"Massive critical layering exploit"

There may be something to say about that, however, it may also be similar to raiding minimum wage, assuming costs of good will be more affordable due to a higher income…

Please link me to this.

Please link me to this.

There’s a massive lack of linking stuff in this 180+ post thread.

Shut up:



lol@ people with IQs to low to figure out the 100s of ways to abuse layering in classic.

Just kidding but with all the meta and toxicity going around I thought I had to throw that out there to fit in with the edgy crowd.

But seriously, how have you guys not wondered how all these people at 40-50 are running around in full blues and best weapons like a week into launch?

@killing same boss over and over until everyone gets their item.

And craptivision knows about it. Theres 0000.0% chance that they aren’t aware of all the shenanigans going on with layering.

We got dudes dropping the hard N bombs in barrens chat. The worse of the worse kind of stuff you could say is being said daily in chat. They’re not policing classic at all period. Abusing layers or bugs is going unchecked, hell its even being streamed live lol.

LOL @ the blue post.

They’re not going to ban anyone. Its their stupid system and everyone in beta literally told them this crap was going on. YOU cannot PUT a system in place that is so EASILY exploited KNOWING its going to be used in such a way and then act shocked when people are jumping layers… What kind of crap is that?


Thank you. IDK why it took so long for someone to put something here.

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I dont see any wrong doing

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I feel the past few weeks have been classic’s official open beta. Raid XP exploit, layering exploits, how on earth did these things make it into live? HOW?

Should bans happen? Yeah. However, heads should roll at blizzard as well.

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Tell that to them:


They can’t remove layering right now. They’ll remove layering at Phase 2.
To remove layering before that, they need more servers, period.

In the NA realms, each realm is averaging 56k players. Many realms have 70k-80k players. One has over 100k!

I agree layering is bad. But if we want to play now, on the amount of servers available today, layering is necessary.

Layering allows you to go anywhere in Azeroth and instantly respawn any mob or world resource.
Layering allows 100k people to play on one server.

The 3day wr wouldn’t be possible without layering to aoe kill a group of mobs and respawn them instantly. You wouldn’t be able to skip to the front of the congo line to kill a quest mob without layering. You wouldn’t be able to get a stack of iron ore in a couple minutes without layering. You would still be in queue waiting to login without layering.

We don’t want them to fix some glitch. People will always find glitches. It’s what gamers do. We want them to remove layering. We want more servers!!

I’m no scientist. But why didn’t they segment the realms into different sub-realms, having a different layer on each realm and making it impossible to jump layers, unless you pay for a character transfer?

Say that makes each layer support 10k people max. Well that awesome experience you have in org on that 100k server is not going to happen anymore. But this is likely going to be what happens when we make it to Phase 2.

You don’t want more servers, because then in a couple years when the population drops, you’re going to have a lot of dead servers. That’s why Blizzard was so hesitant to open up new servers during launch week. Long term realm health is a lot more important than having shorter queues short-term.

I’m no scientist. But why didn’t they segment the realms into different sub-realms, having a different layer on each realm and making it impossible to jump layers, unless you pay for a character transfer?

What’s the difference between a “sub-realm” and a normal realm?

I am disgusted. Why on earth is layering even possible in instances?


LOL it wasn’t a calculated move. They underestimated how many were coming to classic. They only had a handful of realms up when the writing was on the wall after the name reservation period.

Their screwup wasn’t a Machiavellian move.

And they could have opened up a few dozen off the bat when there were 10 hour queues, but instead only opened up a couple at a time, waiting for each batch to fill up before opening more.

Lets be real, zero bans going out for this, they’ll issue 3 day bans at absolute most, and the people who exploited will be weeks and months ahead of everyone else who didn’t.

It will just be more confirmation that Blizzard tacitly approves of the “Exploit early, exploit often” mantra. The pros of exploiting vastly outweigh the minor cons. Unless you absolutely cannot stand the thought of not being able to play for a couple days, there is no reason to not cram weeks and months worth of farming into a couple of brainlessly easy runs and kill targeted preBiS bosses dozens of times.

Get weeks/months worth of patterns, rep, gear, gold and all you have to do is not play for a few days. Seems like a solid trade off to me. I didn’t get to exploit, since I’m only 34, but I damn well feel like I got hosed. Everyone that didn’t got screwed, it’ll be virtually impossible to catch up.

We already have streamers whos names start with Es clearing MC three times this week. Rag was downed via exploit by APES. Its ridiculous.

There is zero chance that Blizzard won’t end up giving every single person who either opted out of exploiting, simply didn’t know about it, or weren’t able to participate the middle finger.

I would absolutely love to be proven wrong, and only time will tell if I am. Account closures for the most egregious exploits, and six month bans for everyone else are what needs to happen. Will they actually do it? Of course not.


This. Blizzard has always given the absolute lightest possible ‘punishments’ to the people who deserve the worst ones. Often they just outright do nothing.

If the bans last longer than a week at the most I’ll be shocked. I doubt they’ll even take their gear away.

Tough to take you seriously with that name… Is this your main in Classic?

It takes time to launch an investigation and determine the overall ‘damage’ done. The last thing a company should accidentally do in 2019 is ban the wrong account, sheesh reddit and most of you would act as the world ended! I digress.

Give it time, now that the bug is reportedly fixed it can’t be duplicated. Minimize the damage output and then work on cleanup of the spill.

Try and… Be a little patient?

Keep in mind the only thing you HAVE to do related to WoW is… Login

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Exploiting this to level doesn’t really do much in a long-term view. Exploiting this for end-game content completely trivializes it. It also does hurt the economy for people to have loads of gold/crafting materials they wouldn’t otherwise have. I doubt Bliz can track all of that down, but I really hope they can remove it from the game. I’m also very glad they will punish people who exploited this. Pretty game-breaking stuff.


Came back after 6 years to play classic not the layer abuse club. Work 5 days a week play whenever I can got almost lvl 42 warrior, already feel behind the curb now behind people with 5 or more mc clears in a week + the rest ‘uber rich layer exploit club people’ yay… I just don’t know…