Meat to Pet Transmute stinks.

(Lilwaggletea) #81

I’ve started bugging my friends to use theirs since they were going unused. I’m like l will give you the gold value on these pets if you get them. I also need to start doing my weekly islands for dubloons.

(Ashara) #82

Not when RNG is stacked against you. Why am I getting moths I can buy for 50 silver somewhere and hawk owls … ? They have made everything a mind numbing grind … grind to get pet tokens grind Island Expeditions to get pets (non ever drop for me but wait! I get tiny azerite splinters yay) grind alchemy transmutes only to find you’ve gotten a pet you’ve had for the last 10 years that cost 50 silver in Darnasus… not fun… not RNG… Blizzard has us playing a dice game but they’re using loaded dice :confused:

(Reconbravo) #83

Objectively speaking, what grind are you doing with alchemy? You press craft on an alchemy pet recipe once a week and go about your business. While you may classify those weekly caches and lack thereof rare pets a grind, I sure don’t. They aren’t an important dynamic to any part of the game.

(Congothug) #84

I’m angry about this too

(Taleranor) #85

Another week.
Nursery Spider. Again.
Boy, this is a fun and rewarding mechanic.

I gave up, bought a token, and bought the three alchemy pets I needed from a cheap server. From this point on, I only do this as a matter of curiosity to see if or when I’ll ever get the new pets out of this freaking transmute.

(Vertigineux) #86

I can’t agree with this sort of RNG - a little, sure, I shouldn’t be guaranteed a rare shiny pet every time, but white vendor pets? Really? The list of possible pets is flooded with completely worthless pets. More than there should be.

As for “push a button once a week and carry on UwU” - I have to hang onto this thing for a week before probably trying again. When you farm 1% mount drops on a 1 week reset, that’s a grind. I can skip right to Blackhand, the fight is 20 sec, but that’s still a grind. Grind isn’t limited to 5 hour “if it moves, kill it” fests.

(Taleranor) #87

And would you believe I forgot to open my grumbling sac on Sunday? Three days later I remember it exists, and open it to get…

Yeah. It’s clear that even my subconscious has decided this is a waste of time. Like so much else in this expansion.

Anyway, see you in a week.
Assuming I remember to open the sac.

(Dulçinea) #88

Like I have said in other posts, since it is a daily cool down on the transmute, let us make a new one each day if you plan to keep the 7 days until the sac can be opened. Ridiculous to have it as a daily cool down only to be able to use it once every 7 days because the sac is considered UNIQUE.

Will we have lots of quivering sac’s in our bank/bags? Yep, but at least after the first 7 days we would be able to open a sac each day (if we make one a day).

I say REMOVE the “unique” from the quivering sac so we can have multiple sac’s at a time, that would solve the long wait to be disappointed.

(Zunde) #89

Still no baby crawg.

10/10 Good content would get buggered by rng again.


It feels slightly better that I have a.friend who started playing this expansion so my baby raptors and moths get funneled to a good cause…


I have all primary professions split among half my toons, with the rest being herb/miner just because. i think i am going to make those six all alchemists so i can speed up my acquisition of snakes.

edit : this !?#% forum posting on my last logged on toon (dyngdawng)

(Midgit) #92

Look at your portrait in the upper right corner. If it isn’t the toon you want, left click on the portrait and you are given the option to change to another toon. That’s how I got my proper forum toon back, instead of the one I’m questing with.

(Dyngdawng) #93

yeah i know… just annoying how it doesnt just stick with the same toon.

In any case I have 7 sacs now, dropped mining on 5 scuzzy alts and leveled to 50 alch to start xmutes. Fingers crossed I get 7 snakes next week!!!

(Vertigineux) #94

I got two moths and a snake. Are we playing moths high or low?


Maybe they will remove the week cooldown, in the next xpac, like they removed old expac cooldowns… Just a guess.

(Taleranor) #96

There are still so many transmute shared cooldowns from old expansions, going back to Burning Crusade, and it’s like why, why does it matter if I want to Transmute Eternal Life into Earth or whatever. Why should I have to choose between that or a current content transmute. Sigh.


Update: This weeks got me a Mana worm thing I forget the name.

The name isn’t important just that it’s useless and to me

(Vixie) #98

I got a Nursery Spider (that I already had) but I noticed the vendor price for it is 50g. The other pets I got are like 2 silver.

Is this spider rare? I don’t keep multiples of pets (under special circumstance strategy). Anyone need it?

(Sorelai) #99

Costs 200 gold in Dalaran.

(Vixie) #100

Meh, not worth selling. lol Thanks for the info.

I’ll keep it with the other multiples on my banker.