Meat to Pet Transmute stinks.

(Taleranor) #124

I wish that our weekly transmute at the very least gave us some sort of alchemical currency which we could save up to trade for what we want. At least then after 10 or 15 bad weeks, maybe we could buy a pet (or whatever) which would be more useful than a 50 silver store pet.

As it is, my frustration over a continued lack of results helped to enrich someone else who got luckier than I did one week… we did the same thing, put in the same resources and waited the same length of time, but they got a rare pet which they could sell and I got something which literally just takes up space.

And if you’re seriously arguing that the game doesn’t need to be engaging… that makes no sense from any viewpoint. A game which isn’t engaging isn’t one which people will want to play and spend money on. The more parts that aren’t engaging, the more players that are turned off. Maybe this is a tiny piece of a huge puzzle, but it still matters to some of us. And we all know there are a lot of other tiny, un-engaging parts to this game, especially in this expansion…

(Reconbravo) #125

This is precisely the type of comment that brings my hand to my brow and slowly drags down to my chin.

I never once said the game doesn’t need to be engaging. Even if I explicitly said that the very specific task of pressing your button once a week per alchemist doesn’t need to be engaging I question how that evolves into me telling you how the game doesn’t require a sense of accomplishment or enjoyability.

This game has a thousand intricate parts and more. Many of which are engaging and extremely time consuming, challenging, enjoyable, frustrating, exciting, etc. Can you explain, or anyone for that matter, why this specific one button press a week, needs to be engaging?

Granted I enjoy the seat of opposition until someone explains their point logically. At least do so with some idea of what was said and not extrapolate off what you thought I wrote.

(Vertigineux) #126

Look, I’m glad you’re THRILLED with the crappy mechanics, but the general consensus is that it is indeed crappy. You’re reaching for straws to justify it with RP and “but rare is rare!” and whatever else, but it doesn’t appear to be the popular opinion.
Edit; I’m going to assume you do actually understand the difference between “my character could be doing something interesting for this alchemy creation, but instead I log in, open the old sack, make a new one, and can log off because that task is complete” and “I literally only EVER log in to do that, on any character, at all, all week”, but if you don’t, there’s a difference.

Also, he never said you called the game unengaging. What he said was that you shouldn’t be advocating for ANY part to not be engaging, because those parts add up. Talk about selective reading.

I can’t actually keep trying to debate with you because I’m not sure you’re genuine or trolling at this point.

(Rubyfire) #127

Six alchemists here. I am a major pet collector. I still haven’t gotten the frog or the crawg (I bought them on the AH). I have gotten three of the bloodfeaster things and this week I got slippy. That’s out of all of them. I am just going to be doing one transmute a week from now on, the bones are too valuable to use for white moths and snakes.

I would rather it be a guaranteed thing that takes a month to make with 30 anchorweed than the current system. No joke. lol

(Dyngdawng) #128

I got two frogs today, would happily trade you one for one of those bloodfeaster guys… not sure when i will be on next though, holiday crazyness. I have only gotten frogs and crawgs, not the other two.

(Lurkin) #129

had a wet dream last night, that I opened my bag and got a crawg pet. was so excited that I woke up, logged on to check. Worst night ever!

(Reconbravo) #130

If the popular opinion was to piss on newspapers under your desk instead of using the restroom would that make it right? I’m not saying I’m right or wrong. All I’m asking and trying to provide to the continued conversation is why it’s so bad to have one iota of the game that is this RNG wheel of jesus as it is.

There is no need to attack each thing I say and claim I’m a troll. All I want is an answer to my repeated question for discussion sake. Why is it so bad?

(Quintessence) #131

Can’t speak for everyone in the thread, but I never said RNG as a whole was bad. In fact, I gave an example where it DID make my day (the Darkshore random drop).

In this specific case, RNG is compounded with other factors that make Meat to Pet transmute feel especially un-fun, not engaging, and overall just excessively punishing. Lots of lost agency, rising feelings of detachment, and the constant nagging feeling that it doesn’t HAVE TO be this way, but it is for the sake of time-gating and artificial content (of which there is a lot of floating around in BFA).

Factors include RNG but then there’s also…

  • The “trash” pets that can drop are expansions old and can be purchased from a vendor…
  • There is a 7 day CD when the transmute is 1 day…
  • The sac is BoP unique, which limits the amount you can craft and hold onto to 1…
  • Seemingly lower droprate on the new, BFA alchemy pets vs. “trash” ones.

Do I also need to go into why each one of those factors feels bad, and then why all of them together just feels excessive? IMO I think many others have covered why and even offered up suggestions on how to address specific concerns.

What I am asking for is better consideration of these factors, to balance future Meat to Pet transmutes or other similar activities, and for compromise. I mean, I could just as easily ask why is compromise bad? Why would better balancing be bad?

IDK, I’m going to have to agree with Vertigineux<The Selected> on this one – feels like either you’re trolling, taking the ‘devil’s advocate’ thing a bit too far, or being contrary for the sake of being contrary. If you genuinely, 100% with all your heart enjoy the Meat to Pet gameplay, I’m just as genuinely happy for you.

(Reconbravo) #132

I don’t have to enjoy pressing a button once a week to talk about it’s faults or lack thereof. I don’t feel any one way about it. As you mentioned, I have seen multiple people post constructive alternatives to how this process could be complete. While the majority are just complaining. If you want change then come to a consensus about a positive alternative.

While many people ignore or care so little about positive conversation regarding many aspects of the game and quite literally just moan and whine all day long on every thread, I like to stimulate those I can to actively pursue change. The degree of assumption from so many people is saddening. I’m not against changing or improving this aspect. I argue the need for it and I still don’t see the need for it. It’s not a right or wrong, it’s my opinion.

(Taleranor) #133

I don’t know if you mean to come off as condescending in your replies, but from my viewpoint, you’re like one of those guys who demands to be debated “on their level” and “for their entertainment.” As soon as people don’t do it the “right” way, you dismiss their arguments and replies as invalid.

There have been lots of replies in this thread about why this aspect of the game doesn’t work for so many of us, why it’s unsatisfying, unfulfilling, enjoyable, unrewarding, and frustrating. It’s clear that we’ll never convince you otherwise, and I don’t know why this, of all topics, is the hill on which you’ve planted your flag and sworn to defend at all costs.

It doesn’t matter what consensus we come to; Blizzard is hardly about to change this, no matter what suggestions we make or ideas we rally around. History holds that up. All debate, discussion, suggestions, ideas, or criticisms are purely hypothetical, so we’re not even pretending that it’ll lead to a change. This isn’t the “How to Fix Transmute: Meat to Pet” topic, after all.

Yeah. We have our opinions, you have yours. The problem is, you come across as condescending, passive-aggressive, elitist, and borderline rude a lot of the time, and it feels out-of-place in the sense of community the rest of us are trying to maintain. This topic is the bar where we go to drown our sorrows over things that can’t be changed and you’re the guy wandering in to tell us why we don’t have the right to be unhappy.

Quintessence has outlined our major issues and complaints quite thoroughly. If you can read their posts and still argue against them, then all we can do is accept that you can’t and won’t budge, so why bother trying to convince you otherwise?

(Vertigineux) #134

I got like 9 hrs til I can open mine, on 4 characters.

Guess how many of what pets I get, if you’re correct you win the collective 1g they’ll be worth! I’ll even tack on the 25s pet of your choice if you get the colours right!

(Reconbravo) #135

Again, I never meant this to be about me and my potential for extreme condescension. I was merely trying to engage the community about an issue I see nothing being done about. People tell each other you can’t or you won’t, blizzard will never, etc. You’re so wrong.

I admit I do talk down towards certain ideas and certain individuals on these forums. That’s entirely because they lack scope or thought. While I do get cherry picked as I cherry pick the other comments in order to reply to ideas and preconceived notions of how the world works, I grow tired of being told what is real or fact by people that just don’t know what they are talking about on certain topics. When I give my opinion, I’m told I’m a troll, rude and condescending. So be it. Nobody tries to deflect any frustration to players that agree with your hot topic of the week. Every single time I take the opposition in any thread I get flame basted for not being like them.

I have no ill will to any person I’ve never met. If I disagree with your thought process I sincerely hope it’s for good cause and you can help me understand what it is your have to say better.

Can we keep this on topic going forward?

(Taleranor) #136

1 Mana Wyrmling
1 Albino Snake
1 Nursery Spider
1 Black Kingsnake


1 baby crawgling
3 white moths

What can I say, I’m an optimist

(Hruin) #138

After stepping away from the game for a few weeks, I get Slippy for Christmas.

I’m ok with it because I don’t need every pet right now. At a certain point, I’ll just buy what I don’t have.

(Vixie) #139

Yeah, I’m just doing this weekly for the hell of it. Something else to do!

(Vertigineux) #140

Well, I definitely appreciate the optimism, but it looks like there were no winners this week;

2x Nursery Spider
1x Blk King Snake
1x Hawk Owl

[[Faded confetti and deflating balloons drift down slowly from a surprise ceiling compartment]]

(Taleranor) #141

I was close! I totally called the Nursery Spider and the Black Kingsnake!

And I’m sorry. Better luck next week.

(Vertigineux) #142

Your consolation prize is a box of Glow in the Dark Spongebob band-Aids, available at your local Walgreens probably.

(Taleranor) #143

On the day after Christmas, RNG gave to me…

A kaliri hatchling.
No miracles for me this week.