Meat to Pet Transmute stinks.

(Taleranor) #101

This week was Black Kingsnake.
Freakin’ worthless.
Thanks a lot, RNG.


Possible we could lock this topic and gradually let it fade away, or create new Bichin’ and Moanin’ category. Yeah, success rate sucks, but that’s way it was designed and does, when you finally get something good, makes your day.

(Zunde) #103

Nope meat to pet’s is stupid and i will die on that hill.

3 Alchemists a week since BFA Release and only 3 of the new pets period.

(Taleranor) #104

I want to keep this stinking topic alive until the transmute is improved, the expansion ends, or the sun burns out. It seems like a valid topic for the forum, as it actively discusses the trials and failures (and RARE accomplishments) of that small subset of weirdoes who try to turn worthless meat into even more worthless battle pets in the hopes that one day, they’ll get something decent. :slight_smile:
I enjoy chronicling my slow descent into madness…

(Fenril) #105

Did three more today and suprised, guess what I got???

YES, I GOT THE [Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling] and Two Hawks.

(Lilwaggletea) #109

I got one of the new ones this week. So only two to go…shouldn’t take that long right?

(Mhalix) #110

This feels so crappy have not had a single new pet yet in ALL this time talk about horrible rng …

(Dyngdawng) #111

Well dropping mining on five of my alts and picking up alch on them (for seven total alchs) paid off today - five junk pets but two baby crawgs!

I will have to check values but I would be willing to trade both for some pets I still need (two alch pets and all the new IE pets).

(Vertigineux) #112

No it doesn’t “make my day”. It’s more of a “thank waffles that crap is done” feeling.
It’s unique, with a 7 day hatch period but a 1 day creation CD, that has a huge bag of garbage pets to pull like 3 good pets from.
That’s not exciting, it’s a “set and forget til next week” with rewards that don’t match the tedium of the mechanic.

At least when weekly bosses refuse to drop mounts, they drop a good bit of gold and things that I can vendor for gold.

(Taleranor) #113

Welcome back my friends, to another episode of WHAT’S IN THE SAC?
I’m your host, and with us today is another unlucky contestant who’s waited all week to roll the dice and find out what he’s won. As always, the rules are simple: you cast your spell, wait a week, and look to see what pet you’ve conjured up! No takebacks, no way to improve your odds, and the rewards, to be honest, are awful.

So then! Let’s play… WHAT’S! IN! THE! SAC!
/dramatic music as our hapless hero closes his eyes, and reaches into the Grumbling Sac.

The tension is high, folks. Because as you all know, it could be anything! We have three new pets to choose from this expansion, as well as a whole bunch from previous expansions and vendors. You might get a Slippy or a Mechanical Frog, or you might get something worthless. It’s all a gamble…

/dramatic music continues. He reaches in. And he pulls out…

/wah wah wahhhhhhhhh music plays. Crowd groans. The contestant weeps.

Oh, bad luck. Better luck next time. Come back in a week for another round of… WHAT’S IN THE SAC?



Possible to lock this topic? Or maybe healthy for people to whine about how something we all know has low drop rate, has low drop rate. True, annoying every week to get crap out of it, but that’s way game was designed.

(Quintessence) #115

Thanks for reminding me to check my sacs this week. Albino Snake and Obsidian Hatchling.

For anyone claiming this is fun and will “make my day” eventually, I would have to argue no, it won’t. It will be a relief that this unnecessarily tedious and heavily restrictive process will be over.

Yenno what made my day? Going about, doing Darkshore WQs, killing a quest objective, and receiving a Nightwreathed Egg. Totally unexpected and RNG.

The Meat to Pet RNG is NOT fun because of how many factors they’ve layered onto it, restricting the player from feeling engaged.

I say leave this thread open, as a means for further discussion and feedback for developers. No, this type of content is not fun. If, in future patches/expansions, this type of content is a must, please consider lessening the restrictions/factors. Balance it better, please. Lots of suggestions on how to improve this proceess.

(Reconbravo) #116

It depends on how you look at it. If it’s a time-gated item that needs to be collected for personal use or sold to the highest bidder for maximal profits then you may not consider the process fun or engaging.

If you consider how the entire process happens in game from a fantasy point of view it becomes more engaging. Your alchemist is essentially combining random ingredients to create a life form through a sac of some kind. If I did that in real life and people found out I was creating life through alchemy there would be hell to pay or great praise based on my results.

While many people lack the imagination to enjoy that content in any shape or form I personally don’t think there needs to be an engaging aspect to this. Mail the mats in bulk to an alchemist and you end up pushing create once a week and right clicking your sac once a week.

Many people disagree with me for various reasons. Leave the cool down as it is. There is no need to streamline the amount of rare (which people forget the real meaning of that word) pets in game.

(Taleranor) #117

How about just not reading the topic if you don’t like it, and let the rest of us have our place to complain and commiserate over this awful thing… at least this way our despair and frustration has somewhere to go and be contained. I enjoy knowing others are in the same boat, and I yearn for stories of those who beat the odds. :slight_smile:

(Sorelai) #118

If anyone is interested, I have a dozen mana wyrmlings available. :wink:


(Fenril) #119

Well my weekly three this week once again turned out very well.

2 X [Nursery Spider] and 1 [Red Dragonhawk Hatchling]

*Someone shoot me! :sob:

(Vertigineux) #120

Rare = not many people have them, often due to low or restricted availability. This is fine when the method of trying to obtain said rare item is engaging.

Waiting 7 days to right click the pinkish blob in my bag slot is not interesting or engaging.

Your RP description doesn’t help. I feel like a garbage alchemist if, after over a decade of making things and however long Legion’s meat to pet has been around on top of the new one, I still can’t figure out the difference between building a 6 legged flying insect and an adorable 2 legged chompy goofball.

I personally don’t think there needs to be an engaging aspect to this. Mail the mats in bulk to an alchemist and you end up pushing create once a week and right clicking your sac once a week.

Hey what if we didn’t encourage a “once a week log in, click twice, log off” design?

(Zunde) #121

2 snakes and and a moth.

(Dyngdawng) #122

Cant wait to get 7 snakes tomorrow!

(Reconbravo) #123

I’d be interested to see proof of a single person who only logs into this game to collect their alchemy sac. While your frustration can be justified your example of poor design doesn’t really fit.

The RP description I gave doesn’t help you, what? Perceive the game from another aspect that doesn’t interfere with your belief this needs to be engaging content? Why does this particular aspect of the game need to be engaging? How would it affect any other part of your daily life in WoW besides maybe making you a little extra gold if you sold that rare if it was.

If someone can point out a valid reason I would enjoy reading it.