Making everyone OP huh?

He takes res sick on cooldown try hard, stop trying to tell him how to have fun.


Everyone, if hunters would’ve came into SoD without being nerfed. These changes have been absolutely necessary.

successful catgirl rp and transmog farming simulator

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They should have just nerfed specifically wind serpent. Not the entire class

Crazy how you don’t see 500 threads from any of the six classes worse than hunters right now about how low they are and how outrageous they aren’t getting buffs.


hunters are so bad now, a frost mage out dps’d the hunter in our raid this morning. The frost mage was gidy as a school girl

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True, but

There is a difference between not getting buffed, and getting nerfed 15x in a season about “making everyone op” lol

Personally I’m sick of the overexposure fire gets. I wanted to main frost in WotLK, but too bad, its single target damage is trash.

Maybe SoD will be different. Hmm… oh, nice, fire gets Living Bomb, making it superior to frost at the thing it was once good at (AoE grinding). Oh, but we get Ice Lance! … A pitifully weak version of it.

Some of my grievances would be settled if we could get the next rank of Frostbolt. That’s like a 30-40% damage increase right there. But it’s level 26. Wah wah.

This is why hunter players are complaining. Blizzard will nerf a class into oblivion in an instant and then wait until it’s completely irrelevant and useless before giving it a 1% buff. The state of the classes asking for buffs is the issue. Blizzard doesn’t buff.

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How big is your mutant hand? Or are you counting atoms in your hand?

PvP servers outnumber and out populate PvE.

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single phase (the only phase where hunters should have been number 1 by not even close to anyone else margin). Next phase i sure hope hunters get a rune of the "un-nerf"or rune of quad damage (like quake buff haha) that is the only way we will be able to show up on the top dps charts

or maybe we can quest “NOW” for our end game bow, it would be nice having a decent bow to help with marks

Meanwhile warriors able to do almost 400 dps at level 25 when hunters before these nerfs were not even breaking 300…

Blizzard generally does buff, but the approach is different and more retail like in SoD. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, I think they are touching on hunters because hunters mechanically have a baseline high hit chance which is making them really strong against red level mobs and insane at farming, coupled with a basic rotation that has a really high dps floor. Then insane things like scorpid poison and explosive shot were in the game.

It, to me at least, seemed painfully obvious that hunters would get nerfed. it was just a matter of time. A good approach is speaking to it constructively about how to holistically fix the problems blizzard has identified alternative to straight up nerfs, like large playstyle differences at the expense of other things.

Meanwhile warriors doing 2X the damage of hunters dont get touched.

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They need to go ahead and revert the early Hunter nerfs if they’re gonna go ahead and nerf pets now.

Give them their good shot abilities back.

Also, buff the hell out of every other class. SoD was supposed to be stupid, unbalanced fun.

It’s basically just Classic 2.0, with the same balance lol. Warrs still at the top!

I’m tired of seeing Warr/Priest/Hunter (in PvP anyway) dominate everything, you’ve already failed at lvl 25, Blizzard.

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Welcome to World of Betacraft, cleverly disguised as “new content”.
Have fun kids!

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no one seems to understand the difficulty involved in balancing a class that can freely do damage at range if not disturbed.

or the difficuly in balancing a melee only class that does nothing when its not in melee range and has no heals.

they just want numbers to be equal on a warcraft logs chart, revealing their 85 IQs

You got to be borderline insane to only play Classic/SoD for PvE lmao


Cmon I can see the numbers for PvE it’s not double. However, I’m sure they will be addressed especially at later phases. I focus more on PvP and the only thing that just feels ridiculous is hunters.

YEA DEVS definately backtracking HARD. they dont care. they never will. they have to answer to corporate and cooperate responds to the crying forums.