Meat to Pet Transmute stinks.

(Vertigineux) #144

Roast it up for New Year’s dinner?

(Zunde) #145

king snake owl moth

(Moused) #146

Finally got a rare pet …the Bloated bloodfeaster…

(Dyngdawng) #147

friday is sac day (x7) for me! still need slippy but i have the other three. would trade an extra frog for it or something else…

still have several new IE pets to get still, ugh. i hate them now more than before. such a pointless grind.

(Dyngdawng) #148

0/7 today… sighhhhhhhhhh


Gearspring Hopper evades me… but I do have an extra Bloated Bloodfeaster lol

(Vertigineux) #150

Nursery spider, blk kingsnake, yellow moth… HOLY TENTACLE BATMAN! I actually got one!! Two to go, shall we take bets? Will I get one of the two before flight is activated?

Also if I get one I have already, you bet it’ll be up for trading.

(Tiresias) #151

Well, I got a slippy today after about two months of getting vendor pets. Too bad I already had a slippy >.<

(Dyngdawng) #152

I think slippy is the only one I still need. I have an extra hopper I think, maybe an extra crawg still. Also have an extra one of those paragon pets from stormsong, the cobalt raven i think?

Wont be on much today (which pains me, as there is a voldun invasion ending soon), but tomorrow I will be.

(Zunde) #153

Snake owl moth.

(Loncis) #154

Interesting pet. Is it a beast or a flying pet? A snake owl moth, you say? Must look like the Young Venomfang.

(Dyngdawng) #155

It’s like a man-bear-pig, but different.

(Taleranor) #156

Happy New Year.
My first sac of the year brought me…
another albino snake.

(Amayita) #157

I was going to say that maybe it’s the Year of the Snake, but no. It’s the year of the Pig, it looks like. Or it will be when it’s the Chinese New Year.

(Inayia) #158

I’d rather get my mats back instead of albino snakes and ancona chickens!

(Dyngdawng) #159

Finally got slippy, woot! Got an extra gearspring hopper too. Anyone want to trade a hopper for the tonguelasher pet (one of the new IE pets)? :slight_smile:

(Loncis) #160

The Year of the Dragon could be pretty interesting.


Have been doing this pretty consistently since a month or less after expansion launch, and eventually leveled an alt with alchemy to double my chances. So after all these months I’ve received 0 of the new pets, and today I logged in for the first time this week to discover:

It’s not the only reason, but logging into the game when I’m already not feeling it lately only to get more disappointment from this terrible RNG is really increasing my desire to take a break. Especially with something you’re supposed to do regularly, the RNG at least has to make it feel worth trying. If they wanted to put something very rare in the eggs, I wish they would have just picked one or two pets for that honor and gave the other new ones a reasonable drop rate.

(Mokrawr) #162

I’ve opened at least 16(probably closer to 20) of these Meat to Pet transmutes, haven’t really been keeping close track, but have a total of 3 alts making them every time they can.
I have only received one new pet so far. Imagine doing this on only one character, what a nightmare. Every other pet has been a vendor pet of varying value and based on the AH, I’m not the only one flooded with vendor pets. They are completely devalued and don’t even sell for the price you can vendor them for(less than 12g50s for a pet that normally costs 50g from the NPC).

(Taleranor) #163

I forgot to open my sac yesterday.
So what do I get for my week+1 wait?