Meat to Pet Transmute stinks.

(Fenril) #1
Update: Feb 26, 2019. I'm doing 3 Alchemist a week and still, do not have all four pets. EDIT: So who agrees with me that this is a terrible quest/transmute?

(Moused) #2
Yeah they carried over same pets from Legion into ratio of what can come up...which is dumb....

(Fenril) #3
Week # 4 and another three worthless transmute.

Thanks Blizz, 0 - 12 now.

(Hruin) #4
That's what you get when you leave a bunch of meat in your bag for a week. They should at least give us a refrigerator to store it in.

(Vixxenrose) #5
I think, and I would hope that they could see how stupid it is to have a recipe learned in BfA then have it drop old world content. I mean the Legion Meat to Pet was the same, dropped stupid common pets that you can buy for silver or a couple gold.

Heck I would like to get anything other than a Brown Snake, which is what 3 of the quivering sacks (multiple toons) gave me this week. Which I can buy for 50 silver in Org on one of my lowbie horde alts if I needed it.

(Fenril) #6
Thanks Blizz, 0 - 15 now.

Working as intended I guess, you cheap.....

(Nelaphim) #7
Three characters weekly since the first week of launch.

Two pets, both Gearspring Hopper, all others old pets.

(Durzlla) #8
The very first transmute I did resulted in a rare of those little leach dog things the blood Trolls all have. However, other than that I have gotten exactly nothing of value.

(Symbioserous) #9
gotten 2 from 12

(Seawatch) #10
I am terrified of snakes irl. I keep getting albino snakes so I cage them and send them to random guildies.

(Taleranor) #11
When I cast Transmute: Meat into Pet... and wait 7 days... and after all that get another freaking Ancona Chicken, it makes me want to buy an actual live chicken in real life, and throw it at whichever developer thought this would be a good idea.

(Quintessence) #12
I sort of understand why the developers included "junk" pets into the loot table for Meat to Pet (whooo RNG........... >_>). But I don't understand why they couldn't update it to include pets from only the previous expansion. Some may have missed out on X pet during Legion, and BFA Meat to Pet could have been a good way to help those collectors catch up, on top of being there to add to the "fun" of RNG.

(Peapöd) #13
I have 10 alchemists in BfA - looted over 20 sac's so far and zero "rare" pets. Its all stupid moths, snakes, and one nursery spider. Junk.

The ONLY reason I'm still here is because I enjoy pet collecting but if Blizzard wants to be a greedy pile of dog pooy about the Meat to Pets and the island expedition drops then I wont renew next month, and I'll walk away forever. They've already ruined all the other things I use to love about wow except pet battles - until now. I''m totally disgusted with this development team.

(Fenril) #14
ANOTHER 0 - 3.

TOTAL 0 - 18 from my three alchemy professionals.


And to think that I just subbed for another month 10 minutes ago.

PS: I'm sure one day we will get a blue post saying "working as intended" crap.

(Dulçinea) #15
Got the White Moth 3 weeks in a row! Excited, NOT! He does sell for 30 silver, so I guess that is 30 silver more than I had yesterday lol

(Reconbravo) #16
It has only been a couple months.

There were people in Legion that used a Blingtron 6000 everyday throughout the expansion ,(give or take, aka general statement about time invested) and had never received a knockoff blingtron.

While the RNG can suck, that is basically the biggest component of this game. It involves everything. You'll get what you're after one way or another.

(Kritniss) #17
I got a Baby Crawg on my second sac and cashed in my chips. No need to tempt fate.

(Fenril) #18
ANOTHER Monday and 0 - 3 again.

TOTAL 0 - 21 from my three alchemy professionals.

Seven weeks of having three tries per week and nothing but older pets from the transmutes. These RNGs are getting out of hand and old very quicky. To say that I am very upset would be an understatement.

(Peapöd) #19
I have 10 alchemists and I started a diary in this thread to display my progress of which pets have dropped for me.

As it is today, it would take someone many months to get just one of the desirable pets if they had just one alchemist. At this rate, people are flooding the game with useless moths, chicken, and snakes just hoping for a "good" pet to turn up. That seems way too RNG to me and something needs to be done about it. Other professions who can make pets can make them 100% with every try so alchemists deserve much better odds than we're currently getting.

(Alayea) #20
I have had no luck with my two alchemists, either. Some of the mundane I've been able to auction for several gold, the rest I've had to vendor.