Mechagnome Allied Race Discussion

Their heritage armor only has gold right? They haven’t added the silver or rusted colors to it at all?
(Just unlocked Mechagnomes finally)


Yep, just gold for the heritage armor. I hope they release the unused colors of all the heritage armors in a future patch.


New mechagnome reporting!


No, you can do all the prereqs on horde, I did. You only need one ally character at 120, you needn’t have done anything else with that character except get to 120. Once you finish all prereqs on horde, jump on your 120 ally character and go to SW embassy. In Stormwind Embassy there’ll be 2 quests and Take them both, Urgent Care is the Mechagnome quest starter and Fame Waits for Gnome one is the breadcrumb to open Mechagon Island (where the Mechagnome quests are located. Take them both and go to Boralus. You’ll do a few Prince quests that ends with Welcome to the Resistance, you do NOT have to take the tour.


Decided to go warrior instead with my mechagnome.

-I like the faster queues.
-Plate armor syncs up better with the robotic parts, imo.
-Mechagnome racials practically scream “tank”.


Seems we have a love thread now. Its perfect. Mechagnomes need a good topic they can got to chat with some positivity while this one can function nicely as the informative one.


So while my next alt I’m leveling is my female Vulpera Enhancement Shaman, I’m planning to level my male MechaGnome Fury Warrior as my next alt. Really looking forward to both races’ heritage armor.

Of course, college has been keeping me busy, and even then I’m working on the Vale/Uldum reps on this character. Sometimes I wish I had more time and energy in the day to level my alts. x- x



I had a simple request Yseut. I made a Mechagnome discord. Thought it would be nice for people wanting to talk about Mechagnome stuff. Can you link this in the thread if you don’t mind?


Hey Gnomest, I have linked your discord server to the original post.

Edit: Now that mechagnomes are live in the game, this thread will probably get less visitation and discussion. I linked the discord server to the top of the page so that people who are interested can find more active forums in the future.


This serves as a great informative thread that we can reference back to. The Mechagnome Love thread is probably where most of the Mechagnome discussion will be happening since it concerns ongoing discussion of existing love for Mechagnomes. A similar setup to how there is a high elf love thread with a link to the old one. Thx also for linking it.


Check this guide:

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I went to take my MechaGnome to Northshire to do the Human newbie quests for extra Stormwind rep and found that none of the quests in the area, aside from the one that sends you to Goldshire, were available to him. I recall something similar happening to Kul Tirans which did eventually get fixed.

I did fill out a bug report on it in-game, so hopefully it’ll get fixed in the near future as well as one of the Orgrimmar cooking dailies not being available for Vulpera.


Thank you for sharing this information. It will be good to know. Maybe I’ll wander out there and see if it affects me too.

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my Understanding is many bugs when live even some that were reported.

Come quietly or there will be trouble!

Losen up mechagnome tmog restrictions!

I like their racials, and I wanna make my main one, but they dont look good in plate

You need only find the right plate my friend. Also the mechagnome tabard can effectively tie your entire ensamble together.

Well alright lemme go further

You either A, wear a dress to cover up the leg coloration and plate dress aren’t super common

or B, Wear either gold/silver/bronze

You’re really cut off from a lot of stuff

This is a suggestion you should send to blizzard in game.

Personally, and I mean this with no spite or malice, I think you’re just not being creative enough. I’ve already a mog picked out using mail for this one when I hit 110. There are options that work well. (silver armors work really well with the silver arms and legs.)

Just need to fiddle with the parameters in your equation.

I was late to unlock them, but I finally made my Mechagnome. I decided to not overthink lore and made a Gnome-robot-priest-shadow/void user. I like how the Mechagnomes look and I think Shadow Priests are fun to play.