Man this really sucks... Will Blizzard listen? Unofficial Mistweaver support group:

Disclaimer: I just need a place to vent my frustrations. I will tell stories of my days in wow and the crap I have to deal with. Maybe you have a fun story that highlights the underpowerdness of this specialization.

Yep, its pretty crap right now. Even in PVE its hard to find groups, they all want literally any other healer class. I was destroyed by a shaman today in raid who had all blues…

I just raged out of a BG because they said OMGwe only have 1 healer (Of course I was being camped while the enemy healer was freecasting). I said so does the horde, they said yea but you are a monk… I was healing as much as the enemy.

This whole thing is causing a stigma for monk healers that we are bad to play with. This will haunt us all xpac like SV hunters.

Guilds are not recruiting monk healers right now, people are re-rolling. And don’t get me started on my Night Fae ability, I chose the covenant I liked (call me dumb), not what was the best… pointless in arena, hard to use in m+ or raid.

The Pains of the day, 12-18

Today in wow, tried to do a 7, just like I was doing last week(timed) with zero problems. This weeks affixes have made it impossible for me to do them. I un-timed a 4 De Other Side, and it was funny, I noticed on the manastorms with zero problems and zero people standing in things I ended the fight with zero mana. The 7 I did, people were of course standing in crap and it was ok, until 3 minutes in when I had no cooldowns or mana, group fell apart. this is the 3rd group today that fell apart just because I can’t keep up with this weeks affixes, I know the problem ‘mostly’ is people standing in crap, I know the issue isn’t me, Ive been monk healing since it came out. It just sucks we bring nothing to the table outside our cooldowns to deal with stupid, its our literal job to deal with stupid and keep people alive. UGH, too late to reroll, and I really love this class and don’t want to re-roll, IMO we just need something, Anything off the list that follows from the community.

The Pains of Today 1-2

So while healing my 9 this week, yay I’m up to timing 9s :confused: , I was thinking as I was running my butt off. My trinket is the Macabre Sheet Music, best one I can get so far. What this trinket does is throws up 4 dance patterns that you run around to get a haste boost…
I’m a Mistweaver, who channels healing, with ZERO instant heals like holy shock, just for example. So what you’re telling me is in a +9 you want me to stop healing to get a haste boost…

IMO the point of this trinket for a Mistweaver is to catch up all the healing I didn’t do for the 3 seconds I ran around to pick up this buff.

Seems like this trinket would be perfect if say, I dunno, I COULD MOVE WHILE CHANNELING SOOTHING MISTS.


The Pains of Today 1/5/21

Today for the first time ever in Torghast I got the ability [Faeline Aftershock], this puts a dot/hot after the Faeline goes out, this is how this talent should have been… Was just thinking about it as I used it.
This week is a simple arena skirmish week as we all know. It really sucks that I can’t win 1 freaking skirm as a healer… I’m 201ilvl 24% vers, the problem all comes from being 1 shot by classes and not having anything against stun like any other healer. I’m starting to consider giving up on wow… I don’t want to play catch up on another healer…

Anyway I just wanted to vent.

Things I would change( I’ll keep updating as I think of them, And as I see Ideas from the community.)

– PVE/PVP-- Night fae healing ability should be an AOE burst within 30 yards, not a line.
– PVP-- We really need a larger life cocoon and better mana regen, I honestly think the healing is fine. Some people would disagree with me, but Its just the burst I cant cooldown through not the normal healing.
–PVP-- our damage needs a freaking increase, holy crap it sucks when I get massively out dps’d, and I chose the DPS covenant.
–PVE/PVP-- Ancient Teachings of the Monastery (fistweaving) should be tied to both essence font and Renewing mist.
–PVP-- I now have 20% vers, I feel like I shouldnt die in like 5 seconds, maybe increase our survivability? I get we survive by rolling porting and dodging actively, but I feel like people are just so bursty against us and we have nothing compared to other healer classes. (Maybe make our Life cocoon non silenceable like a pally bubble.)

Update 12/15, The people are speaking now.

–PVP/PVE-- Mana tea should be baseline, seems as tho the community really wants a mana decrease, so I added this Idea.
–PVP/PVE-- Healing output is too low, I agree. The issue comes from burst damage, we don’t have an answer for people standing in stupid, and lets be honest when comparing to other healers who do, we need this. So, maybe revival should have a charge system just like essence font where we can use it at the 1 minute, and 2 minute marks at 1/3 and 2/3 effectiveness. Also, the talent Up-welling should be baseline and replaced with a talent that increases the heal over time and not the length, length means nothing if people are dead.
–PVP/PVE-- Can we please have our interrupt back?
–PVE/PVP-- A soft cooldown would be nice, maybe change mana tea to make vivify instant and free for x seconds or x times?
–PVE/PVP-- Yu’lon is a great ability. But the cooldown is way too long, I would replace upwelling with Yu’lon as a talent with a 1 minute cooldown and lasting 10 seconds instead of 25 seconds, also it should cost 1/3 of its current mana so 800 mana, and make upwelling baseline and not Yu’lon.
–PVP-- Channeling soothing mist while moving should be a thing, I guess this could be used for PVE but I mostly want this for PVP. It isn’t and was never overpowered we have no instant heals other than our cooldowns and hot.

Update 12/16, keep the ideas flowing like a nice brew. :slight_smile:

–PVP-- Our defensives are lackluster at best, maybe increase our Fortifying Brew, or give us touch of karma giving us our own peel.
–PVE/ kind of PVP but not really, haha-- Uplift is missed, maybe give us some form of smart heal where Viv heals 3 people + whoever has renewing mist. This wouldn’t be overpowered Example, Chain Heal, Wild Growth.

Update 1/3

PVE/PVP - Essence font cast is too long and too small, lets shorten its duration by 50% and increase it’s healing by 50%, help with burst party aoe, also 100% chance to activate mastery.
PVE/PVP - (I actually try not to use Envelop as much as possible) Reduce the mana cost of Enveloping Mist. While enveloping mists is on a target, casting soothing mists has a 25% chance to grant a free instant cast Enveloping mists.
PVE/PVP - (Another take on Enveloping Mists.) After casting Enveloping Mists, while channeling soothing Mists, Enveloping Mists has a 25% chance to spread to targets affected by Renewing Mists.
(Why not just have all our hots have a chance to spread on renewing mist targets? Could this be the new interesting Class Identity blizzard is searching for?)

PVE/PVP - We need a solve to the oh crap quick heal button problem, as we do not have one outside cooldowns. @Yasu came up with the base of this Idea and I modified it to fit the fix.

[Yu’lon’s Breath]
2,200 Mana
Instant 10 second recharge
Summons a child/minion/etc of Yu’lon that instantly heals the target for 3500 and channels soothing mist on the target for 5 seconds. While soothing mist is channeled there is a 15% chance to activate Enveloping Mists instantly and costing 50% less mana.


Shamen are getting nerfed today. Which sucks because two of our main healers are MW and Shaman and right now they even out. Shaman OP makes up for MW underpower.

MW really just needs two things for PVE.

Increase all HOT effects from monk by 100%.
Lower mana costs, we’re talking like 20% cut for vivify and 30% for EM.


Increase all HOT effects from monks by 100%? Screw that I’m not trying to be broken just to be nerfed worse than we already are.

Lower Mana costs I can get behind. Healing would be fine if we didn’t go oom so fast.


Healing output is too low in groups, at the very least EF needs a MASSIVE buff.

Since monk doesn’t have something like spirit link, tranq, power word barrier, divine hymn, etc.

Revival/yu’lon are pathetic in comparison.

Monk has the absolute worst garbage tier group cooldowns, so it’s out of cooldown throughput should be considerably higher than other healers.


And your right. Group healing is a bit low. Revival is the only CD we have that heals by a substantial amount and even then its not enough sometimes. Essence Font can proc our mastery multiple times, so if they increase the healing or change it, it may be overtuned.

Our raw healing is pretty high, but the mana cost hurts us to where we have to rely on people playing smart. Yu’lon is a mixed back that requires positioning to be effective.

That being said just a few small changes would turn everything around. Talent-wise for instance: Chi Wave. Make it increase healing by X% every time it bounces. Make it where while playing MW it does not have to bounce off an enemy to heal. That would be a huge improvement but would also show the rest of that tier is straight doodoo butter.

MW needs work, but we may not see that till after mythic raid world first.


Good lord 100%? Yikes, Im gonna have to go with a hefty no on that one.

Though 10000% agree with the mana cost reduction. Id love a 20% reduction for vivify and maybe like a 10-15% for EM.

Even the Chi wave suggestion is a really nice couch. Increase healing while bouncing between players (Not enemies) by a small yet increasing margin between bounces


Revival is not the only CD monks have. Yu’lon/chi-ji when used properly is the best healing throughput CD in the game.

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So what exactly happens?
Did a dungeon on my 155ilvl druid (my main for 16 years)and struggled to keep people alive.
Tried another on a 55 Shaman (second most played healer) and struggled there too

Dusted off my Mistweaver, got to 54 (was doing WW at 53) to familiarize myself and did 2 dungeons without really any worries. Kept everyone alive pretty easily. Maybe had one or 2 … ummm-are-you-gonna-live moments…but for the most part didnt have many issues.

I know Druid and Shaman are supposed to be top tier but what exactly falls off MW at higher levels?

Yes I know there are other CDs. Chi-Ji is great if fistweaving. If not imo you are better off with statue. Yu lon is good CD, but there are more times than not that it has impact. High damage output now is making them feel less effective especially in m+

The issue in my opinion comes down to burst damage in these dungeons. You have to look to your groups when comparing your druid and shaman. Those classes have more to bring to the table for those moments where people are just standing in crap. I mean to be honest, if a group doesnt stand in anything I can break out my ol fistweaving leggo and just top people off that way, and its very mana efficient, but the moment when people are dumb if I have no cooldowns I have nothing without destroying my mana with viv.

Those classes also have mana regen abilities, which we have mana tea, which is a talent and not a baseline ability.

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Mana tea should have two charges, and a cool down of 1 minute. That would alleviate mana issues without even touching vivify.


in my opinion the whole ability is trash. Compared to other healers? Just make monks mana efficient without the crutch of some Tea. The tea should make your next 3 Vivifies instant cast with zero mana cost. Something like this. I hate how the ability is just a boring crutch


oo thats a really good idea, it would be a soft cooldown too!

Lower mana cost by alot.
Make Youlong and ChiJi actually do something for a 3 min cooldown.

Cocoon needs to be a lower CD again, and needs to ba able to be used by stun.

Evan all that makes MW iffy in current meta unfortunatley…we needed a rework, nothing interacts with anything really…feels bad.


Mana Tea even being a talent is a joke at MW expense.

“Oh gee guy’s I know I’m an intern and all that but I spent a whole 15 minutes thinking of talents for MW and came up with nothing”

“No worries, we can just increase all mana costs by ~50% over other healers and then add a Mana Tea talent. Just make it a bad Innervate because we don’t want Druid’s to feel like we are giving their spells away”.


Yu lon is incredibly strong atm, however it’s big fall back is that you need to spend 30-40% of your mana to make it work, if you can manage that though it’s incredible. I believe something that would help for yu lon is to just have it lower ENVM mana cost by X% when activated.


It’s nice, the cooldown is just way too long. If we use revival then are forced to use yu’lon right after we have nothing. I would rather have a shorter weaker cooldown than yu’lon personally. Like I previously stated, big cooldowns are nice, but only needed for like 10 seconds of that 25, in my opinion half it for half the healing time, so let it last 12 seconds at a 1.5 minute cooldown.

I would personally like to see it last 10 seconds for 1 minute, make it a talent, replace upwelling and make upwelling baseline.

I dont know, i did pretty good on shriek wing. I parsed lower than the pally but beat him on healing. The druid usually is parsing like 95% but i ganked a few of his heals.

I’m not saying its impossible to beat other healers, Good players will always be good, In your case tho you are looking at a finite thing, I am looking at everything. Questing, PVP, Raids and M+ to be honest yes I did beat the shaman on Shriek as well, But on a longer fight with lots of raid damage he destroyed me. I’m also not saying its impossible to do the content, the other healers are just way ahead of us, minus druids who are only slightly ahead.