Master Looting Concerns - Solved

Then why was the Master Looter in the topic I’m referring to in the OP unsuspended and the binding given back to the Main tank by another GM?

Because Blizzard is getting involved in loot decisions without full context because guilds use Discord.

My guild rolls on offspec loot. Every once in awhile someone who wins the roll changes their mind and decides they don’t want the item, so it’s given to someone else. This means that at some point in the future, my guild’s Master Looter could be punished by someone opening a ticket.

I don’t believe anything about that situation. Even the screenshots were probably faked.

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Just because it is a decision that involved loot doesn’t mean Blizzard will always ignore it. Back in Vanilla, the only way to get loot moved to another person if a mishap happened was to have a GM personally intervene. Today we can just trade raid loot that was accidentally mishandled…THAT is what they’re talking about when they say they wont handle “loot issues” because they expect the playerbase to deal with it themselves.

The specific case in question though, was treated as loot-stealing or scamming. Which is completely and wholly different…and does justify GM intervention.


Is this CS response to that situation faked?

CS was not speaking from direct knowledge at that point.

Yup, ninja looting does have consequences. The social consequences are among them, but not exclusive…there could be additional consequences if egregious enough…lets say a Binding of the Windseeker.

And where does Blizzard state that?

They specifically said they would not be trading loot and then in the very next paragraph went on to talk about the social ramifications of Ninja looting. I don’t know how you could interpret this as “well but if the loot is really good, then we’ll interfere.”

The loot that caused this most recent interference I’m talking about today wasn’t a binding either.

Oh, here we go:

On the WHIMS of the many players and raid leaders who know each other.

You can either take Blizzards actions as how they view the spirit of the rules. Or try to argue pedantics…that they don’t literally spell it out word-for-word.

Blizzard has always reimbursed people for items that were blatantly stolen.

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If they have a policy, they should state it instead of implying otherwise.

WHERE do they state their POLICY on SUSPENDING “Loot Ninjas”

EVERYTHING I posted implies that they don’t get involved, stop trolling.

The post you keep referring to is only talking about the ability to trade loot in raids. I am not sure why you’re trying to hold it up as a law-book for every single loot-based interaction. That policy is explicitly about loot accidentally going to the wrong person and nothing else.

The bottom line, is in the Terms of Service…you consent to having items removed and accounts suspended for any reason that Blizzard wants. Just because you don’t like it does not mean I am trolling you.



They are saying that players should UNDERSTAND that loot distribution can depend on the WHIMS of many players and raid leaders who know each other.

Do you know what a whim is?


  1. a sudden desire or change of mind, especially one that is unusual or unexplained.
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From what i can gather, someone trolled the GM.
I think i would be mad at that person rather than the GM.
The GM’s can only act based on what evidence the game environment can provide.

I think i’d being going after the troll?

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That is the most important part of that post. Blizzard will do anything they feel to enforce they think is nice and fair.


Absolutely not.

Where does Blizzard state that they will at random get involved in loot distribution decisions? Everything they’ve posted implies that it’s up to the community to deal with “Loot Ninjas” on their own.

I was the one who made the original post on this here that was closed. Our guild had it happen but thankfully a senior GM stepped in and corrected the mistake. Do not joke around with rolls do not give something to anyone else by accident or face a multiple day suspension and item removal.

We plan on stating before all our guild runs from now on “All items are subect to loot council”


What do you mean absolutely not?
That is silly.
If i lie about you and present false evidence, do you go after me, or sue the judge?


That is about all you can do to cover your own butt. Glad it was resolved for you, but I hope you can see in hind-sight how a GM might have made the wrong call in your case.


I mean absolutely not because Blizzard should not be getting involved in loot decisions as they previously stated.

I’m going after Blizzard because these recent cases directly contradict everything they’ve said about loot.

You cite exactly 1 post that is completely unrelated to most loot-based complaints and are trying to hold it up like its the law. Blizzard will intervene in situations they feel are egregious, malicious or the like.