Mage Tower Extended Maintenance

We have some extra work to do on the Mage Tower Challenge to provide the best experience for those who are pursuing its rewards, so with the pre-expansion patch (10.0.0) next week, we’re going to disable the Mage Tower.

We hope to re-enable the Mage Tower soon after the launch of Dragonflight. We’ll let you know as soon as we can confirm a date for that.

For those of you who are close to completing a spec in the next few days – good luck!


This is an incredibly smart thing to do. I appreciate you guys in trying to preserve the challenge of the mage tower throughout expansions. I’d be unfortunate if it was trivialized with the release of Dragonflight.




If you were worried about providing the best experience, Blizzard, removing it the first time was probably not your best move, or re-adding it severely over tuned. Not exactly giving us much hope here.


Y’all should post some videos from 10.0 talent changes before you do the tunings. Will be hilarious to see just how broken some fights could be.


Let me translate: Players were easily accomplishing the challenges as they were in original version during Legion and this was unintended.


This is really smart. We’re getting quite a lot better fine tuning on our builds, it will really change the dynamic of mage tower. Disabling it until we get some real understanding of how people will build out for soloing, and maybe a balance pass or two to nail down outliers, will probably go a long way for keeping mage tower challenging.

Good. Maybe you guys can make the Guardian Tower more reasonably achievable when it returns.

Challenge is not a bad thing, but when the challenge is significantly harder than every other spec and we have more than enough video evidence it is significantly harder than it was in Legion, something should be done.

(A prot paladin can kill the adds in 1-2 skills. It takes 4-5 or a trinket to kill them as guardian. The difference is insane)

The opposite, the tuning is whack atm and pretty much impossible for most, if not all, challenges. Lol. There’s been a few threads about it so far.


Please tune the tower more reasonable because I do have a feeling the tower hasn’t gotten a proper phase of tuning and balancing and stuff.


Will you ever add back the Legion Mage Tower appearances? It is a waste to have the appearances be unobtainable, especially for Druids.


they’re making it harder to draw out subs. Talent trees are getting some legendary effects back like when you could use them in Legion when the MT was easiest, and we can’t have that.


I have a bad feeling about this…

Tbh I’ve personally delayed my Mage Tower anxiety, hoping it’d become more fair with 10.0 changes and new talents, but now this.

I hope I don’t regret not bothering to try this ultra broken version.

Crossing fingers!

By the way, why Shadowlands Mage Tower feels “Ultra Broken”?

Because, it was not properly scaled already, at all.
It favored gem slotted gear and broken trinket grind.
It should’ve also awarded old rewards too.
(Saying this as owner of og 36:

And now this arrives, an update this late long after Alpha, Beta and PTR went live at the last second makes me feel uneasy.

Because og Mage Tower mechanics were based on 2 things:
Artifact Weapon’s Special Skill
Legion Legendaries
We could also use tiers.

But SL Mage Tower did not only disabled all that, it also cut down the equivalent of Artifact Skills; the Covenant Skills, tier bonuses etc. were not usable either.

So was it not doable, sure it was, a lot of people made it and that’s proof.

But was it fair?

And now this last second move comes…
Right when it could become a bit more fair by itself with the new talents.

So, I hope:
They won’t only give Legion level talents
They reconsider enabling Legion Legendaries and tiers
Also awarding old appearances while giving a FoS for ogs.


Were their tier bonuses in Legion you could use in Mage Tower? I didn’t play until Antorus came out.

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Yes, not right away but they were all usable until the Legion’s ending.

Also, near the Legion ending Artifact Weapons got boosted like crazy for a long while, I could even do some heal challenges thanks to that. Now we don’t have any of those minus a lot more has been cut.

As difficulty goes, back then some people could do it with levelling gear etc. too, to increase difficulty and to make it more challenging for themselves, but the average setting was still a lot more fair. Idea is: Not everyone had to do it like that.

Also, after Legion Legendary vendor was introduced the RNG factor was gone too and we could farm the needed Legendary item and go try it more fairly.

All I am saying is, if it would be taken down for a maintenance it can be tuned down more fairly. Otherwise it would still be doable in some way, but if it’s unfairly tuned like how it is now, not many of the players would even bother and all this work, effort and good content would go to waste.


I feel like as long as the keep it overtuned, they will draw out subs. I don’t see them making it a balanced breakfast.


I think it would be neat to change the rewards up a bit. Maybe have different colors/styles of sets and new class-based skins as rewards (such as Shaman ghost wolf forms and different Druid forms).

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it’s not overtuned

if it was overtuned, no one would have completed it. stop making excuses for yourself.


Don’t forget the holy priest one being so much worse than other healers.


As long as you re-enable at some point in DF, I think this sounds like a good idea - with the talents and what we get access to in DF it sounds like it’ll be hilarious to see what crazy tactics folks come up with! ^^