Meat to Pet Transmute stinks.

(Lagasaurus) #61
I've done the transmute every week since BfA launch and have received zero new pets. Starting to REALLY get under my skin.

(Kaýnen) #62
2 alchemist since bfa started and have only received spider.

(Lilwaggletea) #63
Sac was ready last night. Expected another vendor pet. Bloodfeaster Larva was what I got. Thats one down.

(Zunde) #64
Only one of the four pets that i really wanted was the Baby Crawg.

So now i'm 3/4 And no baby crawg

(Aayah) #65
Still nothing here.... I am ready to just buy the pets I can tbh. Tired of this horrible drop chance and it's making me upset. :(

(Taleranor) #66
This week, I got... Nursery Spider.
Which is the only one of the alchemy pets I've already gotten.
So hey, we're how many weeks in, and in all this time, I've only gotten 1 new pet, and then a repeat.
Chances I can sell this to afford one of the others?
Why does this system suck so horribly?
Why do they hate us so much?

Neeeever mind. I looked it up and that's another freaking vendor pet. Worthless.

(Maizou) #67
Opened my first 3 xmutes of the xpac 2 days ago and got 2x Gearspring Hopper and 1x Bloodfeaster Larva.

Got lucky I guess. Lol.

I have the extra hopper on the AH, but if it doesn't sell, if anyone has Slippy or Baby Crawg and wants to trade for the Hopper, lemme know. :) I leveled it to 25 and made it rare.

(Taleranor) #68

Hawk Owl, this week.

I really can’t say what I’m thinking at this point. Just that this is a broken, frustrating, obnoxious system which actively punishes everyone involved with a ridiculous time gate on top of ludicrous RNG, which really seems to sum up so much of Blizzard’s philosophy.

I’m not asking for much, here. Just that when I expend a set amount of materials on a weekly cooldown, I get -something- even -vaguely- approaching a satisfactory outcome. I can’t auction off the results, since usually I’m getting these awful vendor pets which literally sell for a handful of gold. I can’t vendor the results for anything more than pocket change. So I spend week after week getting nowhere and nothing in return, and I’m not even making progress towards my goal of getting the pets I want unless I shell out vast amounts of gold.

Meanwhile, other people in the game do the exact same thing–expend the mats, wait a week–and win the figurative lottery. They get what they want… or they can auction off the results for lots of gold.

Right now, I still need the following:
Baby Crawg - Goes for 185k gold on my server, 40k elsewhere.B
Gearspring Hopper - Goes for 86k gold on my server, 32k at the cheapest elsewhere.
Slippy - Goes for 60k gold on my server, 32k at the cheapest elsewhere.

Why is this system so broken? Why are alchemical pets so randomly determined? Why are the drop rates apparently so low? There’s no reason, other than to impose that time sink upon us and give us the figurative carrot on a stick to chase… and honestly, it doesn’t feel -fair- to the players. I’m not asking for anything on a silver platter, just a better chance at getting what I want, or a better way to work towards an alternative solution. Because I resent the fact that ultimately, I’ll probably have to buy a token to get the gold to buy the pets on a cheap server, simply because the “proper” way of doing things isn’t getting me anyway.

See you next week, when I will probably get an ancona chicken, which I will LIGHT ON FIRE AS A PROTEST.

(Kaminarie) #69

Which is why Blizzard is keeping select items in the game very rare. It’s their policy now to maximise extra purchases such as tokens by lowering gold available in game and keeping up a trickle of highly wanted, thus expensive, items to keep their profits up.

(Maizou) #70

After my phenomenal luck last week with my first transmutes, got 3 old pets this week. Phooey.

(Vixie) #71

Keep forgetting to open the one I made a couple of weeks ago. Must be rotten by now.


/dogpile on Zunde

(Lurkin) #72

Ditto, other trade skills make pets, that sell for thousands of gold, we get to transmute pets that you can buy from vendors for 50s …… seems legit.

PS, anyone wanna buy a few moths??

(Dyngdawng) #73

About soiled myself when baby crawg appeared in my bag today. Still need two more… Keep trying!!

(Loncis) #74

Do you ever get tired of this relentless devs-can-do-no-wrong attitude?

Maybe it’s because if I want a particular item from a dungeon, I can do that dungeon ten times a day if I want to, until I get that item.

Meat to Pet Transmute doesn’t have that advantage. I don’t pretend to know how it works, but I believe someone said that it takes an entire week to do just one meat-to-pet transmute. So, if I want to also try ten times a day for a decent pet with meat-to-pet transmute, I’d have to level up seventy alchemists, with ten of them starting transmutes every day.

What could be simpler?

(Reconbravo) #75

You know what Loncis. I’ve really tried to explain my point of view(s) to you on multiple occasions. You’re just so obstinate you fail to allow anyone else to speak unless it’s along side your opinion.

Much like near everyone else in this forum thread and the others you constantly repeat yourself in, I am aware of the issue and the potential problem that affects so many players. If you could just grow for half a second and perceive the problem from a different perspective maybe you wouldn’t sound so foolish so often. You copy and paste so many people’s responses and have done so for so long I find it hard to find much of anything original from you. Honestly.

(Loncis) #76

I couldn’t care less. You made a dumb comparison, and you can’t handle being called out for it.

The idea that we should be okay with having to do 30 meat-to-pet transmutes, because we would do 30 of the same dungeons to get a drop we want is asinine.

A maxed-level alchemist can do one meat-to-pet per week. Consequently, it would take him seven months to do thirty of them. There’s no restriction on the number of times he can do the same dungeon over and over again to get what he wants. If he did five a day, he’d do thirty of them in six days.

But you’re all like, “Well, we might do dungeons thirty times to get a drop we want. So, why can’t we be okay with doing 30 meat-to-pet transmutes to get what we want?”

Because the latter has a once-per-week restriction on it. The former has no such restriction. How do you manage to miss something so obvious?


(Reconbravo) #77

That’s precisely it. That’s just your opinion.

This is my major breaking with you. You almost never read between the lines. On dozens of occasions multiple people will explain in depth what they mean and you’ll take the most literal interpretation or face value of what you read.

Obviously they are two completely different things in comparison. What isn’t different is the amount of attempts you make to obtain said item. I thought that was implied. If I didn’t explain that properly then that’s my mistake. While it does take much longer to potentially get the pets what I was arguing was that isn’t such a bad thing. If you’re a short term player with short term goals, sure you’d be upset about that. These are only a few pets among over 1,000. It’s okay to work towards something and not be handed every damn thing in the game within a specific time frame. Buy the damn pet(s) if you can’t wait.

(Quintessence) #78

Another week, and another set of wasted transmutes. At least that’s what it feels like. Just a waste.

It’s such un-compelling gameplay that I can easily forget to do a set of transmutes on my toons for the week.

There are a number of things Blizzard could do to make this more interesting without taking too much away from the original design.

For example, rare drop from transmute = new BFA pet, uncommon drop = pet from previous expansion, common drop = reagent that an alchemy trainer would be interested in. Collect enough Meat to Pet common reagents to turn in and guess what? The trainer gifts you one of the new BFA pets. They could even attach a high reagent cost to it, I don’t care. It would be more compelling gameplay than it is at the moment.

So with the example above, you still include RNG. The cooldown is still there, the 7 days remains, timegating still exists. Except now we also have the option to collect something meaningful from an otherwise not very meaningful task/item. You’d want to be sure to get that transmute done each week so as to not miss out on something you could trade in. Right now that want is just not really there. Meat to Pet is just another task to check off a to-do list.

And this is just one possible idea that I pulled out from a hat. I’m sure there are even better ideas to make this experience feel better in terms of gameplay and player agency.

(Loncis) #79

I’ve said this before, but this is why BfA in general is so terrible. The Island Expeditions are a way to get pet, true. But it’s completely on the caprice of RNG. If the vendors SOLD pets for dubloons, at least I’d feel like I was working toward someone. I’d be telling myself, I need to do 20 IEs to buy Barnaby, for instance. Watch how fast I knock out those 20 IEs. But as it is, I go in and the RNG is so godawful, if I do get a pet, it doesn’t feel lucky. It feels miraculous.

What I’m wondering is, why can you only have one meat-to-pet transmute going at one time? Why not five? Or why can’t you just START one every day. Then you’d be opening a new meat-to-pet transmute every single day after seven days.

(Maizou) #80

Part of me wishes they’d make the transmutes have a 100% chance to drop something like an “Oily Residue” that could be turned in at the Alchemy Trainer as a currency to buy any possible alchemy pet.

Like, they still have a low chance to drop from the transmute itself, but the currency would be a backup.

Then add a few new items to the currency as well. Like, a toy that lets you transmute a critter into a pile of goo, an item that instantly resets your daily BFA transmute cooldown, etc.

Just make it so only BFA transmutes give the Oily Residues, so you don’t have to go spam old transmutes for residues.