"Massive critical layering exploit"

I like that almost every problem with classic since launch is attributed to Blizzard’s stupid layering that they shoehorned in even though everyone told them it was a bad idea.

So you’re worried about zones being too crowded? GOOD! That’s the motivation people have to roll on a lower pop server FROM THE BEGINNING.

So you’re worried about there being too many “tourists” and have to merge dead servers later? Well maybe you should have considered that before forcing the two WoW player camps to play together with this merged sub. RETURNING PLAYERS DON’T WANT TO PLAY BFA and they would have all happily paid their own subscription.

Exploits, wonky respawns, and buggy loot tables are the only things I’ve seen come out of Blizzard not being able to resist tampering with things by adding this atrocious layering system. TIME TO EXPEDITE PHASE 2 and get rid of this stupid thing already!

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Well, some braindead monkeys at /wowcg/ are posting pics that they got 30 days to permanent ban

For this bug?

If Blizzard bans everyone or do a rollback to lvl 1 and take away their things, even streamers, i might still play, otherwise i’m out.


Going to go ahead and say it now, ANYONE who got caught using this deserves an intimidate ban.

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You know for a fact that you can only loot a raid boss once a week. You know the side effect is not intended, and you do it anyway? Read your Terms of Service, that is a bannable offense.

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Sorry, it was early when I wrote this. I intended to say zero permanent bans were going out. I would be surprised if anything more serious than three day bans are issued.

There are already confirmed reports of 6 MONTH bans for especially egregious exploiters.

I won’t be sharing links here as showing/linking proof of communications with Blizz is ALSO a bannable offense but you can start finding results pretty easy if you know how to use google.

Bans are going out now, 30 days plus items removed.

You drama queens got all worked up over nothing jeez. Sure was fun to watch though rofl.

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Fantastic reply my friend. A “streamer ad campaign” was all the beta was indeed.

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It doesn’t matter if you were encouraging. It’s against the rules to post the method. PERIOD.

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It does matter and as you can see no action was taken on my account.


couple years? that’s cute, I give the population drop to start after first month to be pretty big and will continue to decrease each month for sub renew time.

Yeah i am unsubbing.

All this cheating and exploiting by streamers.


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Yes obviously the population will start to drop after the first month, but it will take a while before any of these “high” or “medium” servers become dead.

LOL except for the fact that your post got modded. :stuck_out_tongue:

why exactly did you feel the need to reply to a year old thread

What clip? Nevermind someo had necrkmance a thread from September lolz

Yet bots are still allowed:


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