Making everyone OP huh?

On December 14th, they gave up attempting to balance Kill Command and instead simply gutted the ability so it now only interacts with Claw and Bite. I could find no documentation detailing this change.

Except per the nerf on the 12th which you can see for yourself one section up, hunter pets no longer receive any spell power from the hunter. So the hunter gaining 25 spell power from the Boon transferred nothing to the pet. The pet was NOT double dipping with the boon which only gave spell power, so again, another lie and another warrantless nerf.

This was just the tip of the iceberg, many more nerfs have befallen hunters since even before launch, like Sniper Shot being gutted and Lone Wolf effectively removed from the game. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.


You don’t want that. You truly don’t.

That is retail. Retail is where every class is broken and it is a truly miserable experience, particularly in pvp


I can count the number of people on my server that care about pvp on one hand.



No one cares, crybaby.

“make everyone OP”

takes an example of one class at level 25 getting nerfed due to their pets better better than 90% of the other specs in the game


Give it time, we are so very early on in this season that I don’t think you can even be really saying things like this yet. There are so many toolkits out there yet to come online, and so much more gear and runes to get.

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FF14 also makes every class feel exactly the same in power. Seemed like a successful game to me.

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Okay. I don’t know of or play with anyone that plays this game for anything other than pvp


Oh look, another hunter complaint thread.

Didn’t have enough of those already…

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Nice post, y’all don’t understand that this will be hunters best phase by FAR, once warriors get intercept and everyone’s kit comes online hunters fall off extremely hard. And we don’t even have combat traps yet, y’all will see, and laugh at us as we never ever get buffed back up to a competitive level

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Thats not true at all, what Retail does that is so bad is that all classes are basically the same in the sense of them having abilities similar to each other. This is not the same in Classic and you can make spells hit harder without making the classes feel the same.

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yeah you’re right, that’s why in Vanilla hunters were so bad in PvP at max level… oh wait… they were actually one of the best 1v1 classes in the game and had/have a ton of value in a premade

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Dies to wind serpent, cries on forums, calls others crybbaies.


And here’s the big problem with this game. My hunter is doing about 2/3 the damage while out here farming yellow mobs. Why would you do that to a class that’s basically already third highest damage in the raid? Maybe they could have found some other way to deal with wind serpents.

Things shouldn’t hit harder in classic. The health pools in classic can’t take it

… they already increased their health, its possible to do again mate

Old Blizzard mentality is making the player feel like a God.

Take a look at Diablo, Diablo 2 LoD. That’s the real Blizz mentality, and it’s refreshing.

Instead of Nerfing something into the ground to make it not fun, they can just buff every class to make them feel like Gods. That’s fun.

It’s not fun playing a class then having it nerfed because the crybaby casuals who have 9 kids , 3 jobs and play 2 hours a week die in PvP and wonder why they have no skill.

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A hunter claiming other people cry on the forum in thread number 9,999 of hunter tears.

Cry some more, but save some for the next round of nerfs. Wouldn’t want the well to run dry.

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The amount that DMG is going to increase in P2 on the back of P1 runes is going to be staggering

Worried about making other classes OP and then Complaining about hunter not being able to 1 shot everyone. Insane. Lmao

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Who is getting 1 shot by hunters? You’re telling me you have sub 300 HP?