Making everyone OP huh?

It is the lesser of 2 evils. And i dont think it should be used on every ability under the sun. But if there is one or 2 things causing a problem, but it isnt a problem in pve, its another dial they can turn for tuning.

nor should you be… you can freely dps at max range…

no one wants that. we want our character to function the same way in all aspects of the game

Aggrend is not Holinka. He’s more like an Ion Hazzikostas.

Is that an improvement? All he needs is a sockpuppet to fill in for Lore and we are set.

Hunter is the only pure dps class left and its max dps performance requires melee weaving.

Pure ranged shouldnt be top dps, but melee weaving should definatly be up there.

It is the lesser of 2 evils.

they are not pure as their pets can reliably tank now

Top dps should fluctuate. Looks like it is going to be the warrior and rogue parade again.

retail whack a mole mindset causing people to constantly reroll to increase sub time

Preferable to the meta slave mindset of classic.

not really

Reliably is debatable.

They just got another 10% nerf to total hp, they do not have crit immunity, threat just got reduced by about 30% (lower damage and focus regen), and if you have any pumpers they will be out aggroed almost immediately after that taunt falls off. As well as having 0 aoe tanking capabilities.

The pet is the worse tank option for mana efficiency for keeping it alive as it has no crit immunity and no way to improve avoidance. It is only somewhat “strong” right now because defensive stats outside of raw stamina and armor do not really matter at this time.

Hunter pets are currently able to replace an off tank purely because the damage output on the tank and stat options are scaled for lvl 25.

Pets will be even worse tanks at lvl 40, 50 and 60 vs the actual tank options.

no mention of their new reliable taunt

May want to reread.

The taunt lasts 3 seconds, 6 second cd. And the taunt gives threat equal to the top aggro target at the start of the taunt, so by the end of those 3 seconds of the target being forced to attack the pet, it is not hard for a high dps player to pull aggro.

And again, pets lost about 30% of their aggro generation outside of that taunt window with the most recent nerf.

this is better than warrior taunt btw. and the same hold true for dps pulling back if they keep going all out during my taunt

Warriors also generate 2+ times the aggro a pet does with their damage, and their abilities have aggro modifiers when tanking.

To give you an idea the top hunter parse from 1/4/24 the pet did 100 dps.

So now he would be dealing about 75 dps with his pet (the 100 was before the nerf), using growl also uses pet focus so damage goes down a little more, but lets say a dps is right at the pets aggro because the pet just used its taunt. That dps has to do 76 dps to pull threat now. It isnt that hard for a warrior or rogue to do that. In fact most casters can do that and they are doing the worst this raid teir.

And that is using the best hunters pet damage in logs right now and being generous with that 75 dps because the nerf would put it closer to 70 dps than 75.

perhaps the hunter should pool their pets focus so when they taunt they can then spam multiple attacks as to not lose aggro immediately. ya know, the same thing I have to do. If I taunt with 0 rage I will definitely lose threat to the pumper DPS

also its not like the hunter loses much of their DPS to have this tanking capability on their pet. so lets not pretend they are the only pure class remaining.

side note: get your head outta warcraft logs, its ruining your mind

I use it for mathmattical reference. And if the pet is acting as the tank there is no chance to pool focus outside of the other tank holding it AND starting the tanking phase, so the pet could tank for maybe 9 seconds before it loses aggro. If it taunts, dumps all focus to keep aggro for 6 seconds, then gets the second taunt off for 3 more seconds. Then it loses threat. Most encounters that require a tank swap require more than 9 seconds per tank so still not really viable after lvl 25.

And a warrior doesnt lose much to be able to tank right now either so…

Isn’t this the issue? Am I the only one seeing the irony?

It ignores that top hunter damage output requires regularly melee weaving.

It is an ignorant take to make an excuse as to why hunter should do less dps in pve. Hunters are regularly in melee if they are maximizing their dps.

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Agreed, in a PvE setting. The cause of hunter nerfs is ranged damage–sitting safely behind a pet at >20 yards.

I would be more inclined to complain about Flanking Strike being instant and dealing so much damage once that gap is closed if I were a warrior. Maybe that gets nerfed next: “I tRiEd BuT mY oVeRpOwEr CaN’t 1-ShOt ThEm!” Just pathetic.