Mark of the Illidari

True , but it would be a nice alternative to spend marks on without any cost. especially since the content isn’t that hard. No need to min/max everything

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you could sell 1 mark and buy enough for a 3 hour raid that would take 2 marks…

+healing as a holy paladin is not bis. Unless you’re a flash bot…but then you’re really just trolling your raid under some false delusion that you’re a real healer.

OMG learn to paladin!

They really should either remove the level 60 flask off the vendor, and add chromatic, and make it only level 70 flasks

or add all the level 60 flasks to the vendor.

Apparently some of you are flash spammers? Yes, many Holy Paladins (myself included) use flask of distilled wisdom. It offers the most sustain for those who cast mostly Holy Light. There’s no reason it should be excluded from the flask vendor. It would be a seriously minor fix to add it, and the only reason I can think of that it’s not there already is that the devs simply overlooked it or plain forgot back in original tbc.

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