Mankrik | [H]<Cabal> Semi-Hardcore |15/15 Naxx | LF Mage| T/Th 8:30p-12 EST

Cabal | Mankrik | Horde
Tues/Thurs 8:30pm-12:00am
15/15 Naxx
EPGP loot system
Mankrik is the most populated North American PVE server (predominantly Horde)

Looking for the following classes : Resto Sham, Mage (updated 3/9).
Would consider anyone of any class that is exceptional.

Let’s face it, until Naxx, most guilds in Classic can say they’ve killed all the bosses, so when it comes down to it, it’s the people you raid with that make the difference.

Here at Cabal we’re a group of people who like to laugh and have fun, while at the same time get serious for bosses. We have a mix of players from hardcore to Classic being their only raiding experience. We have guildies whose superpower is accidentally butt-pulling trash from a mile away and we have guildies whose superpower is attempting to get a 99% parse on every boss. Most of us just fall into the middle.

We’re mostly in the 30-50 age range and we even have a few females (gasp). If you’re looking forward to clearing Nax and you like to laugh, like to raid, and like to have fun, consider joining Cabal.

Here’s what we’d expect from you:

• Gear appropriate for Naxx. At this point, we can’t consider under-geared characters. We’re working on the last few bosses in Classic and it requires (at a minimum) some AQ40 gear.

• We require full consumables for Naxx (but not flasks) and your gear must be enchanted

• You must have the gold to be able to keep your gear enchanted, by mats for frost resist gear (we’ll provide the runes), and keep yourself supplied with consumes

• Attendance - we only raid twice a week, so we expect you to be able to make it to all of them (having the occasional real-life situation happen that requires an absence is OK)

For more information contact:
Discord: Saga#9499 or Tszyu/Moosby#8345
In-Game: Saga (Bellagrace#1300) or Tedmoosby

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Join Cabal today, and you’ll get free hugs! Everyone needs hugs.

Let’s go kill some bugs

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Healers, Warriors… come join us

Looking for good peeps!

Back to the top - updated to include that we are now looking for a mage

looking for more bug squishers.

CThun is going down tonight - we’re 9 healing too… so healers, we need you!

the real question is…is this Cabal from vanilla Stormreaver server? If not, I am dissapoint

the real question is…is this Cabal from vanilla Stormreaver server? If not, I am dissapoint

I really hate to disappoint anyone, but you are Alliance so that makes it a little easier (LOL)…we have no affiliation with the “back in the day” Cabal on Stormreaver.

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