her.

Unlocking MechaGnomes is the first thing I plan to do when I login tomorrow, so I’ll give it a go and report my findings here. With any luck, I’ll be able to unlock MechaGnomes with the criteria all met on my Horde main, and that people don’t have to start from scratch that already have the criteria done on a Horde main and may have a ways to go before getting an Alliance character up to speed.

On another note, I know I linked this before, but I’ll link the MechaGnome creation intro video again with voice over:

Getting closer and closer! I am excited! :fox_face: :robot:

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Well this is a pity. While my horde mage has all of the Mechagon achievements done and the exalted rep, my alliance rogue is tagged as having everything but Operation: Mechagon - The Mechoriginator done. Not sure why but it seems I’m not going to have these guys for a while. :frowning:

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I thought blizzard said in one of the blue posts that Horde toons couldn’t unlock the mechagnomes and you’d have to do it on an alliance toon.

Negative, there was a tweet that confirmed we can meet the requirements on a Horde character.


So it’s confirmed then that, for the Mechagon questline criteria, that you need an Alliance character to do be able to unlock MechaGnomes?

Thats…a real shame. Especially since it requires at least Revered to even do that. It’s also an odd decision, given that other allied races let you do the criteria on the opposite faction.

Well, I guess this means I don’t need to do my experiment. Least I know I’ll only need to do Heroic Mechagon once on my Alliance character to get them. x- x

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Urgh, it’s so frustrating! I wish they had said we needed rep on Alliance. Would have been an easy grind during the Anniversary event


Apparently so, despite being led to believe that this wouldn’t be the case. I’m seriously hoping this is just a bug.

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Let me ask this regarding your Alliance character: Have they gotten access to the Mechagon Island via doing the breadcrumb quest to unlock world/daily quests there?

I heard that might be an issue regarding this if you had an Alliance character who hasn’t gone to Mechagon Island yet.

Edit: Welp, I missed this part of the post:

So I’m going to take this as a yes. Again, really odd decision that they made for this. x- x

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Good news! There’s been some clarification on the requirements for unlocking mechagnomes on the Horde. You can unlock them— you just have to do the intro quest for Mechagon Island on your 120 Alliance character as well:


Yep, pretty awesome!
There’s still a bug going on where Kelsey Steelspark isn’t showing up but I was at least able to grab the quest for now. Just gonna go unlock the furries in the meantime. xD


I’ve just unlocked MechaGnomes via my Alliance main and I’m currently in the process of getting my MechaGnome and Vulpera situated.

I’ll be sharing details in a little while. :robot:


Not sure if I said something mean to Kelsey recently but yeah, she’s avoiding me.

Nowhere to be found in Boralus Harbor despite having Urgent Care.

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Time to share my adventure and also my new MechaGnome dood! First the experience unlocking them.

Just a heads up for anyone needing to do the dungeon, make sure you do the Workshop and NOT the Junkyard. Workshop is where King Mechagon is, and some posts I read mentioned that if you do the Junkyard, you’ll get locked out of the Workshop and possibly vice versa temporarily. Not sure if it is a bug or has been fixed, but make sure you choose the correct dungeon in LFD.

I did the dungeon via dungeon finder. It took me roughly 50 minutes to actually get a group, with my Alliance main being DPS. Luckily, I had a really good group. The Demon Hunter tank put a green gem icon over them, which was really helpful in knowing where to go, and would give us some instructions for each part.

The bosses went down surprisingly easy. The only part we had a problem was the robo-dog boss, as the first time it did its AoE attack, I don’t think the cube you hide behind spawned. It did the second time, however.

Really, the only problems I had with the dungeon were knowing where to go (which the tank helped with that one), the stealth part where I had to go Solid Snake to get by the sentry robots that send you to the beginning of that current section when they catch you (everyone had trouble with this one), and the conveyor belt part where myself and one other party member died, as I didn’t realize it was a moving belt that sends you to a fiery death. And no, I didn’t thumbs up when I fell in and also no, I stayed as a jedi and didn’t get to become a robot sith lord.

The unlock questline was uneventful. I never had any issues with it at all and didn’t know there was a problem with Kelsey disappearing people were having. I guess I was lucky there.

Anyway, time to share my MechaGnome:

To be honest, I don’t have very many plate transmogs, so I just quickly put what looked good at the time. I’ll need to do some transmog runs sometime so I can have better options.

All in all, it feels good to finally have Mechagon done and have my robo Gnome created. I’m quite happy with him and currently have him using a mechaspider mount, which is very fitting and goes with his colors.

I hope everyone is able to get their MechaGnomes unlocked ASAP without any trouble. Hard to believe the day has finally come when we can make them! :robot:

That said, time to get my Vulpera situated. :fox_face:


The anticipation is killing me. They need to fix kelsey!


How are there still no other mechagnomes in this thread?


My unlock quest is bugged. I cant find Kelsey anywhere. Anyone know how to fix this?

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by praying


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I made my own thread, fellow Unit! Sa-lu-tations!