Mage Tower: A Compromise

It’s one more thing on the growing pile. FFXIV is gaining players despite having one of the sorriest leveling experience (aka snooze fest).

You’ll be glad solo in Oribos.

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Yeah, just seems to be a lot of salt on the forums cause people just don’t want to admit they need to try harder.

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Dear people getting upset about having to pay for gems, etc.,

You can get +3 primary stat gems from PvP vendors in SW/Org with Marks of Honor if you don’t want to pay for TBC/WotLK epic gems or whatever. It’s not as good as the +4 Dragon Soul gems but it’s close enough. Also most enchants in the game are not expensive to make and are massively marked up because hardly anyone buys them anymore and they wouldn’t be worth listing on the AH if they were sold close to cost, so just find an enchanter who knows Crusader or Dancing Steel or whatever you’re after

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No. No body is asking for a push over fight, but even putting it in as hard as it was week 1 in Legion is not a smart move when it’s all we have for content. What’s the point if it’s only for the 1%?


Funny it’s always Fury Warriors or WW Monks with this take uh.

Very funny.


Look just because it’s been beaten doesn’t mean its good. I got super lucky procs to beat it, and I’m proud of myself don’t get me wrong, but i would not call it a good experience. It’s overtuned and there is no arguing that, doesn’t mean it isn’t doable, or that people can’t figure it out over time, but its a 2 week time frame, and that causes a lot more problems than their should be.

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I only ask one change to the Mage Tower. Please Blizzard, remove durability loss when knocked out of the Kruul’s arena… my pockets will thank you.

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Nah, that’s not even it. There’s a ton of salt, but it comes down to people not even knowing what they’re doing wrong. They’re probably making dozens if not 100s of mistakes and then dying to an enrage and thinking “I didnt die and got to the enrage, so I played correctly and it must be gear” That’s not how it works.

There are so many things based on movements, rotation, CD usage, global efficiency etc that they’re not seeing because they’re just looking at the start and the end.

Then they see people with different gear or consumables clear it and rage because “OH ID HAVE KILLED IT IF I HAD GEAR” when that’s probably not true-they’d need to fix the issues in their play as well, regardless of the gear.

I think the only relevant problem that’s exacerbating all the stress is that this thing is only out for two weeks and people have lives so they cant devote all their time to slamming their heads into and and hoping that they just “soak it in” enough to learn without analysis.

I used your strat from your post and got it down after 2 hours of real attempts and I haven’t played guardian since the original mage tower, I had to learn the class from scratch again and get used to the weird boomkin affinity playstyle and still did it that quick. Hell, I think like 5 of my wipes were me wild charging OFF the platform in boomy form instead of back on because I wasn’t used to it.

I can’t comprehend people just instantly throwing in the towel when people are beating it and telling them how to do it.

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LMAO. I haven’t done that on this before, but I’ve done it in mythic raid prog… oops!

People get defensive, man. So many of the people who completed or attempted old mage tower did it long after it was “current” (realistically if you didnt do it in the first 2 cycles, then this version is going to seem MUCH harder) and overgeared it. That can’t be done here.

I’m a causal who takes breaks often. Just came back within this last week from 6 months off…I’m not buying consumables. I’m not farming prior gear, and I’ve been getting some good and close runs on my Feral, Guardian, and Sin Rogue.

If I’m getting this close being a filthy casual, and others are already completing it, I feel like it’s got a decent balance too it.

What’s “balance”? 10 tries to beat it? So something that’s meant to be around for the rest of the life of the game is irrelevant after the first week it’s available? That’s not balance.

You did guardian tower in shadowlands gear??

It wasn’t supposed to come back at all…only reason people wanted it back is because they remember the push over version.

Now that it’s not that, they have a problem with it.

Have they specified which fights are getting worked over yet?

Only thing that matters is the weapons didn’t come back, which they did not and I agree they shouldn’t.

You are incorrect, however what some of you like to call the push over version was still plenty difficult for the average player. Not saying it should be that easy, just stating facts.

It’s not that simple… doable for what % of the playerbase is the real question :laughing:

From what I remember, it was still hard in Legion, but it seemed like 20-30% of casuals (fairly reasonable imo) could complete it with enough attempts and average gear.

This botched and overtuned 9.1.5 MT version legit seems like 2% of the playerbase (or less) completing their challenge. And the common denominators among the players that say they have completed it, when you check them out/armory them?:

  • top 1%er/Mythic raider
  • full Duelist gear with like 40% Vers
  • using a Legion TW “twink” set with lots of sockets
  • using cheesy old expac trinkets that aren’t tuned right
  • had good RNG, “barely” killed it (…with help from NPCs), or had a “perfect” pull during their kill

A “casual” player in lowbie 225-230 gear is probably no where near beating their MT challenge would be my guess, as of this post with the current un-nerfed version on live.


Describe “average” player. The average player in my opinion is fairly “bad”

There’s no confirmation on that. They haven’t said what they will or wont.

Again, no. All they said is that it’s harder than others. Maybe people just aren’t as good or can’t figure this one out because they’re not as skilled as other players :slight_smile:

?? I killed it without cheese in 17 pulls in an hour of release lmao. But okay, my guy.

The “average” gear and borrowed power systems over powered the challenge and made it trivial.

This is akin to the first week Mage Tower was released in 7.2 which most people struggled with and it was probably closer to only 5% of people

P1 DOES matter. Going into p2 with only one infernal trivializes the encounter and lets you just slam more damage into kruul. More rage for mauls instead of ironfurs or heals, Less damage taken, and nothing to soak CGuard procs-if theres only one target, he eats all the RNG moonfires.

Plus the extra orbs extend your enrage timer by 4s per orb whenever you use them to interrupt an annihilation cast.

Edit: My post literally has a screenshot of me in the bear form and you can look at my profile to see I got the achievement the first day… Do you want my supervisor to sign an affidavit of when I left work or to include guild chat logs from that day too?