Making everyone OP huh?

They have a track record of nerfing hunters early then leaving the class to rot until next expansion. And we onow sod hubters are built off of era hubters and era hunters fall off hard as levels and gear go up. By naxx hunter dps is falling behind some of the hybrid dps.

Hopefully we “discover” a secret final phase that puts us in TBC at this point

Dont worry by then pets will be so nerfed they will be healing the enemy.

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No one



Raid DPS.

Also, no one cares if you don’t care about PvP. Aggrend is the big boss, he is the decider and you live in his world.


So all we should care about iis pvp - even though pvp in classic has always been a meme?

Sounds fun
 tell me more.


Well yeah, the class getting nerfed every other week is obviously going to complain more than classes not getting buffed. Blizz not buffing underperformers, as they should be, is really just fuel on the fire to be even more concerned when you take nerfs. It seems like you’re one patch away from indefinite obscurity.

NTM that hunter is a class that just stands there and does damage. If it doesn’t do damage, then it just, stands there?

You have to play the game through binoculars to still think PvP in Classic is a meme, where have you been?

PvP below level cap has always been an imbalanced mess due to poor scaling and lack of complete toolkit. Buffs or nerfs based on pvp at level 25 is nonsense.

Quite a few people care about overall performance in both pve and pvp.

Hunters have ALWAYS been strong in pvp at low levels in era. We are not seeing anything new here other than all hunter weaknesses still being present while other classes have gotten runes that specifically cover their previous weaknesses. Hunters didnt get oppressive stronger from era to sod. Its the level bracket we are in that has always had the hunter being strong.

Hunters have always been the best, to one of the best classes for pvp at the lvl 1-39 range. Losing power as levels go up.

If you really want hunter pets gone argue for lone wolf buffs to make LW a viable option. Currently LW is a dps loss for a MM/SV hunter vs NO RUNE AT ALL. Thats how bad it is.

Hunter pets have some counter play, you can CC them or even kill them in organized pvp. Want to know something that has 0 counterplay and isnt getting touched? 42y range (talented) instant starsurge on a 6 second CD with no real mana cost. It Litterally has no counterplay as noone can get in range to do anything about it, because anyone that has an equivalent range has cast times on those spells, or does far less instant damage and cannot self heal effectively. Next phase it gets even more oppressive with a chance to stun and travel form

imagine thinking speedrunning easy content was more important than the infinite content that is balanced PvP to test the progress of your character

If a hunter is actually pushing his damage to the max, he is moving a lot between melee and ranged attacking.

Not doing anything sounds like more nonsense to me. They obviously plan on making changes throughout every phase.

i remember back in the day when a class was measured by all the tools they brought to the party instead of just max dps numbers on a DPS meter. speaks to how poorly educated people have gotten where they need one number to give them the answer to the test.

Balanced pvp? Balanced pvp below 60 does not exist, and several of the new runes have it made more imbalanced then ever.

I could see pvp specific nerfs like “pets do 20% less damage to players until lvl 26, reduced by 1% per level”. So at 46 they no longer have reduced damage. But that would make sense

Yep agreed. I think its the highest skill cap dps in the game with melee weaving.

Just was a hyperbolic statement. Hunter opens up expansions strong because its ranged with high throughput, gets nerfed, and is left with very little often times. Just has a bad history of damage nerfs, and it kind of depends on doing damage

What do you hope to accomplish by being sarcastic?

Aggrend is the big boss. He is. He is the decider. Now, if you want to continue to be caught off guard by balance changes motivated primarily by PvP you can ignore his preferences, but if you want to have a better idea of what is coming down the pipeline you can learn to acknowledge this truth.

Blizzard would be wise to not add anything like this ever in SoD, different values for PvE vs PvP is lazy

The problem is hunters are NOT the top dps.

Yes we bring kings now, we are forced into it when we would rather use a different rune for mana efficiency and bonus crit, but we are not the top dps.

The issue many hunters have is being nerfed in pve for pvp problems when we onow blizzard has the tools to tune pvp separately with damage modifier auras similar to what they put in wsg.

Similar to how Holinka was the “big boss” in WoD when he created Ashran? How did that turn out again?