Mark of the Illidari

Why the hell does the vendor just randomly not have Flask of Distilled Wisdom?

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They don’t have chromatic wonder either, the flask I like to use in raids.

arent the flasks exclusively from TBC? Distilled wisdom is a black lotus flask.

nope. the vendor also offers the level 60 attack power flask

why does a lvl 60 need mark of the illidari?

supreme power is on the vendor and that’s lv60

Well guess I am wrong, though I dont use any of those flasks anyways since elixers are too good.

which realm? I just bought a pair with no issue

I would sure love to get Flask of Distilled Wisdom with marks , for healer we only have the MP5 one and that is meh. I don’t get why you can buy Supreme power but not wisdom :expressionless:

What kind of loser healer needs a flask of distilled wisdom? Our shaman are begging for haste so they can actually see their mana bar move.

It give me more mana , crit and Sp . What is wrong with that

Who takes holy paladins to a raid? lol

About every guild got one ? Why the hell do you even reply to this thread

and no guild wants one… they would be better off to rip that bandaid and take a second ret

Yet, there are guilds taking Holy Paladins to raids and clearing all of the content.
Just because your guild is uber try hard, doesn’t mean everyone else has to be uber try hard too.

I asked the same question, apparently I am an awful player for wanting it to have the flask of distilled wisdom and I should get over the fact healers don’t have a flask available to them, according to the forums. :slight_smile:

Bump for visibility/support.

Its always been that way. Elixir of healing power is like 1/20th the cost which means you would have to take 20 hours or 20 deaths to clear just to break even. Healers have it easy.

Doesn’t really matter if it’s always been that way. Plenty has been changed/added at this point to invalidate the “but it wasn’t that way 15 years ago” argument.

Distilled wisdom is the bis consume for hpal, and should be added to the vendor. It was clearly an oversight in og tbc, given, there are other level 60 flasks you can purchase from the vendor for marks.

False… so so so false. Elixir of healing power + Draneic wisdom blows it out of the water