Man this really sucks... Will Blizzard listen? Unofficial Mistweaver support group:

Did you look at anything? It doesn’t sound like it. It isn’t just MY logs.

You should be healing for the same as every other healer. ALSO you bring more to the table right now then Hpriest / Rdruid. You bring damage as a MW. Rdruid / Hpriest can’t touch our dmg right now.

You should do the same healing as other healers right now. The utility thing is something we’ve all talked about and it wont be changing anytime soon. It has been this way for 3 expansions now. Utility is a problem among Hpriest / Rdruid / MW.

For kael you should bring a MW if your guild has 1. That is our fight in CN. That other monk’s guild should be bringing him/her to mythic CN. Hpriest can’t even touch a MW for kael and why wouldn’t you use innervate on the monk for that fight?? It isn’t a bad thing to utilize utility from your boomchicken /Rdruid.

As you said previously in the thread there are less than a handful of mw logs for fights like mythic Sire. So if that data is good enough for you to come to a conclusion we’re interpreting data differently and wish you well. You’re comparing a total of 10k logs to r shammy for example which has like 70k. You think that is reliable data?

Hope you can see some people are actually bringing up decent feedback because they 1) care about the class 2) about the state of the game.


Its because every1 in world first guild knows they need to bring Rshaman / Dpriest /Hpally. It is their problem because they are world first raiders.

World first people bring the best and only the best. We are not them so don’t worry about what they do. You’re not 1 of them.

And yes 10k logs is very reliable data.
If anything the logs say Hpriest needs the most help.

There are 10k logs for mw for mythic CN vs almost 6 or 7 times that amount of logs for mythic CN for other healers. What does this create? Data that shows one subset of mostly exceptional mws that have a spot vs. the true range of performance for a variety of healers. Its like apples and oranges. Regardless, I’m not sure there are many raid leaders out there that would prefer Yu-Lon over something like spirit link or a BOP.

But we can agree that holy is not in a great place at all. It is in the same trap as mw, being a pure throughput spec with a stronger class spec that people are switching to in order to preserve their spot.


There is 7x more Rshaman logs because every1 saw FOTM and jumped on the bandwagon. Now you have 50,000 Rshamans who have NO CLUE how to play. 50,000 horrible Rshamans flooding the logs. Most of these Rshamans came from Hpally or Hpriest last season.

Everyone acts just like most of the people in this thread. They see OP OP OP and flock to that spec. You see it with MM hunters / unholy dk’s right now as well. You’d been better off playing your spec you originally love to play at a 90% parse.

People need to stop trying to act like world first raiders because they aren’t.

Play what you like it doesn’t matter in the end because everything in the raid will be incredibly nerfed before the patch is over.

You would 100% take Yu’lon over a bop. Yu’lon might be the biggest raid healing CD throughput in the game currently. Some MW’s are able to get 400k+ healing out of 1 cd.

It should be noted that there are only 257 parses on Sire at the moment.
3 Druids, 2 Mistweavers, 0 holy priests.
Sire is heavily a meta fight currently.

It’s been awhile my friends. It is good to see this post still alive, I got on to talk about the class tuning! But there is none… May we continue to Rest in Peace.


Yeah it feels bad to see another round of class updates and mistweaver isnt on the list.


Fam, I know this isn’t solid info. But if you’re willing to take any glimmer of hope at this point… Hit up YouTube, go to cdew channel and the vid called RET PALADINS ARE BROKEN. Scrub ahead to 3:57 and watch and rewind like i did. I want you all to feel the way I did. I want to believe. ./hug.

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I’m pretty sure he just got tired of his chat asking why he was leveling mistweaver. I don’t think he believed how bad it is, and wanted to have some fun. It’s a really fun spec when it’s playable!

He shelved it already.

edit: That said, I’m sure love is coming eventually. I’m hoping we’re in their thoughts for 9.1, maybe March?

Running out of mana and basically feeling like a single target healer is the worst part. Yea we have essence font and Vivify heals around it but its just not near enough, o and our lovely 3 minute CD and good old Yu’lon who feels worthless most of the time. Maybe I should just go with Teachings with my mistweaver even though I find fistweaving pointless right now.

Increase the yard range for Ancient Teachings of the Monastery and it would be perfect.

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Fistweaving is a lot of fun, however even with the legendary it doesn’t generate enough healing against certain affixes that you have to fall back to the basic playstyle. I found it most helpful during grievous weeks but during storming and spiteful it’s a challenge. The legendary also isn’t a smart heal so it can be unreliable at times.

I’m still running dungeons with my MW to keep my gear up in hopes of some needed changes but for now I’m focusing on my Holy Paladin.

I’ll have a cheeseburger, fries, and some mana please.


MW in bad shape.
Terrible in rated PvP
Ok in organized PvE (w/coms)
Very rough in PvE Pugs

Mana is the major issue in PvE Makes me feel like casting Viv or EM often is playing the class wrong. But then what does that leave us? Our only “cheap” heal is soothing. Perhaps the design is we are supposed to use this more as a dedicated heal?

Would be ok with this but sit soothing someone means zero damage output.

What about soothing doing AoE damage centered around the target, a bit like reverse harm? Now I can sit sooth the tank for low mana and pulse AoE damages around them. Would be kind of cool.


I could get on board with soothing mist pulsing aoe damage around the healing target.


I don’t do a lot of research before picking a class/spec. First played assassination rogue before I realised my dps can’t compare with other classes with the same gear. So I quit and played MW monk, only to realise there’s the same problem with healers. Pleas give MW a buff blizz, I’m this close to unsubbing…


I’d just remove Soothing Mist. Is this an unpopular opinion? Idk.

I really don’t think being a healing turret fits MW anymore.

give it mobile casting again. removing that really damaged the flow of the spec


Removing Soothing Mist I could never get behind. It has its uses and been there since day one. One of the many things that made MW identity. They took that away then MW would have to 100% be a fistweaver. That is the only way I could deal with that being “pruned”.

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