"Massive critical layering exploit"

If youd look at my tag youd see im not on faerlina. The same guild tag is purely coincidental, and a small sourcs of contention.

And if you read my post im pretty anti layering

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Blizzard has said this is not the case and the footage is fake…


I’m inclined to agree with Hanlon’s Razor that Blizzard designers and developers are just completely incompetent. Layering in instances? What a joke.


No matter how brown your nose gets, you’re not getting MVP.


I posted this on the bug report forum yesterday and blizz has not responded. They flagged the post and removed the steps to reproduce exploit.

But we can confirm that this is doable in raids too. Can farm ANY raid boss by doing this.

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Voidarcane here loves to defend nothing is wrong in multiple posts…guess who’s used this exploit.


I don’t care about MVP at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Slander! Only “exploit” I’ve “used” was in BfA when I activated an second exp pot and got blanked suspended when it was easy to accidentally use. And to that I said FU Blizzard.

Sigh…blizzard better fix this…I’m only subbed because of classic, if they mess that up I’m NOT going to move to bfa, I’ll simply stop handing my money over to blizzard period.

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Fake news!

The evidence is on video, I’m surprised they didn’t try to hide it. But it depends if Blizzard considers this an exploit or not, we’ll just have to see.

yea it’s pretty awful how they let this one through

They were told and did nothing

Nothing happens on Sundays, action if any will be on Monday.

They were told before this weekend

Where did they say this? Link?

They banned a guild for using exploits on the Lich King back in Wrath.
I expect they’re gonna do a ban wave for all the people that have been exploiting layers.

If they really wanted it to sting, they’d wait until layers are removed.

I personally have zero faith Blizzard will do anything, let alone ban anyone. I hope I’m wrong though.


Holy screwup batman!

Here I was just playing whackamole with boars. Geez how did ppl figure this out and wasn’t it fixed in beta.

Really a shame… If we don’t see perma-bans / 30-90 day suspensions based on how bad the exploiting was, I will probably stop playing. If you can just sit in front of Domo and have people spawn him over and over, that is very screwed up.

As someone said earlier, if this were a private server, it would be over. I hope Blizzard can do the right thing and ban people / delete their items gained from exploitation.